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North Brighton
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Computer Science - Adelaide - Recently graduated Computer Science and Engineering Student from Germany

In my tutoring lessons I always try to get an understanding of what my student is struggling with. Then I break down these concepts into smaller parts, which are easier to understand. These parts come together later to form a greater understanding of the concepts as a whole.

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Have you purchased a new computer or printer and need help setting it up? Does your computer need a tune up? Do you have trouble setting up mail or installing new software? I can help.

I teach by example and allow you to become the master of your IT equipment rather than the other way around. Computers are not difficult, they are just like any tool in the home, a device to serve your needs and should not be feared. Let me help you take the mystery out of your PC.

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Adelaide University Graduate teacher of Mathematics and IT willing to teach individuals or small groups

I like one on one and small motivated groups for an hour. We will often touch on more than one topic in a lesson. This allows us to revisit knowledge from the past and refresh/re-inforce it. Sometimes this will bring about the 'ah-ha' moment when the topic finally clicks and the student has mastery.

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I am expert in Computer Basic and Computer Programming at Wodonga Place

I am Prajakta,I like to teach student in three way like lecture,practical and after showing it actual.every student is different,and his/her studying method.so teacher need to understand how student will understand and gain the knowledge.I am always eager to teach student till they will understand.

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Murdoch University Students gives Computer Lessons to High school and uni students in Perth

My teaching methods are quiet different from other I mean I don't like to teach in an old fashioned way. I started teaching with some introduction and intraction with students.After that I talked alot about gernal things regarding computer science and then start the acutual course with Assessments and workshops.

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Computer science subjects , object oriented programming tutor for university students.Also help with paper publishing of R&D.

1.Handle the class according to syllabus. 2.Explain with real example by adding my industry experience. 3.Add suitable practical example. 4.create power point slides. 5.if the subjects are difficult then notes will be prepared. 6.can share the recorded video to learn at your time and can repeatedly watch video.

Santhi usha
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Extensive teaching knowledge in the field of computer science and it's software.

I approach the topic by creating a power point presentation regarding the lessons and deliver attractive explanation about the concepts in the class by both theoretically and practically. Clear the doubts that asked by students during the sessions as well.

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Passionate Computer Science Teacher wishing to give lessons in Sydney Area to Secondary School students

When approaching a lesson I make sure I am aware of the needs of the student and ensure the student has the opportunity to maximise their learning potential. I plan to the very top and deliver interactive and interesting lessons.

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Swedish computer engineer studying masters in software at Swinburne teaches object oriented programming

I believe the best way to teach is to approach the topic through the eyes of the student and explore the problems together. As lesson structures go, I believe learning is the most fun and the easiest with a proper goal/project to complete. I will gladly help with existing projects, homework or we can come up with a motivating and fitting project together.

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MYOB Certified Consultant and OFFICIAL MYOB Accredited Training Specialist available to assist YOU and teach you the correct processes in order to utilise MYOB to its full potential.

Not only do I train from the book, but my training style is based on personal experiences where I have assisted thousands of businesses across Australia over the last 11/12 years

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I can teach in Melbourne.i have ggod communication skills.i have 3 years of experience

methodology that is convenient with students. to teach in good way and convenient way I usually use pictures, examples,live examples. use language this is understandable by students, pupils.start from basics and then move toward difficult lessons.

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Expert SAP ABAP Consultant currently pursuing Master of Business Information Technology gives detail knowledge of ERP System

My training is method is based on both theoretical and practical method . I approach each topic with great details. The materials i use for training is authentic provided by SAP company . I conduct online training and information sessions.

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Am working as tutor in victoria uni in sydney campus as part time

It depends upon students and subjects but my methodology is to teach students by relating it to real life examples

1st lesson free !

I have done computer engineering and having 4 years of teaching experience of college.

My methodology is to make my students understand the things in a way they never forget. I provide them with the proper notes.

Cranbourne North
Glen Waverley
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Monash uni software engineering student providing computer science lessons to all ages

I like to teach using a lot of examples to make sure students can refer to them to memorize and clarify concepts

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I give tution and additional computer classes to all stidents in brisbane

I give verbal and practical both classes so student can understand and perform more better.

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For those determined to hone their skill set with the goal in mind being one day owning and running your own business, this may be your lucky day. ICT Technicians and computer enthusiasts alike, aspir

My teaching method may be considered...gestating (lol). I've not spent any time in any official capacity practicing the art of teaching, however in my everyday life (and to the constant annoyance of my friends), I find myself in the role of teacher quite often. From a young age I was lovingly if not at times jealously referred to as, "The Greatest IT Technician around".

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Hands-On (Kinaesthetic) IT Topics. Security, Software, Repairs. Industry Experienced - Geelong Victoria

Kinaesthetic style learning is how I myself learn best, and I strongly believe its better to DO something than to read about someone else doing something. If you read a book about julienning a banana, for example, then one day had to do it, you'd probably end up dicing it instead, people perceive things different ways, so in your own eyes and hands is the most familiar.

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Graduated with Computer Science and Information Technology and currently pursuing my Masters of Information Technology from Central Queensland University, Sydney

Since i have always been learning from practice. My teaching approach will be the practical and example methods. As we all know that we learn through the sum of our experience and that's what shape us.

Kelvin Grove
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Software engineer (Also studying at QUT Masters of Information & Technology) teaches following domains, 1) Android development 2) Basic of Computer (Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux OS) 3) Microsoft office A

My teaching method is I start from basic until the learner gets comfortable and then move to advance as it will help to understand the core concept properly. After completion of every milestone, I give a small but very relevant assignment to a learner that will help him/her to revise and understand a real world usage of it.

North Melbourne
1st lesson free !

Currently pursuing masters of information systems at University of Melbourne! Would love to help you with basic computer skills and programming! Connect with me for more details!

I personally prefer doing one on one classes as each student has different ways of learning! Some students prefer to be taught with presentations while some prefer detailed notes. In general, I prepare notes specifically for the content my students would be studying at their school, so they don't miss on anything important.

Kangaroo Point
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Network Engineer giving computer lessons to high school and uni students in Brisbane

I have 3 years of experience working as a Network engineer in Cisco. I am currently pursuing Masters In IT at QUT. I am proficient in Networking, IT security and Computer science. I have taught more than 100 students. My detailed level teaching is definitely going to help learn much faster.

South Brisbane
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QUT master student gives computer networks theoretical and practical lessons in Brisbane city and suburbs

I suppose my teaching methodology is pretty simple and clear for all students that I will teach. It will be classical two concepts of my lessons: theoretical and practical.

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Computer Science Tutor giving lessons to high grade students and university students

My teaching method is one on one and i always followed the student's learning style and pace.I have lots of patience and always handled my students with cool and calm nature. I followed the Chat,Audio and Video method to teach my students.

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Microsoft office tutor, Lear basic word, excel and power point in Sunshine coast

I am Mechanical Engineer and teaching since 2006. I am Graduate Mechanical engineer.

Croydon Park
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Masters Student at University of South Australia teaching mathematics, python,data structure and big data.

My teaching method is simple. I introduce a topic by showing applications of the topic and then dive deep into methodology with examples and problems.

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