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UWA Second Year Tutoring Year 11/12 ATAR Literature Students in Perth City Area

My teaching method is centred around how you understand and learn the course content best.

Varsity Lakes
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Griffith Graduate Educates High school students in Geography Maths & English Robina Varsity Lakes

My teaching method is based on my general knowledge i have on subjects such as social sciences, geography, maths and writing. If i am not confident about a particularly topic, I will make sure I acquire the necessary knowledge about that topic either through the internet or state library then apply this knowledge to my student.

Dodges Ferry
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Griffith University Graduate and Online Student mentor excelling in Creative Writing & Literature

I'm a firm believer that people learn through encouragement and practical guidence. My desire is to help students develop critical, unique, and creative approaches to their research and writing. Study shouldn't feel like a chore and even the driest topic can be made interesting with the right approach.

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Adelaide University Advanced Arts Student with a double major in Classics and English available for Latin, History, and English tutoring

I am able to take you through an extensive vocabulary with Latin and go through each new grammatical concept in detail. When working on essay help and general class issues, I can go through the issues slowly and in detail so that a retention rate is guaranteed.

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English Phd high school teacher, online lessons anytime (also Spanish and Humanities)

I assist students that are struggling with specific aspects or tasks (presentation, speech, essay). The students bring their problem to the table, and we work together to solve the issue. Lessons are usually an hour long, and we use Skype, and email to exchange documents and send annotated copies of work.

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Multi-Published Bestselling Fiction Author and Tutor Gives 1-on-1 Creative Writing Lessons in any Genre

My teaching method is immersive. I give you the tools and you jump in right away. I'll help you work out why some bits feel slow, what's not working, and exactly how to fix it. My feedback is full of precise actionable feedback that you will know exactly where and how to implement.

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Geelong Based Masters Student Here to Help Improve Your 7-12 English Essays

I am a problem-solver by nature and my teaching approach is to identify both the technical issues and the gaps in broader understanding of a subject in order to improve writing. In order to help, I'll need a sample of your current writing to review beforehand. I'll also be sure to read the text in question so as to fully utilise our session.

Penrose (Wollongong)
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University of Wollongong English Literature graduate seeks to teach in the Illawarra and online

I teach using a combination of methods. I prefer to teach by discussion, as I believe learning is a two way street, however some situations call for a more demonstrative or lecture-style approach. I'm open to all questions and ways of learning.

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High School graduate's English tutoring today, keeps your child's bad grades away

- My primary goal as a tutor is to ensure the student develops their own personal strategies and techniques when faced with work. My tutoring philosophy centers around the idea of 'leading by example', I help the student get organised, motivated and prepared to tackle assignments by offering guidance on how to approach a task.

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Current Australian National University student undertaking a Major in English Literature (ATAR 91.10)

My teaching methodology is full of rewarding excellence in learning so that the student will be encouraged and want to learn as much as possible. I hope to pass on my passion for learning as I found myself interested in all types of subject and keen to pursue everything.

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Experienced Senior Teacher of English offers one on one quality individual tuition

My teaching methodology is tailored to the personality and interests of the student. I like to harness the innate qualities of each student and specialise in engendering knowledge and deep learning through analogy and anecdote, thus bringing about thorough understanding.

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Editing and Publishing Masters Student Provides Tutoring in English, Literature and Creative Writing Online

Lessons are personalised and may include assistance with school topics, assessments, writing projects, or can be individualised to topics of interest. My teaching methods vary depending on the needs of the student. A lesson plan (or term plan) will be provided at the beginning of the session.

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Friendly Melbourne University Creative Writing Honours Graduate tutors high school English and lit

I tailor my classes to the work students have been given in class, to make our time together as useful as possible. I work with students to improve their comprehension of set texts, and develop their ability to articulate their ideas and structure their work when completing assessments.

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9 years' teaching experience; former Grammar School Teacher; UQ GPA 6.5

School assignments are like briefs, each assignment has an angle it wants the student to reproduce. I have experience understanding educational jargon to identify the angle that the school wishes the students to produce. School is a system, I have various experience working that system.

