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QUT International Business and Law student helps high school and first yr uni students in business

My teaching method is to go through the subject clearly and slowly to make sure each student has a full understanding and I have a lot of patience no question is a stupid question. I am also happy to edit and look through assignments.

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James Cook University high achieving graduate looking for students (high school and tertiary) to help.

My philosophy is that there are multiple methods and platforms to learn something. The trick is to find the right one for you! I believe that I can help you achieve this. I am looking for mature high school students and university students to help and use the tricks and methods of mine to achieve high grades in the specific subjects.

Possum Creek
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Economics graduate offering economics tutoring for high school and first year economics degree students.

Hi, my lessons are structured in different ways so as to meet the needs of my students. Our initial lesson will involve an assessment of your particular needs in the subject area you need help with. My teaching style is relaxed and friendly.

Payneham South
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Oyster Bay
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Macquarie University MBA Qualified Business Professional available for tutoring business related subjects.

My teaching method is based on patience, understanding and communication. Applying real life situations to common academic problems is a prerequisite in my teachings. Ensuring each step is fully understood before moving forward is paramount to progress as is enjoying the journey.

Box Hill
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A master of marketing student Teaching Digital marketing concepts in Melbourne Australia for young individuals

My teaching method is very result focused and I tend to explain all the concepts via case studies or by personally performing the tasks. I do not bore you with theories and concepts.

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Economics and Marketing Major with Financial Services experience gives Business Studies, Business Mgmt and Economics lessons to students of all ages

My teaching philosophy is to promote student agency, or in other words fostering environments that allow students to make informed decisions in line with their own values. I believe that critical thinking is essential to effective learning, so my lessons will involve ensuring an adequate layer of content knowledge is processed and retained before more analytical questions are explored.

Port Macquarie
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Learn business strategies and concepts that are not in text books and become a successful national award winning business owner

I an experienced business owner and educator. I specialist in developing new and innovative, high quality training and education programs across broad industry segments.

Ocean Shores
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Tough but fair award winning teacher who is passionate about teaching management

My focus is on meeting the marking criteria for assessment. Students are busy. As they say p's = degrees. I focus on whether assignments are up to scratch or need more work. I also like to help students who want to excel.

Peregian Springs
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Sunshine Coast based, Experienced Business Consultant gives accounting/bookkeeping lessons at home or online.

I am well educated, fun, down to earth and love passing my knowledge to others. My teaching method is to identify the best training plan and executing it, based on individual needs. Since time is of great value I encourage my students to use the available technology to do the online training, although I am more than happy to the lessons in person, if that's what the student prefers.

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Business, management, governance and law professional offers tutoring, exams preparation in Geelong

I unpack the course materials and create a program that covers: (a) the course's assessable outcomes; and (b) my student's particular learning style and aptitude. We then agree on: (c) a study approach; and (d) the support measures needed (reviews, assignments schedule, social/study/family balance, examinations preparation), and we get to work.

Louis augustin
(4 reviews)
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Diploma of business school and personal development offers its help for decision making and entrepreneurship in Paris

Graduate of various complementary training in personal development, the courses, accompaniments and other advice that I plan to give its completely ad hoc and depend very much on your needs. Indeed, it is easy for me to give you keys of communication, things to observe to see the unspoken, to accompany you in your decision-making, to manage the conflicts, ...

(2 reviews)
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Finance, Accounting, and Financial Statement Analysis clases in Majadahonda and Las Rozas

Constantino is a senior finance professional with an MBA in International Management in the United States and a bachelor degree in ADE with more than fifteen years of international experience in business management.

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Champion for Attaining Top Performance Results on the MBA Programme in UK

Great in explaining things and at the same time are able to listen and engage. Will use presentations, case studies and exercises to cement understanding. Will adapt learning to suit your style of learning. Flexible and objective in my teaching.

Vila Nova de Gaia
(3 reviews)
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Come learn to be the King of Marketing through the best worldwide sources.

I teach classes and clarify marketing doubts from Marketing 101 to Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Marketing Services, Industrial Marketing, International Marketing, Point of Sale Marketing etc.

Ciudad de México
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Teacher of investments in the FOREX and CRYPTOCURRENCY market in CDMX with 5 years of experience in Mexico and China in different stock exchange academies.

