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Established jewelry maker offering online lessons in jewelry making basics and more

My method of teaching is solely based on my personal experience as I am a self taught jewelry maker. I learned everything the hard way , and made mistakes along the way , hence able to teach you with some great tips and tricks , making your journey and even more enjoyable one.

MacLeay Island
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I have a small workshop where I give individual and small group lessons (

I like to teach by first explaining the whole what is going on in a session. Then I like to demonstrate each of the stages same and invite questioning as we go. I am always there to field more questions, as well as help where needed.

North Melbourne
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Funstainable crafts! be a producer instead of consumer DIY from waste materials

I provide an opportunity to learn skills to produce your own creations. -Hands on workshop style teaching. no experience is required, just be curious.

Durham Lead
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Free-form sterling silver design currently in-workshop based at home, love to teach.

Learn, discover and make what your mind and ethos like from starting with looking around the environment, getting a feel of the atmosphere to what you might have in mind and then developing this into the start of something precious.

1st lesson free !

Learn basic jewellery design and making from experienced art educator and jewelry maker

I focus on students interests and skills and work on developing these further by identifying and fortifying their inherent strengths. The process is tailored to each students specific needs and pace and i like to approach each topic/technique in a way that is best suited to each individual.

Hoppers Crossing
1st lesson free !

Ceramics for Beginners : Basic Hand building and wheel throwing lessons in Melbourne.

My teaching method is based on individuals and what they would like to learn. For Beginners : we will start with Hand building. Pinching, slab building and coil building. clay and tools will be provided. Students will need to bring their own apron and towel. Firing is provided for an additional charge. I also teach jewellery making with clay: includes earrings and pendants.

1st lesson free !

Craft lessons from visual arts teacher specializing in wood and metal objects

teaching method is mainly through hands on, i will demonstrate a technique and procedure and then it is up to you to replicate what i have demonstrated.

1st lesson free !

Registered Gemmologist in Gympie, available for tutoring of gemmology and lapidary. Qld trained.

I like to teach to my fellow learners needs. So I can fit with you, whether that be a visual, repetitive, doing, saying, writing, understanding - it is your needs and you should choose the best way or ways for you to learn.

1st lesson free !

Handmade jewellery silkthread, quilling, crochet, tassel earrings, satin ribbon, German silver etc

My teaching method is teaching basic concepts of jewelry, giving hands-on on everything you learn, different designs shown in each type of jewelry selected, which can be silkthread ,crochet, quilling German silver, satin ribbon . Bangles, earrings, neckpiece, bracelets, headbands etc will be taught.

1st lesson free !

I'm a very good creative and passionate in making jewel and also wearing it, do your own idea of jewel and Rock

My methodology is simple, learn easily and get satisfied by using simple jewel making materials

New York
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1st lesson free !

Jane's Super-Easy Pearl & bead Knotting Technique: Remote or New York City. 17 Years Experience

The classes are easy. We will work at the same time, with you creating your first piece as I demonstrate step by step. I've taught so many people that I can watch your hands, to re-direct if you are doing something that might cause a mistake.

1st lesson free !

In gold and silver how to make utencil and jewllary in tredisnational rajasthani

My teaching method is very simple and strong because of that i am persnolly involve in the prosses of complete my jewellary and utencils order in gold and silver i watch my tecnisian belong in manufactureing work in my unit and i advise him to make tool which is use in their work prosses made by himself under my instruction then complete their work easyelly.

Cape Town
1st lesson free !

Creative Craft expert giving classes in metal art, other crafts and also in the subject Afrikaans

I focus on a variety of aspects of creativity including ideas for generation of creative thinking and developing new ideas. These aspects are very helpful in problem solving, imagination , invention and to think outside the box. My focus also help with improved motor function and improved concentration.

1st lesson free !

Please contact for quality jewellery making classes for all age groups.

I will teach you diffrent types of jewellery making , art and craft for kids and for all age groups too easily.

Jersey City
1st lesson free !

Wire artist offering jewelry design lessons using wire wrapping techniques NJ area

I would like to share my craft with any one who is interested in unconventional art. No age barrier, no gender, no education requirement, just passion. Wire will guide your hands, just follow my lead. You will thank me later.

1st lesson free !

I have been crafting handmade earrings and necklaces for the past two years and passionate about my craft and would like the opportunity to teach it to others.

I am able to teach individuals or a small groups. My methodology is to engage with the learners to understand their different levels and their styles of learning and structure the learning programme to encompass each students level of learning and understanding.

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1st lesson free !

M.com, graphic designer and jewellery designer, having good knowledge of manual designing, CorelDraw and rhinoceros software.

My teaching methodology is to give the knowledge to the students from basic to the top, so that their concepts become clear and they have better knowledge of the subject they wants to learn..I will teach students step by step according to their need.. I have very good knowledge about jewellery.

(1 review)
1st lesson free !

Bachelor in Jewellery design (B.Des) will teach you how to select and make your type of jewellery or accessories in real diamonds, gold and silver!

The method of my teaching is simple and is process based so that each and every student learns and make jewellery according to his/her own imagination.

1st lesson free !

Over 10 years experience running a creative jewellery company. Specialising in miniatures and faux food. Can teach selling jewellery for income, selling wholesale and trade shows.

I love sharing my experiences and how to develop skills to design jewellery and selling it. I also have experience in YouTube tutorials on many different styles and skills.

1st lesson free !

Embrace the warmth of African inspired jewelries and enhance your creativity.

My teaching method will include theoretical aspect, which would be followed by questions and answers segments before the practical aspect.

1st lesson free !

Jewelry designer with 5 years of experience in precise hand stamping and detail work.

I teach classes who want to learn. I enjoy teaching others about how to be patient and work with metals and resins and learning during the growing process.

1st lesson free !

A jewellery designer gives classes to make designer oxidised costume jewellery to the students of any age group in kolkata

I teach students how to make different designs by arranging same pieces differently..

1st lesson free !

Who wouldn't be interested in making their own ear rings? Eager to know how? Let's get in touch

There's no hard and fast methodology to teach. As far as I'm concerned, I'll certainly make sure you understand what I'm telling.

1st lesson free !

I am giving jewellery making tutorials for everyone.U can join for class

Training oriented teaching as the students can catch it up so easily.

1st lesson free !

Jwellery makes a woman more beautiful but if she select right so i give tips for you

my teacher style is free style and free mind first i read the mind of my students then i teaches them base

1st lesson free !

Wire wrap gemstone jewelry artist, self taught for the past 5 years.

I like to teach the way I was taught. I do each step by step, easier than it looks.

1st lesson free !

I would like to teach various age group students with lots of energy and interest

My teaching method depends on the age group of students and there interest.

Navi Mumbai
1st lesson free !
(1 review)
1st lesson free !

RCA Jewellery Artist teaching traditional and contemporary approaches to Jewellery making, conceptual design to technical.

I like to teach with a balance of concept and technique. Traditional practices are taught and applied to modern materials, spaces or forms. I take jewellery beyond the body to ensure that each student has a unique direction and identity. Starting with basic but vital technical exercises in 3D while incorporating 2D.

1st lesson free !

Unique Handmade Jewellery designer can teach various types of jewellery making techniques. Been winner of Inorbit Pinkpower -Women Entrepreneurs competition(Flea Category). My work sells local as well

Anyone who want to learn or interested in jewellery making can pursue this. We will be started with basic techniques slowly moving to different levels of designing.

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