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Melbourne University student studying English, Creative Writing, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology and Law

My lessons are created to suit individual students as each one has a different learning style. I always have warm-up exercises and test their skills to see improvement over each week. I believe that one can only improve if they love what they learn, hence unique methods must be applied to engage students and allow them to achieve the best of their potential.

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Dynamic English and Visual Culture graduate tutoring English and Visual Arts to high school and university students in Casuarina / Gold Coast areas

I believe that the best answers come in response to the best questions and encourage students to maintain an open dialogue with myself and their peers in order to maximise the output of my classes. The goal of my classes is to enable the student to discuss a topic, module or subject comfortably and with conviction whilst integrating their own creative thought.

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Wordsmith extraordinaire and Essay Master helps Adelaide students plan, draft and polish their essay assignments

At the risk of getting too zen-monk on you here: "In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities and in the expert’s mind, there are few." [Shunryu Suzuki]. I encourage and uplift the beginners mind in all my students - thereby teaching them how to learn anything, adapt to changing circumstances and build resilience for a big, full life.

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Academic & Career Mentor Experienced in Boosting Confidence, Technique & Results: IB & HSC Strategy

My strategy will always be different for every student and we will figure out what works in our first meeting. My goal, though, is always to make the subject "click" and to think about life after & around school. It is so important to exercise, eat well, get enough sleep, take ownership of technology & social media.

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Dr of Arts with Secondary and Tertiary teaching experience with a love of learning.

I enjoy teaching people skills to learn independently. I encourage critical thinking skills in their learning process but to do so with knowledge and proof. My philosophy about learning new subjects is that it is not about not knowing but that it has not yet been learnt and understood. It may take different approaches to finally understand information or processes.

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Fun and young math and english tutor on lookout for new and eager students!

I pride myself on flexibility, patience and friendliness. I understand all students come from a variety of academic abilities and levels so I tailor my teaching pace accordingly. With English, I break down the text step by step, making it easy for my students to understand.

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English Literature and Creative Writing student and IB graduate gives literature and writing lessons to high school and uni students in Adelaide

My teaching methods are focused around individual students, first ascertaining what it is that they need to focus on, and working on those areas in a way that is most effective for their learning style and helps them achieve their goals. I often use guided exercises to help a student discover things for themselves, as I find this is the most effective way of cementing knowledge.

Mermaid Beach
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University Lecturer delivers high level dissertation advice, proof reading and English language correction

I base my classes, whether individual or group, on your needs. We identify what you want to get out of it, and then structure accordingly. The teaching methodology is simply 'results-driven'.

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Master of Linguistics wants to teach all ages and all areas of English to native and ESL students.

My teaching method is communicative, engaging and has practical application. My lessons are fun and rewarding with visible results achievable in a short time frame. I enjoy a variety of lesson delivery methods to ensure full engagement and learning opportunities for students.

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Melbourne Literature Major Helping Secondary School Students Thrive in Their English Class

I base my classes on fundamental skills and focus the lessons towards the needs of the students. I prefer lessons where students actively engage in the skill and show the extent of their knowledge that we can then build on together.

Clayton South
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99.95 IB graduate from MLC providing SL/HL Maths, SL/HL Chemistry, SL/HL Biology and SL Mandarin B tutoring at State Library and in Clayton.

Not only do I have a thorough understanding of the curriculum and assessments, I would love to share my highly-effective study and revision techniques. Our lessons will be supplemented by detailed notes and flashcards (Anki) that enable spaced repetition and active recall.

Forest Lodge
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Tutoring various IB subjects at both HL and SL levels at the new syllabi

I base my classes on the students needs, working on what they feel they are the weakest in to build strong foundation. I try to structure lessons where every previous lesson acts as the cornerstone for the next and therefore can build on knowledge gradually.

Point Cook
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Teach general English to people who speak foreign language in Melbourne. Teach Mandarin, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary in Melbourne

I base my class on interesting activities and topics related to the teaching purpose, also focus on culture difference and introduction of Australia culture.

Point Cook
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Enthusiastic adaptable and experienced TESOL teacher with a proven track record in international English language teaching and home tutoring in Melbourne.

My teaching methodology is basically a mixture of many complimentary methods rather than one . It may start with a lecture on a topic followed by THE DISCUSSION ,DEMONSTRATION...BRAINSTORMING and ROLE PLAYS. I prefer to craft a lesson according to the students strengths and weaknesses.

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Philosophy Master's student tutoring English literature, Essay writing and IB HL and SL English.

For subjects in English literature, I like to provide students with the opportunity to read the texts and come to the lesson ready to discuss points, themes or motifs that stand out to them. I would encourage my students, especially for IB English, to practice writing as many commentaries as possible. I would provide them with the opportunity to do this during the lesson and also for homework.

