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Old Toongabbie
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ACT NOW! Learn the art of communication (written & verbal) using role-play & various other techniques taught by a professional with years of industry and teaching experience under her belt.

I believe in having fun - it is vital to establish a great rapport, awesome dynamic and an atmosphere of trust. Then, can we take risks and step outside of the box. I believe in communication there are no right or wrongs, rather there are more engaging ways of getting a message across. My classes are fun, there is no judgment and no dignity to worry about.

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Experienced social worker, therapist and counsellor available to help with stress management in the Coffs Harbour/Nambucca Valley or on-line

Together we will explore your problem story and uncover your strong story, to reconnect with your skills, values and knowledge to get through difficulties you are currently experiencing. I use a range of creative methods such as storytelling, drawing, clay, music, sport, nature, or whatever your interest.

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Ayurvedic Practitioner with 10 years experience gives diet and lifestyle coaching In Mullumbimby

Do you wake up feeling tired? Do you compromise on your desires because you don’t have the energy to achieve them? Do you feel exhausted and unable to contribute to your family life? I work with clients over a minimum of 3 months.

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Get the best mindset to achieve the grades you really want without FREAKING OUT!

This is a program for students that get anxious about study or freak out in exams and get results that they know aren't their best. I get it, I've been there, it sucks. Here you'll find easy to implement techniques, life-changing mindset sessions, supercharged affirmations and highly effective guided meditations.

Fairy Meadow
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UOW nursing student provides lessons on stress management, personal development, coaching and public speaking

My methodology towards this particular area is helping the individual realise that they have everything they need within themselves to get through whatever they may be struggling with. Each individual is different in the way they will need to deal/overcome stress.

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Experienced practicing psychotherapist available for individual positive thinking and self esteem training online

My teaching method is hands on and practical but tailored to the needs of the student. I need to know what you want to achieve so that I can provide appropriate activities. I like to set a goal, provide an explanation, undertake some practice, answer any questions through discussion and provide feedback.

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”EARS FOR YOU” hearing the unheard. I can be your Friend, your coach to mindfulness, positive thinking, your guide to create your own ” happiness pie”. I have been working as a Counsellor in India and

The secret of my sessions is to follow ” whole brain approach” for overall wellbeing of an individual or a group. I hold post graduate diploma in counselling and family therapy. Presently pursuing master of counselling at Excelsia college, Sydney. I can help you fight anxiety, stress, phobias etc. Know your inner peace mindfully. I can help you find your traits, strengths etc.

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ROYAL will teach very fundamental things of life like how to handle your thoughts, emotions, relationships, life and success. Be the perfect artist of your beautiful life.

How was your day mate?? Good/ ok/ fine?... What's your dream? A lambo or million dollars? Happy family? Remember, Anything you are dreaming of can be accomplished in this physical world. Just you need to do is learn to breath first. Start to pay enough attention. Start creating a balance within. Observe yourself, your sorroundings, your friends, families,pets..

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Bachelor of Philosophy, studying at Macquarie, will help You to overcome everyday problems

I base my classes on yourself. Every situation is unique, and my methods will be different with every person. Life coaching is not giving knowledge, that is all about development of your inner capabilities. So, speak about life, make the plan, and stick to the plan.

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Teaches yoga, personality development, positivity near Sydney and pursuing my masters in MIS at CQU

I mainly use to teach on the concepts on controlling the subconscious mind where a student should feel that the whole world is his family and making his presence everywhere and he/she should be proactive in their daily lives at very tender age.

Jordan Springs
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Unique Mindset Coaching for clarity and personal development based in Sydney with sessions also conducted via Phone/Video Chat with a certified Life Coach.

I am a Life Coach who works with individuals, executives, business owners and students to; gain clarity, motivation, understand what holds them back from achieving their goals and create a plan to achieve, increase self-awareness and provide encouragement and support.

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Psychology Student gives Positive Psychology and Goal Based Therapy/Self-Discovery Sessions: Inexpensive and Powerful

Clients come with different problems. I work with a variety of issues. Including self-esteem issues, anxiety, depression, difficulty reaching goals, intra-personal problems (problems with a romantic relations, friends or family), paranoia, and addictions such as alcohol or drug dependency. Message me about the issue and we can discuss if I am the right person to help you. Sessions look like...

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Help for mental health and general life, will coach online through Facetime

My teaching style is personal one on one coaching on FaceTime, other video chat format or even over text. The structure is very fluid as I try to centre them around you, helping you figure out what you need and how to build from you're experiences.

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A specialist and international personal coach and developer of the Cloud Thinking Emergent Thinking process. This is a unique method using generative learning to enable you to change your mindset and

My personal coaching program is unique as it enables a person or group to emerge to someone better and stronger through problems or life's struggles, giving you resilience to achieve your goals. I have coached internationally in China and Japan and Australia. As a coach I am totally dedicated to my student's success.

