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💰What is the average price of Life Drawing lessons?

The average price of Life Drawing lessons is $22.

However, the price of lessons will depend on a number of factors:

  • The teacher's overall experience
  • The location and format of your lessons: whether you choose to take Life Drawing lessons online, in-home, at a neutral location, in a group or one-to-one.
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Life Drawing Classes with a Private Tutor

Why life drawing classes are so important


Life drawing is a very important exercise in the career of any artist. By drawing a live model you can get to know the human body better and improve your general technique. As most artists draw humans at some point in their careers, these two skills can be extremely important. A life drawing workshop is usually organised by a tutor for several drawing students at the same time who all reproduce the same model. They come with all the necessary materials and can work for several hours. Then, they receive feedback from the tutor who points out their week points and what needs to be improved.


Life drawing classes are very demanding for the model as they may need to remain in the same position for hours while the students work on their technique. This is the reason why it's easier to hire one model for a whole life drawing class who can then share the costs. However, some art students may, of course, organise life drawing sessions with their friends or relatives on a voluntary basis and train between their official classes in the art studio or university. There is a whole range of poses a model can adopt and they all need to be mastered by a painter, so spending some time on extra training can be very useful.


A great solution for an art student to progress quickly is to take some classes with a professional private teacher. The student will make sure that all the necessary materials and the model are provided and the teacher will guide them through the whole life drawing process. Getting one-to-one support can be very helpful for an art student to improve their life drawing technique and gain time, as they'll be shown what exactly they need to improve.


Best ways to improve your life drawing technique


Getting some extra help from a private life drawing teacher can be, of course, a great idea but there're also ways to complement your classes by studying on your own. One important part of an artist's education is observing the works of other painters. This can also be helpful from the point of view of life drawing. You'll see how professional artists represent their models with the materials they have at hand and, maybe, you'll be provided with some insights as to your own drawing skills.


Life drawing being a very important discipline for any painter, you can easily find a lot of books on the subject in a shop. Each book covers a whole range of issues, many of which may not have been tackled by your teacher. You'll get new ideas from the book and may even change your general approach to work. You'll then put your new ideas into practice during your next workshop in the art studio and see what the result will be. Of course, you'll not become a great painter after just reading one book but it may help you gain time and acquire the right life drawing technique more quickly.


When you attend a life drawing class, you not only work on your drawing skills but also train your eye for shapes and dimensions. You need to reorganise the three-dimension reality you see into a picture on a sheet of paper. To improve this ability, you can reproduce not only live models but also trees, buildings or still life. Drawing different objects in your free time can be a great complement to your life drawing workshop and you won't need a live model for it. Spending some time training in this way can be very beneficial and help you achieve great results during your life drawing classes.


Why study life drawing with a personal teacher


As you attend your life drawing workshop, you'll receive feedback from a professional art teacher which will help you move forward. However, your teacher will be one particular artist with their own style and point of view, so if you want to progress even more efficiently it can be useful to ask for advice from another professional. This is where private lessons can be so advantageous. You'll be able to get the opinion of two people instead of one and choose what's more relevant for you. Of course, in the beginning, it can be disturbing to get contradictory recommendations from two teachers, but with time you'll get used to it and will be able to sort the wheat from the chaff.


What's more, all teachers don't use the same teaching materials, so your personal tutor may suggest some new book or website where you can learn. You can then buy it in a shop and it'll help you improve your life drawing skills in a shorter time. What's more, your private teacher may also recommend what objects you could draw in your free time to train, as some shapes are more difficult to represent than others. You'll be able to focus on them and work on what you really need.


Private art classes are very convenient because you can take them at any time and in any location you want. You can meet with your teacher at your home, in a park or in their studio. It can be a great opportunity to work on your drawing techniques in a relaxed environment so you enjoy what you're doing.


Find your perfect art teacher on Superprof


Now that you know all the benefits of studying life drawing with a personal teacher, the only remaining question is where to find one. The answer is simple: Superprof. On our website, you will come across numerous art teachers from across Australia offering classes in person or online. You will be provided with all the necessary information such as each teacher's location, experience or teaching materials. On top of that, you will be able to read reviews from other students if you need more information about one particular tutor. Average prices on Superprof range from $20 to $75 for a one-hour life painting lesson, so you'll certainly find something convenient for you.

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