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Organic chemistry tutor

Suvita is an excellent teacher who has a firm grasp on all the topics she teaches. She is very patient and understanding but also pushes people to strive further and reach their potential. Overall an amazing teacher!


Organic chemistry tutor

Binish is super flexible with scheduling lessons, she is efficient and asks the right questions to help get me started. Her prices are reasonable and she is super kind and understanding. Binish’s method of tutoring is tailored to my needs and I do...

Hiba, 2 months ago


Organic chemistry tutor

Isabelle is fantastic at what she does. I'm 32, and with very little mathematical knowledge, but she explains everything really well to suit the way I learn. She's explaining things to me, that I never thought I'd understand. 10/10 would recommend.

Tom, 3 months ago


Organic chemistry tutor

Lanie was warm, encouraging and friendly and provided great analogies and explanations for the many tricky concepts I needed to master for my university level general and organic chemistry courses.

Megan, 3 months ago


Organic chemistry tutor

Lanie is amazing! She's so knowledgeable and has a talent for breaking down really complex concepts and making them relatable & interesting. We need more educators like her in the world! :)

Diane, 3 months ago


Organic chemistry tutor

Sanka is an excellent teacher and has the ability to explain topics in great depth and helped me really get a better understanding of concepts, he explains the content in a clear and concise manner and is also very helpful outside of classes sending...

Philip, 4 months ago


💰What is the average price of Organic chemistry lessons?

The average price of Organic chemistry lessons is $16.

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What is organic chemistry?

Organic chemistry is the study of the structure, properties, and reactions of organic molecules. The word “organic” refers to the fact that these molecules contain carbon.

Organic chemistry has its origin in the early 1800s, when chemists began to study the structure of coal tar. Coal tar is a black liquid that is produced when coal is burned. It contains a large number of organic molecules, including benzene and other hydrocarbons.

Organic chemistry is popular in Australia because it is used to produce many of the chemicals that are used in everyday life. These include plastics, pharmaceuticals, and agricultural chemicals.

Benefits of taking organic chemistry lessons

Organic chemistry is the study of the structure, properties, and reactions of organic molecules. An organic molecule is any molecule that contains carbon. Organic chemistry is a required course for all chemistry majors and is also a popular course for pre-med students.

There are many reasons why taking organic chemistry lessons is a good idea. First, organic chemistry is the foundation of all other chemistry courses. If you want to be a chemist, you need to understand organic chemistry. Second, organic chemistry is a challenging course that will test your problem-solving skills. Third, the skills you learn in organic chemistry will be useful in your future career. Finally, organic chemistry is interesting and fun!

What are the advantages of learning organic chemistry with a private tutor?

Organic chemistry is a challenging and complex subject that can be difficult to learn without the help of a private tutor. However, with the right tutor, you can quickly and easily learn the basics of organic chemistry and develop a strong foundation that will help you succeed in your studies.

A private tutor can help you understand the concepts behind organic chemistry and how to apply them in practical situations. They can also provide you with feedback and support, helping you to stay motivated and on track. Additionally, a private tutor can help you to develop problem-solving skills and test-taking strategies, which are essential for success in organic chemistry.

If you are looking to improve your organic chemistry skills, then consider hiring a private tutor. With the right tutor, you can achieve your academic goals and develop the skills you need to succeed in this challenging subject.

Why learning organic chemistry with a tutor is easy for beginners?

Organic chemistry is the study of the structure, properties, and reactions of organic molecules. Organic molecules are those that contain carbon and hydrogen, and they make up the majority of molecules in living things.

Organic chemistry can be a difficult subject for beginners, but with the help of a good tutor, it can be easy to learn. A good tutor can help you to understand the concepts behind organic chemistry and how to apply them to solve problems.

One of the benefits of learning organic chemistry is that it can help you to understand the molecules that make up living things. Organic chemistry is also useful for students who plan to study medicine or pharmacy, as it provides a foundation for understanding the drugs that are used in these fields.

If you are interested in learning organic chemistry, it is important to find a good tutor who can help you to understand the concepts and how to apply them. With the help of a good tutor, you can learn organic chemistry easily and be on your way to a successful career in science.

Chemistry in Australia

Some famous Australian chemists include:

1. Howard Walter Florey – He was born in Adelaide, South Australia, in 1898 and died in Oxford, England, in 1968. He was a pharmacologist who shared the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1945 with Ernst Boris Chain and Alexander Fleming for his work on the development of penicillin.

2. John Cornforth - Born in 1918, in Sydney. Cornforth also received a Nobel Prize for his extensive work in chemistry and is still to date the only recipient from NSW.

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