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Monash humanities student and prospective law student tutoring in English/ social studies

I familiarise myself first with their reading material or assignment. I then tend to go over a student's writing and point out the places that need work, for example textual evidence, sentence fluency, vocabulary, or reasoning. Then I help them to come up with alternatives themselves so that I don't directly provide them with answers.

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4th year ANU Law/Politics Philosophy Economics student, band 6/E4 English Advanced/English Extension NSW HSC (highest bands); Can help with exam preparation, essay planning, analysing literature etc.

My teaching method is based around what helped me to achieve good results in high school and skills I have later honed at uni. High school essays are particularly stressful as you need to be able to have the in depth knowledge of the text within its context to adapt to the question provided on the spot.

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UQ Advanced Humanities student teaching English and Humanities to high school students in Brisbane.

Hello! My name is Emily Dodd and I am studying Advanced Humanities at UQ. I graduated from Brisbane State High School in 2016. I am particularly interested in tutoring high school students who may be finding English or the Humanities challenging and need a helping hand.

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Marwa John is a modern school English teacher who can provide services up to university level

English and Literature are two autonomous subjects, however, they are best taught in an integrated approach. My teaching method is learner-centred. I believe learners have different levels of understanding and learning ability. Consequently, my methodology evolves around learner participation.

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Queensland University Law (honours) and Fine Arts (Creative and Professional Writing) Student offers tutoring

My teaching method is catered to the specific learning capacity and needs of the student in question. I provide a structure lesson in which the student will first learn the basics, then flesh out the areas of focus, and finish with a question and answer based test.

Kingston Park
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Qualified High School Teacher and former Prime Minister's Scholar available on weekends

I believe in guided inquiry and fostering the creativity and critical capacity of students. I believe in a good, positive atmosphere and constructive dialogue between student and teacher where both feel respected and engaged. Learning should be fun and never dull.

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Knowledgeable and dedicated Bachelor of Philosophy student offering high school tutoring in Perth

I am a highly motivated and passionate recent High School graduate who is extremely knowledgeable about the WACE program. I am able to offer lessons for Literature, English, Philosophy and Art and have successfully increased the grades of past students.

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UQ student studying high school English and History (Ancient and Modern) ready to help in Brisbane area

UQ student studying to be a high school teacher, majoring in English and History keen to help and gain experience along the way.

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A post-graduate marketing graduate from Sydney teaches you how to Market yourself and your ideas to the world, in English.

My teaching methodology is based on deciphering to the students the meaning of what they read and write using real life examples or examples from their own lives. This helps them to learn better.

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Doctor of Philosophy and Writer providing essay writing skills and creative thinking

My teaching method is based on the most updated and modern creative thinking and writing ideas and aims to bring the most out of each student according to their specific needs

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English, Math and History Tuition provided to high school students as well as primary school

my teaching method is effective, its face to face and providing an opportunity for students to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-life experiences has proven to be an effective way of both disseminating and integrating knowledge.

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Cit student passionate about creative writing in Canberra write and then read

Creative writing is simple. Start with an idea, talk about it and write down initial information.

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I am a Uni student Holding 3 degrees previously with a experience in tutions for around 3 years

My traching method depends upon how the student is catching up the things which I am telling them .

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Griffith Uni graduate, B.A. (Honours) M.Phil (research higher degree). I tutor all years, grade 1- undergraduate and postgraduate. Humanities based, some education , nursing , media. Remedial English,

For primary students, I favour a back to basics approach. For high school students and undergraduates, I focus on content knowledge and reseach and assignment writing.

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English literature major giving lessons to high school students between 7 and 11. Can also help with psychology and math.

My teaching method for English is debating, if I can get you talking about the topic passionately then you'll grow and remember the work

Gooseberry Hill
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Currently studying astrophysics at Curtin University teaching year 11 and 12 physics and year 11 and 12 literature

My teaching method consists of talking with the student and firstly discussing areas they are having the most difficulty with, and developing a lesson plan most suited to their learning style. We then then break down the problem into small manageable segments and work through them at the students pace, providing examples and encouraging them to attempt the problem themselves.

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