My method is easy and simple, it is based in three parts: theory, analysis and practice. 1.-First, we explain the whole theory of what the FOREX and CRYPTOCURRENCIES markets are. 2.-Second, we move to the stock charts to learn how to analyze them and predict the price of the asset. 3.

(3 reviews)
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Why marketing as a career options for Civil Engineers in special in connection with field experience

I usually prefer board room classes if space is provided or I can support through videos in Skype and other social platforms .

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MBA-HR/IR graduate with working industrial exposer gives tuition to the management students.

My methodology is not fixed, I modify my teaching content as per candidate learning ability and corse demand, I try to keep it simple and crisp. As I am an MBA graduate and work in a different organization, were my learning and problem finding technique will be extra dose to my student to make them self-session before entering the corporate world.

Carlos a. silva
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Executive Certified Professor Post Graduate Courses / MBA in Corporate Business, Economy & Finances, Operations Management and Ethics.

Holistic approach and solid managerial background having developed an ascending career in multinational companies, in several areas: Governance & Strategic Planning, Sales & Marketing, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing Operations, carrying on leadership roles as Director and Manager with expressive international expose.

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Sales Professional that Focuses on Human Behavior. Let's chat about how we can grow our learn more about business

I base my classes with a consulting approach. I want to help them understand that they can get to the answer and think about things differently. Playing to their strengths to help uncover what may be needed. Understanding that everyone is different and being empathetic to everyone.

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B-School student with entrepreneurial experience gives Blockchain lessons for enterprise leaders looking to understand about the technology and its implications to their businesses

I base my classes on course material, that i have used to previously teach enterprise leaders about the technology and its applications. However, i approach the subject with flexibility and try to address any specific questions that my audience has and make it as interesting and informative as possible for the audience.

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Business Management student (Final year) providing Accounting classes High school to 1st Year Uni

I teach by first understanding what you are struggling with and looking at the problem with you. We will be looking at the reason for your struggle and I will be giving you a different perspective on your problem, which almost always helps to see the solution. We work through a few examples together until you are fully confident that you understand the full concept.

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Classes relating to Social Media Marketing, Content Making, Product Marketing, Event Management

I am a very friendly personality and i structure my classes on the basis of skill development and hence classes are based more on the practical aspect of the field.

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HR Guru with 19 yrs of experience in India & Abroad will tutor you

My class is for students who require assistance in Management Studies or even school going kids who want help with their subjects. I have a unique way of helping students memorize and recollect . Once I have understood the students needs, I will structure my course material to suit that need because I believe that one coat does not fit all . Each ones needs are different.

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Management subjects, located in Bangalore, covering entry level students for management studies.

My teaching method is to cover all the basic knowledge areas of management, provide right examples to understand the concepts of management. This would be helpful for people seeking into management domain, for entry level students into management or whoever that wants to prepare for management exams.

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Vast Experience in Factory Management in various Industries with IITM BTech Degree

It will be based on the Theory, both past and present ,with all basic Fundamentals, their evolution coupled with reference to relevant Case studies; It will be followed by current developments in respective Topics/Subjects and possible consequences in Future.

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Multi-million dollar business founder - my framework for your business or startup

I like to know exactly who I am working with and what their vision is. We will assess what work you have done to date, and we will put into priority order what your focus should be. I like to be aware of your learning capabilities and how you best absorb knowledge. We can either work intensively or slowly.

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Engineer, Digital, MBA Business and Strategies and Master Degree in Strategic Marketing Direction.

My teaching method is simple, clear and objective. I do not use what we call bureaucratic marketing, where the theory is so massive that the result is often not positive. I use successful cases as examples, dynamic didactic materials and a lot of creativity after analyzing each need.

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Graduate in management and UGC NET holder with a 5 years of professional experience

My teaching method is a participatory model, students will get many real life situations to discuss and find solutions. Another method i would prefer is case study method.

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Im a student of a manage/ment school i have a great experience

My teaching method depends on how much you can understand with the time i can show you how you can develop the reasoning abilities within few classes i am a professional teacher i give private education advice and within few amount of rupees can get bucket full of knowledge from me..

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