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Learn the inner workings of music and composition with Music Theory tutoring

My teaching method is to create a solid foundation that can then be built upon. I start with the basics but tailor my lessons to the interests and needs on my students. If student need help with instrumental composition I will teach them techniques that will be useful to them.

West Footscray
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Career Singer-Songwriter teaching you the skills needed to make your own music on any instrument. All ages and skill levels welcome.

My teaching develops and nurtures basic music skills and artistic practices needed (on any instrument) to create original music. This can be explored either as an individual or as part of an ensemble.

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Fun singing lessons from versatile musician/composer with over 10 years of experience

I believe in helping my students find their own unique voice. In the lesson we will work on exercises to strengthen your voice and boost your confidence as a performer, and apply these exercises practically as we work through a variety of songs of your choosing (with guidance from me). We will sing along with a recording, a cappella and with guitar accompaniment.

Upper Mount Gravatt
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Musical Theory Tuition for primary and high school students who are looking to improve their grades in classroom music or expand their knowledge in music theory.

I usually tutor 1 on 1 but also offer group sessions to make it more affordable and easier for some students. I focus on what the students is currently learning in class and help build ideas and explain concepts the student may struggle with.

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Brisbane Uni (Bachelor Music) Student Offering Music Theory, Songwriting and Composition Lessons (all genres available)

CLASSES FOR FUN: Want to learn how to write a rock song? Pop lyrics? Tripping over getting a catchy melody? Let's have some fun and get creating together! IN DEPTH CLASSES: If you are a serious musician wanting answers! I like to comprehensively go into the whys, hows and ways in which music can be understood.

Heidelberg Heights
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Professional Travelling Singer-Songwriter offering Casual Songwriting Coaching (Guitar, Piano, Voice) in Heidelberg Heights

My teaching method is based on the student and what their goal or vision for the session is, and my own experience. I will cover my own approaches, some other approaches that may work for the student, and I will guage the pace that is suitable for the student and together we will work through the stages of crafting a song depending on the level of experience and the goal or desired outcome.

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VCA Jazz Student Gives Music Theory Lessons To High School And University Students In Bayside

I am a teacher who approaches each student differently depending on their goals and requirements. I prefer an environment where the student has a clear idea of what they want to gain out of the lessons so that I can directly address the areas of music theory that they may struggle with.

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Fun Music Tutor (Guitar/Music Recording/Theory) with professional musician Justin Lewis, on the Peninsula.

Having had many teachers and tutors over the years I experienced many different styles and methods of learning. The best method and one I have taken into my own teaching is the emphasis on getting the student comfortable and excited to express themselves musically. I aim to get my students playing and exploring their creativity on the instrument in a fun and structured program.

North Parramatta
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Music Student and Singer/Songwriter from Parramatta, NSW Teaches Music Theory and Composition

I will quickly establish how it is that you learn and tailor the lessons to you. I will also advise extra homework for you to complete in your own time if you want to practise more.

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American composer with international credits gives music theory lessons in Hobart cafes

My teaching method is entirely dependent on the individual - i.e. what he/she wants to learn, has questions about, doesn't understand, etc. My philosophy of music is a bit like a target - a ring of concentric circles. We start where you're at and push as far out as we can. It's all connected, but I teach in stages, so as to equip the individual at each stage, not only at the end.

Currumbin Waters
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Progressive music teacher, specialising in contemporary composition and performance techniques music theory training

Relevance to students needs/wants is the key to successful learning. I also employ strategies such as informal learning and non formal teaching, where students gain responsibility through self empowerment. Diagnostic/ reflective learning, building rapport with students, modifying curriculum/lessons as appropriate.

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Music theory, performance and production teacher. My experience comes from composing, performing and recording professionally - not just from a textbook.

I teach based on practicality and musicality. I encourage my students to develop their ears. Knowing about frequencies, scales, chord tones, microphones and any other subject of music theory or production will be useless unless you know how to apply them in a musical context.

Austins Ferry
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The University of Tasmania, Contemporary vocalist, teaching vocal technique, music theory and songwriting skills!

I always start with a warm-up, sirens and lip bubbles. Then I move onto simple vowel sounds, then moving onto scales and arpeggios - building your diaphragm strength and increasing your range. Then help with melodies by breaking down every section of the form. I make your tone come through, by helping your breath support and dialect.

