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The average price of English Literature lessons is $21.

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Creative Writing and English literature courses Can Be Great For Students of All Years!

From Melbourne to Sydney, the word 'literature can' be quite scary for some to view, making them think of learning about long, boring books written in a type of English spoken many years ago, talking about themes that don't quite apply to a writer's life today.

 But once we get over our initial fear, courses like this can really aid writers in the development of skills from writing and editing to communication and presentation- skills that will probably be invaluable for the duration of university years and into a professional career.

There are many reasons a student might find to take on Literature or Creative Story Writing courses. Common motivations are:

  • High school and university students who need help learning about close analysis and essay writing;
  • Younger children who have issues with story comprehension, writing and literacy; or
  • People who have recently changed to a career that requires writing and communication skills.

Creative Writing

At first view, there might not seem much to the art of writing fiction, other than having a creative imagination and being able to sit in front of your computer or notepad and write for a long duration of time. While these things are certainly important for writers, there are actually many facets aspiring writers might find to learn about as they work on each story. 

Another key aspect to study is the language that we write with- and I don't just mean English! Every fiction writer has their own style, built up over years of study and writing and influenced by a range of different media and life stories. Different writing styles or delivery can transform a simple sentence into an expression of power or a sweet nothing.

Whether you study fiction writing as a Bachelor of Arts degree student on a university campus in Melbourne or Sydney, or you start to learn with a private teacher, with this course of learning, you will be able to master the skills you need to express yourself in a novel, impactful way.


Studying English Literature is something we must do year after year in formal education. With every class, we learn about how historical and cultural contexts can apply to a novel or other piece of writing and learn how to analyse in full, word for word in order to understand a writer's full meaning. For the duration of school education, students are made to read poetry, plays, essays and more-and with good reason.

We consume so much content these days- online, reading, for the duration of our Bachelor's or Master's degree course delivery, but we rarely actually stop to think for a short while about what the things we're consuming actually mean.

When we find out more about who wrote a novel (or any creative media, from fashion design to music) we can understand more about the message the writer was attempting to get across and judge more fairly whether or not they succeeded in their communication and delivery. This ability to stop and think, and to know how to look for a deep meaning is what literature can teach every student, and why it's so valuable.

Literature Help For Every High School Certificate Student

For students who need some extra, professional help with their Year 11 and 12 Literature course in Sydney, Melbourne or across Australia, private classes, whether online or in-person, can be a serious help. All students want a great ATAR rank so they can apply for the university course of their dreams on campus in Melbourne, Sydney or other cities. Private tutoring can help students improve a lot in a short duration of time because your teacher is able to focus on your individual skills, rather than getting lost in a class full of students.

They can pinpoint your weak spots and design a curriculum that will work on them so that, by the time you get to the final exam, you feel confident and capable with anything that gets thrown at you. So, to make sure you graduate with a high mark for literature on your certificate, start online or in-person sessions with a private tutor.

University Study & Private Tutoring

Aspiring writers can begin with a Bachelor of Arts degree course, where you can use your major to specialise. On-campus, you will spend time learning how to construct a story or view and rank a novel or other piece. After you graduate and you've got that certificate in hand, you can apply straight away for professional work, or you can continue your education with a Master's degree and become an expert in a particular field.

If you're more interested in taking a private course to help graduate from your high school or literature course with flying colours, then there are plenty of Superprof tutors ready to start classes ASAP!

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