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UWA Second Year Tutoring Year 11/12 ATAR Psychology Students in Perth City Area

It's important to make learning an interactive and engaging experience. I'm more than happy to cater to individual learning styles and I enjoy making learning fun. Graduating from Great Southern Grammar in 2017 and entering into a BSc, majoring in Psychological Science (UWA) in 2018.

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Melbourne Uni Master of Teaching (Secondary) specialised in Civics, Politics and History

Questioning is my main method. My question will lead you to find the answer by yourself over an interesting and challenging process. Once you've got to the good answer, it will become part of you that you will never need cheat sheets for. The questions will highly resemble what you will have in the SAGs and final exams, which in the meantime facilitates improvement of writing style.

Brown Hill
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Deakin PhD candidate, offering English, History, Politics, International Relations to Uni/High School

People learn at their own pace, so keeping an open dialogue and keeping the student comfortable with what they are learning is important. Fundamentals are also extremely important, and a big part of my teaching will be geared toward that.

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Liberal Arts graduates gives lessons on history, philosophy, theology & literature for high school students & university students

My teaching method is based on the socratic method. The best way to explain a concept and understand something is through discussing it. I will raise questions to the student. I will not directly give the answer if I believe that the student can arrive to the answer on his/her own. I will also encourage the student to ask questions back.

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An ex- lawyer, current applicant to be a research fellow Adelaide Law School. Passionate in teaching humanities and legal subjects.

I am an Ex- lawyer with more than 7 years of experience in practicing law along with being a holder of Masters of Political Science. I am pursuing an application for Doctorate in University of Adelaide law School since my passion is teaching and I have been besides my professional work been teaching subjects of humanities to secondary and high school students.

Canning Vale
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1st lesson free !

3rd year Deakin Uni student offering help with high school Politics & Law assignments, HSC, VCE, SACE, QCE, WACE. I can help with assignments, understanding concepts & exam prep via live chat or email

I can help with assignment and exam preparation for high school Politics & Law subjects in every state. I can answer specific questions via email, and for more involved 'lessons' we can use live chat.

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Female English Tutor, in NSW, Milperra. Conversation, theory and application based lessons

I base my approach on conversations which are centred around theory and application. I enjoy having in-depth discussion on content in order to fully understand and engage in topics which always allows for better understanding of material. Having my students express their opinion is a key element of lessons.

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History and International Student helps teach all year levels History students in Gatton/Ipswich

I don't have a specific teaching method, however I like to talk and explain things or different concepts as well as possible so that it can be understood. I believe that reading, writing and talking about a learning concept are the best way to learn and understand. I also believe that learning should be fun and to make sure that something is achieved every lesson, whether big or small.

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La Trobe University Student with a MPhil in Politics provides History/Politics tutoring in Geelong

My teaching philosophy is based on Wilhelm von Humboldt's idea that students' educational path should be like a string which provides students with some guidance but also allows them to take their studies in whatever direction they see fit.

Wattle Grove
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Curtin Uni Graduate and Seasoned Operator offers History lessons to all ages.

I prescribe to multiple methodologies. Firstly, I conduct a learning needs analysis on all students to determine curriculum entry point followed by one or more of the following: Lecture/classroom delivery; Tutorials; Task/project demonstration; and Role plays. I incorporate: formative and summative assessment; The Principles of Assessment; and The Rules of Evidence.

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Just your average history nerd trying to maximise your ATAR in Perth.

My teaching method differs from student to student. Usually, I like to teach the content and then go over practice questions. With subjects like History and Economics I can help you develop your own notes in a method that would help you. But if you have specific areas of concern we can go over that too. I can help you connect your topics via mind maps and some other creative ways.

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QUT Law student who gives history and legal studies lessons in the Brisbane Area

I am to teach through making the content enjoyable. History is often taught as a dry list of dates and names, without any focus on the characters or the drama behind the events, I like to focus on what is happening behind the scenes and under the surface of the main story.

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History and Political Science Major with a degree - Bachelor of Arts - Offering Lessons in History and Politics.

My teaching method varies from student to student. Each of us learn in different ways, wether it be visual, auditory or by doing - I am able to adapt my style of teaching to ensure maximum productivity and learning. I am a friendly person and enjoy seeing people succeed and becoming the best version of themselves.