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A young composer who studied piano for 14 years. And have taught beginners since two years ago.

I use Thompson’s Easiest Piano Course to teach piano beginners, and I am following th ABRSM system to give music theory beginners lessons.

Mount Sheridan
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Want to write killer lyrics? Tips and help definitely available to students.

I am more of a practical teacher then verbal but however I find the best way to teach students is the way im gonna try and excel in.

Currumbin Waters
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Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist with over 15 years experience offering lessons in singing, song writing, guitar, and bass, across a wide variety of styles.

My teaching method is very personalised. Every student has different needs, abilities and tastes in music, so I customise each lesson accordingly.

Belmont North
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Want to become a songwriter? Accomplished Newcastle Musician will show you how

My songwriting classes are always aimed at providing the students with the understanding, confidence and tools they need to become great writers. I listen to the goals that the student wants to achieved, and together, we work towards achieving their aspirations.

Golden Grove
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Jazz Pianist teaching AMEB level Music Theory in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs

I prefer to learn what kind of learner my student is as soon as possible, so I can tailor the teaching towards what works best for them.

North Narrabeen
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Would you like to write beautiful songs that move people? Learn from Keith Armitage who is Sydney based and won Australian Songwriter of the Year a few years back and teaches course at two colleges. I

Keith Armitage teaches Songwriting to students of all levels. In a world saturated with run of the mill songs churned out for the masses, learn how to write original lyrics using your own landscape.

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Conservatorium student with 12 years experience gives music theory & composition lessons in Newtown home studio

As a welcoming and personable coach and mentor, I have a genuine passion for helping people and leaving them  happier than before. Outgoing and individualistic, I aim to make lucidity out of chaos from a lifetime of experience as an eccentric performer and musician.

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Friendly music teacher providing lessons in music theory in Leura, Blue Mountains

My teaching method is to demystify the confusion that sometimes arises in music theory by giving students opportunity to apply it directly to their instrument or compositions. Music is a common language and the learning of it should be accessible to everyone.

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Piano/Music Theory/Jazz Improvisation Tuition - Dunsborough/Margaret River/Busselton - Bachelor Music Education Degree and Associate in Music (Piano performance)

I approach music student lessons with a structure that brings together the student's current abilities with their potential to grow in a particular field. I model a learning activity, allowing the student to contribute/participate, while gradually increasing the level of challenge. This works particularly well in live performance studies.

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Alfredo Lopes is an Educator/Researcher/Musician/Composer. He is at Queensland Conservatorium of Music working on a Doctorate of Musical Arts.

Flexible and creative learning with a focus on intuitive and intellectual process in problem finding/problem solving, developing personal practice strategies in self and group learning contexts.

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Composer and Sound Designer giving lessons in composition, production and electronic sound design

I've been teaching since out of high school for seven years with my experience with students ranging from 4 years old to students in their 60s and 70s. I can teach instrumental practices of piano and drums to beginners and intermediate students although I primarily now teach electronic production, composition, songwriting and music theory.

Hoppers Crossing
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Victoria University Music student gives tutoring/ help to High School music students

Studying music? Feeling stuck on identifying those tricky intervals or seeing the difference between a Locrian mode to a Dorian mode? My name is Sonja and I am currently studying Music at a tertiary level. I can provide help with high school level musical theory, songwriting and learning songs on electric bass guitar.

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Primary teacher gives lessons on songwriting to high school students in the Northern Tablelands

My teaching method is highly student centered and allows space to focus directly where the student operates at using strategies which cater to their specific learning needs. My experience is in teaching students at a K-6 level but am fully capable of teaching students from years 7-10.

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Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts Bachelor of Classical Music Student offering Music Theory Lessons

I believe that everyone should love music. Whether you are a complete beginner who wants to learn to read music or a student studying music at a high school or university level I can help you achieve your dream. I am offering flexible online help, fitting in with your routine.

Rural View
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Young singer/songwriter with five years of guitar experience gives songwriting lessons online

My lessons will include key points for beginner singer/songwriters but will always remain a tailored lesson for the individual that purchases it. In a lesson, we will go over basics such as major and minor keys, popular chord progressions and tips for lyrical writing.

Geelong West
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Very patient 25 year old piano, guitar, vocal, uke teacher looking for students!

Everyone is different and takes new things at their own pace, I love teaching in lots of different styles but love it when goals can be achieved.

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