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Clovelly Park
(6 reviews)
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Ph.D. in chemistry and post-doc from University of Adelaide, Australia and University of Southampton UK

I love teaching. I believe that the conceptual knowledge of your subject is really important. If your concepts are clear, you can nail any exam. I can help you to reach your aims by providing you the basics of chemistry. If you need preparations for tests, exams (either High school, Undergraduate or Graduate level), I am here to help.

Mawson Lakes
(9 reviews)
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University of South Australia student having an experience in tutoring would like to welcome students who are interested in taking tutoring lessons in Chemistry.

My teaching methodology includes simplifying the concepts and clearing the fundamentals of the topic. I also believe that I am always open to various ways of teaching which are quite flexible as per the demand of the student. I like to make the topics interesting by relating with our daily lives and situations.

(2 reviews)
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ANU Actuarial Studies Student gives Maths, Physics and Chemistry lessons to high school student

I always structure my lesson creatively depending on each student's needs and abilities. Each session is generally divided in two sections: summary of content and practice exercises. i always aim to make my lesson fun and enjoyable as I believe you learn the best when your brain is relaxed.

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Extensive high school and university chemistry background - grasp the complexities of chemistry and turn your weaknesses into strengths

I like to use many analogies to familiarise students with what seems to be a completely foreign concept. I quickly identify the unique nature with which my individual student learns and tailor my approach to them, for no two students learn in the same way. I am strong believer in problem and application-based learning.

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Biochemistry Honours student teaching any science or maths subject to high school students

I tailor each of my classes around my student's needs and design my own worksheets for each student based on the content they are learning at school. I assess deficiencies in the student's knowledge and work with the student to bridge those gaps by examining past tests and sacs and ensuring the student feels confident on the topic before moving on.

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JCU Medicine Student giving science and math lessons to grades 9-12 in Townsville

I make sure that the student listens to me, understands the material by making them repeat the core and help them solve complex problems that will come on later with the material that I am teaching. I believe the student should do homework as this will make the student think independently and solve the problems alone, to make him or her ready for exams.

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UniSA Medical Radiation Science student, tutoring for Chemistry students in Adelaide SA

I was tutored during my schooling years and know the significance it had on my academic performance and mindset. It put my mind at ease knowing that there was someone I could turn to outside of school who would walk me through things I struggled to understand.

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Friendly and helpful medical uni student experienced with the latest ATAR subjects

I base my teaching on the curriculum and using the up to date text books. I like to go through lesson structures on topics that students find difficult and source the right theory and practice questions. I also can hep with study tips and efficient note taking. Approach me with any questions and I will endeavour to help you find and understand the answers so you can smash your ATAR subjects.

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ANU student providing chemistry lessons in Canberra and Queanbeyan Region for High school and first year chemistry students.

I prefer to teach people the methodology to self learn. I do this by first breaking down and explaining a concept. I then explore the concept from different angles backed up by examples to clarify them. I then go on to discuss how similar problems could further be solved by the student alone. Chemistry relies heavily on understanding the core concepts behind phenomenons observed.

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ANU Physics Researcher give Physics and Math lessons to high school and Uni students

For physics and Math lessons I usually introduce the idea or concept to the student, mostly I relate the application it has in their day to day life. Then the student is introduced to problem solving techniques in that particular topic.

(10 reviews)
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Uni Melb biomedicine student looking to give lessons on science related subjects. "Trust the process" is my study motto

My teaching methodology is more student centered, based on the content that's examinable and covered in the student's school. I believe in persistency and hard work, so will be able to provide you with tons of practice materials.

(4 reviews)
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IT Project Manager with a Master's degree gives Math, Physics and IT lessons in Melbourne

As I studied Science from secondary school to my last year of my Master's degree, I've always thought that some concepts are really hard to understand if you can't make it yours. Practical and common examples of some Math methods or Physics laws can make the difference to understand them.

Daisy Hill
(2 reviews)
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A recent Chemical Engineering graduate who teaches chemistry for high school/university students in addition to chemical engineering courses in Brisbane

My teaching methodology is interactive, i always like asking questions to make sure that students are involved and fully attentive. Moreover, i am friendly and like to listen to students demands and never get bored of repeating the subject several times until the subject is 100% clear. I usually end the class with a couple of exercises to ensure that everything is on track.

Mill Park
(3 reviews)
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RMIT student (Professional Chemist) gives Chemistry and Maths lessons to high school students in Bundoora, Victoria

My teaching approach will be mainly coach style so that students will learn the fundamentals of the subject at the initial stage and afterwards they will be directed towards in attempting various questions by applying the fundamentals learnt. The teaching will mainly focus on high school students who are weak in mathematics and chemistry.

Dr sarika
1st lesson free !

I am PhD in Biochemistry with Organic Chemistry as subject in graduation. Taught Environmental Sciences and Biology to MSc Students in India.

Face to face or presentation. Have always awarded best teacher at Shoolini University, India. Bring d ull academic concepts to life with visual and practical learning experiences, helping your students to understand how their schooling applies in the real-world. Cooperative learning. Inquiry-based instruction.

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Ex Oxford University Lecturer and Tutor gives lessons in Chemistry and Biology

My teaching method is very interactive and I provide constructive feedback as part of encouragement of student learning. I make sure that students understand and are confident with new knowledge. I provide ample opportunities for students to apply their learning .

Brisbane City
1st lesson free !