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Melbourne University Arts student give history lessons to high school students Melbourne

My teaching method is geared towards students who appreciate a hands on approach to learning. This involves giving them practical skills to work with and helping them to correct their work together and then look at areas that they can improve on. In particular, history as a subject lends itself to many memory games and interesting story-telling to engage the students.

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Politics and Law student teaching ATAR Subjects - All Areas - Very Experienced and flexible

I teach in a very constructive, informative way using past experience and knowledge to encourage students into enjoying the subject.

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UWA Student give Modern History lessons to High School students in Perth

I approach the topic by first asking the student of their previous knowledge, encouraging them to ask me questions about the topic they are having issues with, identifying the knowledge gaps, and teaching the student to apply newfound knowledge to the course in a way which will enable them to succeed.

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ANU Politics Student, provides Politics, History, International Relations and Humanities tutoring in Canberra

My lessons are geared towards students who are either struggling in class and can't quite grasp the content, or students who are looking for that extra bit of understanding and clarity. A lesson is structured by participating in a discussion about the content, tackling any problem areas, and then applying the content. Whether that be through call and response, or any other mean of application.

Mount Hawthorn
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Fine arts student offering art history lessons in Perth to high school students

My teaching method is based on student preferences, however in particular I aim to use visual cues to teach such as mindmaps and diagrams. I find it helpful to create weekly goals that push students to better themselves over time. My teaching is mainly aimed toward year 10 to year 12 students however younger years could benefit also.

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GIS professional for online tutoring. 10 years experience working in the GIS field as well as government.

I approach this topic by allowing students to develop a plan of how to get to the end result and I help guide them to the best outcome. This prepares them for working where they will not have everything mapped out for them in advance.

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University of Cape town Law student giving history lessons to high school students

My teaching methods revolve around presenting a topic in the most simple yet informative way possible. This implies giving and pointing out the most important points to be noted in a topic. Figuring out the students learning perspective is also vital so that i know how to approach the topics with each individual.

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Scottish Politics Graduate able to give tutoring in all things Politics related

My teaching method is based on the student. I focus on the areas the students are struggling with whilst also expanding their knowledge on areas they have interest in. The lesson plans would be catered to what the individual student wanted to achieve.

Victoria Park
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Griffith University student teaching students in the Perth region history, politics, religion and more

I teach literally anyone, because I believe in the value of history towards people's personal lives as well as their studies. Whether they be high school students, university students or even older non-students, I am happy to sit people down and teach them history. My teaching plans are personalised based on topic, the extent of knowledge necessary and the learning goal that you are hoping for.

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Wollongong Mum can teach and prepare primary school children for high school

I base my ideology is information given in small doses with physical and digital aides. To create curiosity and encourage questioning and research.

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Engineering student teaches social science, physics and sociology. Helps in understanding the current affairs.

My teaching method is to explain the things with examples so that instead of cramming students can learn things thoroughly for their exams. Also, weekly tests will also help the student to analyse his performance and to prepare in a much better way.

Glen Waverley
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Melbourne Uni politics major offers sharing his knowledge with everyone around the world

I like to engage students by asking lots of questions and encouraging them to think for themselves. I usually teach by following a curriculum that I set.

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ANU Masters student giving Humanities lessons to high school and uni students

One of the key requirements of humanities is to understand the topic from a deeper level and understand why and how certain things exist or have happened in the past. I focus on the student to have that clearer understanding and through the medium they best understand it with.

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Welcome Sociology lesson learners and lighten up your dark rooms of knowledge in societal matters

I have bachelors degree in Social Sciences. I have a deep knowledge of sociology as well as othe social sciences like political science, economics, etcetera.I teach every concept of sociology wether basic or core. I explain with suitable and practical examples that widens the knowledge of societal issues and makes learning easier.

(2 reviews)
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Law and Political Sciences was my best subject in year 11 and 12 and I am now completing a degree in this interesting field!

I like to base my teaching method of each individual student. I like to meet the student and their parent on the first lesson and get to know their learning style/areas they need help in, eg. exam technique, problem solving etc.

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USYD PhD Candidate in Gender and Cultural Studies gives lessons to anyone who is interested in political science, Chinese politics, women studies and feminism. I am also a certified Mandarin teacher.

The core of my teaching is interaction. I believe that teaching is an interactive process. Students would gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject much more effectively by interacting with the instructor. Normally, I will first give a brief overview of the topic and a detailed explaination of important concepts.

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