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Civil Engineer willing to share my experience and learning in the journey of past 5 years. I have attended many interviews and i help my friends to learn industrial mode of approach and have 99% succe

My teaching methodology is based on field experience and knowledge boost from the real time field experience. My approach strengthen the confidence and positive attitude of the students. Students are mainly lack in practical approach. I focus on those points.

Hassall Grove
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Personal and Professional Development mentor willing to support anyone growing towards their career.

The sessions will be structured around the needs and understanding of the student making it easier for the information to be shared. The sessions will include pitching, projects, leadership, confidence building and networking as well as anything required by the student. I have the knowledge, you bring you motivation and we can work together to achieve your goals.

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JOB INTERVIEWS NEED NOT BE STRESSFUL :-) PREPARATION is the key. I have 25 years Recruitment experience & can equip you with the necessary skills, making you feel comfortable, confident and in control

Once you master the employers' facts and criteria, preparation, and gain your own interview style, interview anxiety will not exist. I'll coach you about the interviewers' fears (yes really), your attitude, your professional qualities and body language.

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Highly experienced Master's degree teacher will give English language lessons to all ages.

My teaching method is flexible. I will do my best to change my methodology according to my student's needs. My approach towards a Primary aged student will be different from a young adult student. I am patient and have a deep understanding of the challenges that face many students as they attempt to master their studies.

Byron Bay
Dr daniel
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PhD and Tech Innovator gives lessons to startup entrepreneurs in Byron Bay and Northern Rivers

My classes are semi-structured based on helping students understand the startup latest trends and pitching techniques. Lessons are geared for students looking start their first business or looking to raise their first investment. I can also help to review pitch presentations, pitch decks and other supporting IM/DD documents including business models.

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Personal and Professional Development Coach helping you navigate career choices in Melbourne

I will mentor, coach and work with your strengths so that you can discover the best path...for you. We will set goals and use exercises to identify your way forward. We will work together on what is important for you at this time. I have the framework, you bring your enthusiasm and what you want to work on.

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Professional Chemical Engineer teaches Chemistry and Physics in Melbourne VIC any area

My Teaching methods are practical and easy. I make sure that students get whatever they require. I have developed my own methods of teaching by practicing this profession for over a decade. I have an ample experience of meeting deadlines.

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Careers Advice and Support - Social Worker with a background in Employment and Recruitment

I have a flexible approach to supporting students in this area. It involves identifying key areas of interest through unstructured interview techniques and general inquiry. Finding the young persons ideal goals and then their secondary and alternative options are always important.

Queens Park
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I am Professional trainer and Management Consultant based in Perth, Western Australia.

I am dedicated to my students, I generally adapt my lessons to the students' needs. I have 14 years experience in tutoring. I can help you with your professional career, I can teach you Business English, Management and Business studies. I can also teach Mathematics, I have diplomas in Math science. I am motivational and I believe transformational trainer.

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Better Business Leadership and Management Coaching with over 30 years experience Australia

I approach each person, either one on one or within the group they are in, and assess the best way to ensure I can help them become the best they possibly can be. I ensure that each person gets all the knowledge they need to become a better leader.

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Additional training in Marine (MAR) subjects, Coxwain, Master 5 in Cairns Qld

I can teach you from scratch your marine subject or help you brush up before tests or exams. You may just need additional coaching on subjects you are currently studying so the lessons can be geared to your own personal requirements.

Bli Bli
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Ex senior executive provides career and professional coaching on the Sunshine Coast

My main objective in teaching is to engage with the student/s and inspire and encourage them in their chosen field of study..I try to assist them to reach their goals and make myself available for any further help they may require.

Salisbury Downs
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Learn what it takes to be a Global Figure - Pitched by an expert in the international aid work.

I practice a learner centered coaching methodology with little touch on essential theories. Majority of the learning will be on practical means via role plays, observation and discussions, scenario discussions etc. Will guide students to conduct individual and group projects.

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I am a Professional with an MBA and Cert IV in Training/Assessment

My teaching is down to earth as I want to share my experiences and knowledge with my students. I have a firm belief that people be given the appropriate skills to go to work and go home with a smile on their faces. I want people to be happy in life.

Shailer Park
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Food & Industrial Industry Staff Training in Brisbane Based on 36 Years of experience

Practical Training based on In House Experience. Teaching not only the 'How To Do A Task' but also the 'Why The Task Needs To Be Conducted That Way'! Background information on the task so the staff understand the reasoning behind the methodology enhances why set procedures are to be followed.