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Qualified and Experienced Secondary PDHPE Teacher (Stage 4,5 and 6)

My passion and love for the teaching profession started at a young age and was inspired by one of my own teachers. As an educator, it is important to me to ensure that the three aspects of teaching are incorporated into my daily activities; professional knowledge, professional practice and professional engagement.

Mount Warrigal
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Wholistic Approach to Health Coaching - Learning How To You Back Yourself !

I believe my various experience in different roles within health can help to build stronger, more resilient personal confidence and growth. I strongly believe my experience as a health professional, along with my genuine passion for working within the community will be motivating in a unique way.

Bonnyrigg Heights
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3rd Year Bachelor of Arts University Student Providing Public Speaking Lessons in Sydney

Public speaking is a part of everyday life. You do it in university, in school, at work, every day! In my lessons, I will give you tips and tricks on presentation, tone, gestures, eye contact and posture. These are the main aspects of an effective presentation. I will assist you with boosting confidence and key social skills that will benefit you in any future endeavour.

1st lesson free !

Versatile Inspiring Methods and Experience. Dubbo NSW. Accommodating Mental Health/Disabilities/All ages and levels

Ability and interest focused. Accountability and responsibility encouraged. Broad life experienced based communication made easy for connecting with majority of students needs and ambitions. I have an open mind so will not judge but rather respect peoples choices and cultures.

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Music Artist Development, established Sydney musician (mixing and mastering) engineer, bankstown

My teaching method is based on my students, I will always try my best to meet them where they are at as opposed to trying to give a template, artist development is not an easy thing to template for and as such should not be done.

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Health and Manual handler trainer happy to give groups or individuals lessons/ presentations in these fields. Working in the Albury/ Wodonga region.

My teaching methodology is keeping the subject matter relevant and interesting. I also teach to the level of the group. I always make the sessions interactive and enjoyable.

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Nursing Student available to give lessons in Healthcare, Wellbeing, Science and English.

My teaching methods are flexible. I adjust my techniques according to my students. I believe every student is unique in it's own way so I prefer keeping my techniques wide and flexible.

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Macquarie Psychology and Education student provides Positive Thinking lessons to all students in Sydney.

I believe every student is capable of achieving success at school if they are taught the right way. My teaching methodologies include striking to motivate and engage all students in a particular topic of interest/subject thought a captivating title or introduction. On the other hand, students should be catered through differentiation from all levels e.g.

Castle Hill
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Psychology and Law Student provides flexible Public Speaking and Personal Development Lessons

I am aware that everyone learns differently and needs an approach that suits this. This is why I found my teaching methodology on support, and commit to teaching in a manner that suits each individual. I start my lessons with a brief chat to assess where you're at, what you're wanting to get out of the lesson and setting future goals.

Surry Hills
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Private Yoga power Vinyasa, full body workout, intense breathing session and meditation

Intense breathing session inspired by Wim Hoff. Full Vinyassa yoga 360° session working on your grounding, strengthening, fat burning and flexibility. Deep stretch exercices Taken from French Ballet technique. And final meditation with headphones and 3D music.

Tweed Heads West
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Personal Development and Mindfulness by a Counsellor in Tweed Heads Ballina area

1 I take an interactive positive approach towards any individual who is ready to change and improve on current circumstances in their life. Lesson structure is based on what the individual presents as a challenge and takes place in an experiential safe and supported learning environment either face to face one on one or in groups.

Baulkham Hills
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Masters in Administrative professional gives clear methodology to Enjoy your time in Learning and to become An Expert

My teaching methodology is interactive style and information with more investigative is my style complete research oriented and very clear and provides some practical illustrations and conduct some assessments to give clear picture of idea Majorly concentrated on present and up to date information

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Im Ruku and I'm a Child Educator Diploma student, do life counselling and life coaching of positivity

I base my classes on the difficult issues kids face in life. I explain its effects, ways to improve it. Activities are given where students are assessed on their progress.

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Life Coaching tailored for you. Build self-confidence and motivation. Build excellent emotional intelligence , self-awareness, self-management, empathy and relationship-building.

Create positive outcomes through eliminating negative influences. Create the space in your mind to think clearly during the day and sleep well at night. Training materials to teach my students self-confidence. I will teach you how to adopt a growth mindset when it comes to your health and well being and develop a path to follow to achieve amazing results.

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Holistic Counsellor to guide your emotional and intelligence wellbeing to its potential. Located in Sydney.

To lead from within. To guide. To inspire. To express. To be authentic. To be mindful and conscious through the teaching and learning process.

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