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UQ Town Planning student offering Geography tutorials to junior, middle and senior school students in Brisbane!

I approach tutorial sessions by beginning at the root of the topic and building up skills to perform assessment tasks with the utmost understanding of the content. Each tutorial session is designed to the client, their level of understanding and circumstances regarding the subject at school.

Halls Head
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Notre Dame Australia graduate is an all rounder, with proven experience teaching philosophy, chemistry, physics, English, theology and general essay writing. Patience and hard work will get you there

My teaching method is patient explanation of the concepts, with lots of concrete examples and case studies. I often use diagrams to help explain ideas. Memorable stories and examples are often used too.

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International legal theory Ph.D. student at the University of Melbourne with some professional experience!

I have always been convinced on the benefits of both problem-based learning or any other method which works on the analytical skills of the students rather than the mere passing of information. This is why I prefer to engage with students in a conversation more than proper lecturing.

Gladstone Central
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UNDERGRADUATE ESSAYS - Get the results you want - Help with Academic Writing - Essays, Reports, Academic Writing

I use a dialectic approach to teaching (the 'socratic method'). This method uses argument and counter-argument to identify strengths and potential opportunities, and or weaknesses, in your academic writing before you submit for grading. This method also leads you to a better understanding of your subject matter ('deep learning') and improves your grades.

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UQ Philosophy PhD Candidate offering humanities, English and history tutoring to high school and tertiary students in Brisbane

My teaching method is broadly based in the model of humanities university tutoring, with an emphasis on closer analyses of subject content and helping the student to relate the topic to a wider context. I am available for both general ongoing assistance, as well as help with planning and writing assignments.

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Liberal Arts graduates gives lessons on history, philosophy, theology & literature for high school students & university students

My teaching method is based on the socratic method. The best way to explain a concept and understand something is through discussing it. I will raise questions to the student. I will not directly give the answer if I believe that the student can arrive to the answer on his/her own. I will also encourage the student to ask questions back.

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JCU Psychology Student located in Townsville Who Tutors in Humanities and social sciences

Believing that students are the solution and have the answers that others seek rather than a problem that needs to be addressed is the main foundation in the way I would tutor.

Canning Vale
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1st lesson free !

Homeschool Philosophy - Diogenes - the original cynic - who pooed on the streets of Athens

Diogenes believed in living by his own rules. He didn’t believe in toilets, partially because toilets weren’t invented yet, but mostly because he lived in a barrel.

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High school graduate with Certificate of Excellence in Philosophy gives philosophy lessons in Melbourne online

I recently graduated high school with four separate certificates awarded to me for my knowledge and dedication to philosophy. I am looking for students who need a little help in learning philosophy and are willing to put in the effort to further their knowledge.

South Morang
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Latrobe University Masters of education secondary, Student, Humanities and Media , Melbourne/Northern Suburbs

My teaching method is catered to your child. Every child learns differently and therefore it will become my job to find what works for your child and use this method, this could be a visual learner, written, audio etc. In addition to this i am for an authoritative teaching style which sets expectations whilst providing care and building trust with my students.

Fairy Meadow
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Nursing student with top grades in religious high school gives lessons in religious education and history

My methodology is that we need to target your learning style and peak your interest. Each individual has a different way of learning and absorbing information, by knowing which learning style works best for you success will come much easier.

Saint Albans Park
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High School Graduate accepted into Monash with a fantastic score in VCE Geography, has a lot of knowledge and experience globally. passionate about this subject!

My teaching is based on the VCE course, recently updated, as well as including my own case studies and knowledge to give students unique information that will make assessors impressed. Having been in students shoes 12 months ago I have relevant experience as well as new knowledge which will be shared in relation to their needs within Geography.

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Learn Philosophy, Ethics, Logic, Politics, and the History of Philosophy in Sydney.

My approach to teaching is to both (1) understand the student's educational needs, level of knowledge, ability to work with abstract concepts, and degree of motivation; and (2) to begin to introduce the subject matter in a way that is appealing and stimulating intellectually, and takes the student to a level where he/she begins to formulate his/her own questions and his/her own analyses and...

Malvern East
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Recent graduate from the University of Melbourne with a Masters in Professional and Applied Ethics.