Battery Hill
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Trainer and Mentor-Education directions for disability and barriers to learning Sunshine Coast 7.5 years experience

I offer you some insight into some of my background in Employment Services, Training and Assessment, Retail Management, Childcare Management and Community Events. I also offer you an overview of my professional attitude towards work and my commitment and passion for assisting people to learn, grow skills and successfully move forward in their pathway to employment and better futures.

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Ex CEO with a double degree in Psychology and Social Science and a Post Graduate in Counselling is mentoring and coaching young professionals in life and work skills.

My teaching method is based around you and your values and beliefs. Together we find what is most valuable to you and set goals and form strategies to get you to your desired destination. My method is based around support and mentoring through each stage of where you want to be and how you want to work and live your life.

Quinns Rocks
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Align your Passion, Purpose and Potential with your Personal/Professional Life, with a Qualified Mentor & Coach of award winning clients.

As your Mentor & Coach, my approach is to align you with your core values and purpose for being; your WHY); we'll then develop and implement, a realistic and achievable action plan, to support you in your growth and success.

The Gap
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Career Coach Specialist & Self Confidence Leadership Coach 10yrs+ industry experience, Global Online Programs

>> You will learn the most effective ways to find out about what you're most passionate about >> You will learn what you're most interested in and talented in >> You will learn how that matches with what the business world and real world industries want >> You will discover which skills are pivotal to growing fast & effectively

The Vines
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Career Choice is just the beginning! 'A degree gets a job; a Masters' Degree opens a door; but a PhD opens the World.' If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. Milton Berle

It has been said that the happiest people in the world are those that love their job. Career choices are some of the most challenging times in the life of any individual. It seems that some people are born for success, whereas others struggle through a mundane life.

North Parramatta
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Professional trainer to help enhance professional/personal soft skills- leadership, communication skills, customer service etc

I use presentations, pictures, videos, practical activities and handouts to make the topic very clear and easy to grasp. I keep the class environment friendly yet serious enough to keep it focused on the topic. I encourage students to participate in discussions to make it into two way communication.

Newcastle West
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Succeed in a business, leadership and the Job selection of your choice.

I approach teaching through the power of association and life experience.

Victory Heights
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Professional tuition in jobsearch, motivation, career choice, and marketing yourself using proven techiques.

My tutoring is based on structured training frequently used in the employment sector with a focus on motivation, suitable employment, applying for vacancies, cover letters, resumes, and interview techniques. I research information regarding job seeking daily as I search for new tools to enable people to approach the search for employment in a thorough professional manner.

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Marketing and Communications professional provides career coaching and presentation in Central Queensland

My 'mentoring' approach is very much pupil-centred through the 3P's method of presentation, practice and production using an instructional delivery; components of the instructional delivery I focus on pacing (individuals are individually paced), processing (we each process information individually and process time vary), response (intermittent and blocked) and feedback (through individuals...

Manly Vale
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Experienced HR professional and trainer available for professional development and coaching anywhere in Australia

I approach each student as an individual. I find ways to make the subject matter relevant to where you are at, as well as helping you understand why certain assessments and topics are important - even when you don't think they are! I am personable, prefer to speak in plain English and like to simplify concepts for people so that they are easy to apply to their life and work.

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Go ahead; I can make your day. I have over 40 years of experience moving from entry-level to senior management. I can tutor you in the areas of Career Coaching, Leadership, Job Search techniques, Prof

My method is based on listening, identifying needs and guidance towards solutions in a flexible framework suited to meeting individual time and educational needs.

Kings Langley
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Online coaching available for transition to practice nurses and undergraduate nurse online

As an individual approach they can email me or teleconference and I can identify their specific needs. I can also base classes around specific needs that need to be addressed collectively.

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Passionate & Supportive Career Coach, available for one-to-one or group workshops, based in Hobart!

I've spent the last 3 years working predominantly with university students and graduates so I know tackling the topic of careers can be challenging. A huge amount of our personal identity is tied up with where we work and the job title we hold, and we often don't acknowledge this.

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Personal & Professional Development. Reach Your Goals, Get your Dream Job NOW!

I will teach face to face or on line at a time that suits you. You can do the study in your own time, then we will meet either face to face or online to discuss and implement your learnings.

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Stuck trying to figure out how to crush interviews? Or maybe your new to sales and need assistance!

My methods are simple yet super effective. Firstly if you are new to the professional industry and want some guidance from someone who has done both white and blue collar than I am the right guy for you. If you are looking to get into sales or your advanced but just need motivation and some advanced sales skill sets than I'm your right guy! I will discover your needs and touch on your wants.

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