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Australian/British qualified teacher with many years of international experience at highly regarded schools, available for reading/writing/literacy support. Also keen to teach Math at primary levels.

My methodology is largely inquiry-based, supported by strong knowledge and understanding of traditional educational practices. ( Though I promote and facilitate personal expression, I value accuracy of grammar and spelling.) I make use of formative assessment throughout the learning process.

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Mark - Streatham - Test prep

I am an experienced professional tutor who is both patient and thorough, who enjoys this sort of work and has helped many people through their examinations and takes a keen interest in all my students. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Maths, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Accountancy and Business Studies. - Tell me about your qualifications.

(9 reviews)

Grammar School Maths teacher for GCSE A-Level - Maths tutor Harrow Pinner Wembley

August 2018 Update: University placements of my current Year 13 (A Level) students: 1) AM A* in Maths year 13 (secured place to study Medicine at Cambridge) 2) Four others have been offered medicine at Liverpool, Cardiff, Leeds. 3) KK (A* / Economics at London School of Economics LSE), TP A/A* (Offered Law at Durham and Warwick) 4)10 other students are going to Russell group universities.

(10 reviews)

Michael - Twickenham - Maths and Physics very experienced Teacher and Tutor to GCSE and A-Level; ONLINE or face-to-face if local to Twickenham; always 1 to 1 .

Dear parent / student: Results Day - Good Luck ! My name is Michael. I am a fully qualified teacher, experienced, professional friendly tutor of Maths and Physics. Please see my Testimonials and "My Files". - Which subject(s) do you teach? Maths and Physics to all levels to A - Level. For the new GCSE; IGCSE; Maths (9 to1 ) and Physics (9 to 1).

(8 reviews)

John - Epsom (UK) - an enthusiastic and experienced teacher in History and Politics

I have been involved in education for over 40 years and I can truly say that I have enjoyed most of my time in schools and now in tutoring. My philosophy is based on the notion that each individual is different and therefore requires different approaches.

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IBDP student who takes English HL and teaches English online at all levels

my teaching method is to incorporate fun into learning. and though that may seem like an overused saying, I really try and do it. having gone through the situation of not understanding teachers myself, I know what its like, and know how to overcome it. trust me.

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Highly experienced and dedicated English teacher - provides lessons that engage and transform your grades and learning

Are you looking for an inspirational, patient and empowering tutor who can assess your specific needs and engage you to address and overcome them? Lessons with me are about overcoming any barriers to learning and breaking them down concisely.

(8 reviews)

Kitty - Carfax - School English

I am an Oxford University graduate in Experimental Psychology with three years tutoring experience. I received 43 points in the IB with 776 at higher level. I have excellent feedback from previous clients.

Central Ipswich

Stefan - Central Ipswich - 11+ School Exam Preparation

We can learn and enjoy it at the same time. A good education at the early stages enhances your chances for success later on in life. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Mathematics and Philosophy. - Tell me about your qualifications.


Physics Maestro: grade & confidence boosting. Including maths and sciences. Based in Hadlow, Kent UK.

Purpousful and fun: helping you find the fun in understanding things at a deep level. Helping you reaching where you never would have considered. Some students have been completely turned around from a position of little hope including dealing with commnication with educational establshments, interview preparation course applications and evaluating options and aspirations.

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I am an IB alumni tutoring and supporting in HL and SL Biology, Chemistry and Geography and SL Maths.

We will use the first free lesson to decide what aims you have and what structure works best for you. Regardless of the style we choose, I will be sending session notes after each lesson, to make sure you can review the lesson independently. I am able to help with exam prep as well as AIs and Extended Essays in Biology and Chemsistry.

(6 reviews)

Offering maths and physics tuition at IB (international baccalaureate) level online and face to face

I am an experienced classroom teacher working as a full-time tutor. Whether you are seeking short term tuition in the run up to exams or more long term tuition, I'll be glad to help. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach A-level mathematics (pure, statistics and mechanics), GCSE, IGCSE and International Baccalaureate Mathematics (HL and SL). I also teach physics to the same level.


Anna - Barking - International Baccalaureate

I am a teacher of Russian and Ukraine Languages and Literature with 25 years of teaching experience. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Russian and Ukraine Language/Literature - from the basics to formal Scottish Higher Grades, GCSE Test Certification, A-level, Russian IBO. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Oxford University student tutoring in English, Italian and French Language and Literature

I have a holistic teaching style that places equal emphasis on results and process. I believe that education should be an enjoyable and inspiring experience, so put a great deal of thought into how to make any subject fun and rewarding.

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Perfect! Alexandria has done exceptionally well I can see the obvious improvement in my son's academic performance. Alexandria method of teaching is superb.thanks

Sunderdeep, Student
2 weeks ago

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