I like to tailor lessons to the needs of the student. Preferably something interactive that involved discussion and practice. But most of all, I like to make it fun, to try and follow the interests of the student while working on the core skills the subject requires.

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Premed University of Queensland student providing Modern history and philosophy tutoring in Birsbane

I am a highly organised student who is able to cope under all sorts of circumstances and deal with stress. I have been commended multiple times on my personality and how it suits tutoring. I am easy going and have lesson structures that are flexible around the students needs.

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Dutch philosophy student would love to teach you philosophy, as far as it can be taught.

I base my teaching on the individual and shape my lessons and teaching style in a way that makes individuals understand the subjects the fastest. No matter what kind of learning style you prefer, we'll find one that works for you.

Trinity Park
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A Political Science graduate, seeking to make learning less of a chore.

I approach my topic in a very interdisciplinary manner. I read omnivorously and very critically. I would bestow a critical eye to my students and an attention to detail that might be missed by a shallow reading of information given.

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Kate - Philosophy student providing Philosophy lessons to high school and first year university students in Perth

I approach each class individually - focussing on particular areas where the student is finding something difficult. I then aim to approach the topic in a different way, perhaps using other examples to explain the idea than have previously been presented. I then like to see the student apply the theory in order to ensure they truly understand.

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Me: PhD Ethics Tutor at the bottom of the world in Tasmania

I am guided by the requirements of the student. As a lawyer, of course, I am able to take a highly structured approach to assist learning, but don't find it useful to force square pegs to fit in round holes. I support the student to identify what their goal is and to plan a strategy to achieve it.

Mermaid Beach
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Argentinian psychologist and artist, passionate for everything i do, above all education

intuition, listening and watching to the students needs. I study and read every time to get in touch with the most accurate way to reach each student singularity. I worship authentic interest in learning, and take care curiosity doesn't get spoiled.

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Utas student, (F 20) tutoring TCE & HIGHSCHOOL History, Religion, English, Philosophy ESSAY WRITING worked with Autistic, dyslexic and other learning difficulties happy to help anyone! :)

My tutoring philosophy : I think it's so important to first get the person I am tutoring interested and excited about a subject, I despise old school teaching on just rewriting the same thing over and over again (although I do see the benefit of doing exam practise questions.

Rose Bay
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High School graduate and college students providing tutoring for Year 10 - 12 Psychology

My teaching method is to take what you are required to learn, and break your assessment takes down into easier to manage chunks - I then spend time explaining them in a simple way, and tailor lessons to different learning types.

Victoria Park
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Griffith University student teaching students in the Perth region history, politics, religion and more

I teach literally anyone, because I believe in the value of history towards people's personal lives as well as their studies. Whether they be high school students, university students or even older non-students, I am happy to sit people down and teach them history. My teaching plans are personalised based on topic, the extent of knowledge necessary and the learning goal that you are hoping for.

1st lesson free !
1st lesson free !

Psychology honours graduate with training in existential therapy gives tutoring in psychology

Open conversation, finding the joy in learning and really understanding topics, rather than just memorising facts. I also love critical and analytic thinking, so challenging what is learnt and also applying it to life.

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(Academy of Reality), Political Theory, Ideology, Psychology, Power Dynamics, Group Psychology, Propaganda

I will educate my apprentices on the importance of understanding social dynamics, power and how societies organize themselves into power hierarchies, we will cover Machiavelli, as well as many of the great minds in political/philosophical history.

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Qualified teacher with MBA in Philosophy ,specified in Ancient Philosophy supports university students and High school students.

First steps : introduction to basic philosophical theories. The etymology of terms and Greek language , Greek physical philosophers, Pre Socratic philosophy, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle,Neo Platonism, Stoics, Skepticism. My teaching method contains the diagrams, notes, discussions, questions, texts, power point presentation.

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A Dive into Philosophy - Aimed at year 11 & 12 Students completing VCE

My class is aimed at students who are just learning the beginnings of philosophy, I like to pace myself and make sure the student understands a topic before moving on to the next.

Fortitude Valley
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Motivational speech and key of happiness lectures for everyone in Brisbane (krunal pandit)

1. We don't have any bound. Be free 2. Money is a trick 3. We never get over from our daily problems but we can be happy. 4. Never afraid of anything i repeat anything. And, there are plenty of positive energy and thought will be share by me among you and I'll help you out in achieving your goals which unaware of.

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