UQ engineering student gives classes to kids and adults students (Spanish native)

My teaching method is that practice is all. It is necessary to know all the theory first and then apply it and put it practice in order to memorise all the theory acquire previously. And about language speaking and listening are the clue to learn fast.

New Farm
1st lesson free !

QUT PhD Student gives Chemistry, biochemistry and Maths lessons in Brisbane.

Inquiry-based learning, is the usually method that I prefer. in this I try to encourage students to be aware what they want to know about the world around them and ask different questions to get that answers. After, students have to investigate about their interrogations, look for information and sources to clarify key concepts and solve difficulties they could face in the process with my help.

East Launceston
(1 review)
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Year 12 student available for students Years 6 - 10 for maths and science tutoring in Launceston, Tas

I base my teaching style of the Scotch Oakbrun teaching methodology. I find this is well suited as it is mouldable around any student and I am able to help in the most beneficial way possible for each student. I approach the student's needs by assessing their weak points and focusing heavily on those, but I also work on strengths to ensure that all skills are developed and maintained.

Saint Lucia
(1 review)
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Maths, chemistry and biology tutoring from a passionate UQ student - any level!!

I am a very understanding person, since I too struggled during schooling, as i took longer than most students to understand something. Therefore, I always start with the basics and work my way up. This creates a strong foundation to allow for a greater understanding and confidence. I am determined for my students to reach their full potential.

Parafield Gardens
1st lesson free !

University of Adelaide Computer science student is here to help you out with MATHS, SCIENCE and COMPUTERS>

I teach with all the practical uses of the chapter. You will never feel bored or lost while my teachings. I also give a maximum variety of questions to you so that while giving your exam, you feel confident.

(1 review)
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Wheelers Hill
1st lesson free !

Experienced Industrial Research Scientist with STEM experience in Victorian Schools would like to give tuition lessons

As I am passionate about chemistry I will work on students developing a passion for the subject by exemplifying both theoretical and practical aspects of chemistry with live examples - like how much Chemistry we are using in our everyday life. In my view, this is the easiest and friendliest way of learning and loving the subject.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Adelaide High School graduate and a Biomedical Science student offering chemistry, biology and maths methods tutoring for 90 and above ATAR!!! IT'S NOT HARD AS YOU THOUGHT, YOU JUST NEED A GOOD TUTOR!

I am not tutoring anyone as a teacher but I will put myself in your position, a student, as how I was in year 12. Learning can be a little bit difficult and I'll ask you to tell your understands before going into the lessons. If I find that you don't quite understand and you're a bit confused, I'll correct you on the way. If you don't get the whole concept, that's ok! I am here to help.

Clayton South
Shanthi priya
1st lesson free !

Monash Engineering Lecturer with 10 years of experience gives Chemistry lessons to high school and uni students

Acknowledging that education is the key for development of society, I have developed a strong passion towards teaching, as this is one such profession where a continuous learning and sharing of knowledge takes place. Personally, I am an enthusiastic learner and a good communicator, with a strong zeal to contribute best to the society and the university.

Cordeaux Heights
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Highschool/ University Chemistry tutor with 3 years of experience that can guarantee results

My teaching lessons are fairly relaxed. Simply show me your current homework, syllabus or tell me anything you would like me to go over you with and I will explain it as best I can. I ensure that you know exactly what the syllabus is asking and I put emphasis on questions which are the most likely to be asked in a test.

1st lesson free !

CQU University student, would like to help Students of high school in maths and Science.

Solving mathematical problems, always keen to know logic's and facts about any discipline was my major field of interest. While teaching I make it a fun session rather than making it boring with just cramming things. The sessions you will be having with me will always be of learning things by knowing their logic, which will help a student to develop interest.

1st lesson free !

Business Leader with recent Master of Teaching degree who loves to teach chemistry and biology at all levels in Melbourne's North West

Develop relationship in order to adapt to best teaching methodology. My life experience and Masters of Teaching ( Uni Melb ) enable me to rapidly engage students. Teaching in Saudi Arabia, China, as well as Melbourne to many students. Age does bring wisdom and sharing my gift is my reward.

Waurn Ponds
1st lesson free !

Deakin Postgraduate in Eng.Managment Giving lessons to Primary, High School or Bachelors level students in Subjects of (Physics, Chemistry, Statistics and English) with over 3-year experience in Tutor

I analyse my students as every student has some strengths and some weaknesses. My method is to work of the weak points but at the same time admire students of their strong points, if a student is admired about his/her achivements and the small goals they achieve in life it gives them confidence and a special urge to strive for more.

1st lesson free !

UWA Medical Science Student gives Year 11's and 12's lessons in Chemistry, Physics, English and Human Biology

Students can come with their textbooks/questions/notebooks and we can work on the problems they are struggling with and cover the course content in an intelligible manner. I have a wide range of notes, tests, worksheets and mock exams plus their answers and offer an easy, patient and comprehensive tutoring style so students can easily understand the course syllabus.

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Perfect! Dr. Aman is an outstanding tutor, very enthusiastic with excellent communication skills. Highly recommended for any Year 12 student or onwards”

Peggy, Student
3 weeks ago
(6 reviews)

Perfect! Sjoerd has really helped with my chemistry, he is very patient and understanding. He will explain the problem until I understand. Each session becomes a little more understood and I even have a lot more motivation to study for organic chemistry.

Britt, Student
9 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Remarks from my son Gabriel "She explains things clearly and gives enough questions to do. She is very patient and kind. She always asks you questions to make sure you do the work, and then she makes you do questions from what she taught."

Monika, Student
11 months ago
(1 review)

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