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Explore the beauty of database concepts and SQL in fields of data analytics, computer science and data scienece while experiencing the exciting revelations of the versatile subject!

My teaching methodology is initiated with analysing the theoretical basics and the foundation of the subject such that its very purpose is made clear at first. Then i go for the practical implementation and illustrations of every concept that has been discussed. Also, i make sure that the student grasps every bit of the concept so that the actual beauty of the subject is realised by him/ her.

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Database Design of On Line Transaction Systems in SQL is a key strategic, integrative skill beyond programming. I can make this learning journey fascinating, exciting and passion igniting for you!

Real world, real world, real world application balanced with academic rigour and strategic guidance with tips for assignment and examination success.

South Yarra
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Data Science Graduate to help students learn skills pertaining to Data Science in Melbourne

I would like to teach lessons based on the doubts student have or start from the basics to more advanced features. Students can ask problems related to understanding of some topics in Data Preprocessing, Data Visualisation, Mathematics, languages like R.

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Colas Data Scientist with a Computer engineering background teaches data analysis/data science to high school, uni students or anyone eager to learn

I use a personalized approach for each student to perfectly fit their needs, for all levels. Whether you need some catching up, help with homeworks/tests preparation or even if you want to get ahead, I can help you achieving your objectives.

Saint Lucia
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A Data Analyst who loves all things data and teaching university students in Brisbane

I usually like to ascertain knowledge level of students before approaching any content as that helps me to cater to my students in a better way. I like to keep the session very interactive and ask lot of questions and encourage students to ask too. In my opinion, there is no wrong question as every question is a vital step towards learning and achieving mastery.

Deer Park
Akhil sai
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My teaching methodology is based on real time environments. I will teach each and every concept with an example instead of teaching and leaving that topic. I will even ask to do some tasks on every day basis after doing those exercises you feel like SQL is that simple.

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Become proficient in 6 lessons! Up your data game and learn SQL from a pro

Start with the basics and follow along with examples. The best way to learn is by doing. You will be building a database alongside me while learning the fundamentals of querying databases using SQL. Understanding the fundamentals is key to writing good SQL.

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I can help you extract and analyse data, especially for business style needs!

I prefer to teach students with reporting/data problems they currently have, thereby making the teaching more "relevant" and much more likely for what is learnt to "sink in". Learning how to ask for data in just the right way can be difficult. There are some simple tricks that can be learnt.

North Ryde
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A tech savvy MBA gives Excel and Relational Databases courses in Sydney

I have 12+ years of both working with Excel and SQL based databases as well as teaching them. I am also good at imparting statistical knowledge through Excel and other statistical software like SPSS, R and SAS. I sit with my students to understand their needs to adjust my tutorials. I am cool, calm and always trying to instill passion for such boring subjects.

Burwood East
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A Professional Data Analyst with decade of technical experience in multiple fortune 500 companies covering multiple domain such as Finance, Banking, Data analytics, Healthcare and eCommerce.

I prefer to understand the present level of student and then fill the gap with real-time solution. I lessons are geared towards industry/project related problems rather than a bookish questionnaires. Depends on student level, I will plan the study agenda from basic to intermediate and then advance.

Burwood East
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Deakin university Business Analytics Post-graduate gives foundation lessons in analytics using R , SQL and Python

My teaching methodology is usually setting a foundation in any topic taught followed by practical/real-world examples to ensure a comprehensive understanding, gauging parallel interest in further learning. I believe in 10-15 mins explanations on each topic and aim to engage the students analyzing their attention span.

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Oracle Certified Professional with past tutoring experience giving tutions for SQL and PL/SQL at Dianella, Perth

Teaching method based on the Oracle documentation and proper practise sheets and problems for mastering SQL and PL/SQL inclusive of package, procedure and function scripting. Each student needs to have their own laptop with Oracle database installation for problem practise.

Little Mountain
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Post graduate in Computer Science available to teach primary school kids basics of computers and maths online.

I usually base my classes on real world examples and snenarios, which I found easier for kids to grasp. I try and make the classes as much informal and fun that kids can develop a liking for the subject and enjoy learning.

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Software Engineer by profession would like to teach students on Mathematics, computer science and also interested in volunteer school related work

Mathematics for Grade 10 Lesson 1: Algebraic Expressions In this lesson on Algebraic Expressions, we focus on the following: multiplying a binomial by a trinomial, factorizing trinomial, factorizing the difference and sums of two cubes, factorizing by grouping in pairs as well as simplifying, adding and subtracting algebraic fractions with denominators of cubes.

Sai rama rao
(1 review)
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CDU data science student with real world experience teaches computers/web development in darwin

I am doing my masters in data science at CDU darwin. I'm good at web development and did few real world projects with some companies in India. i can teach you web development basics like HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, JSON, AJAX, MySQL and how to host websites on Godaddy etc. At the end you can create your own website and database. i can even teach you C and Java basics.

Brunswick West
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Basics of Data Analysis (Do this before you learn advanced data analysis) VERY IMPORTANT!!

I focus on basics....which I believe is very crucial to get anything done. Here are a couple of example of basics: 1. Did you know the term 'data' is a plural word? A single instance of data is called 'datum' (derived from Latin) 2.

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Over 6 years of teaching experience. Intermediate knowledge of SQL, My SQL, Tableau.

I teach student according to their capability. I use examples to explain every query. I have plenty of data sources to give hands-on experience to students. I believe students can learn with writing and executing queries in software.

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IT Postgraduate Student awaits to solve school and other students computer science problems

My teaching method is based on questions.I used to explain the lesson then let the students ask any queries that have come across in their theory or practical lessons and encourage them to solve some problems that I used to provide them with.

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Online sql tutor with more than 4 years of experience training for certification too

i teach my students in skype or team viewer . I will teach in a very friendly manner. So the student they wont feel hesitate to ask any doubts . I will give more practical session to make my students to understand the concepts better.

South Hobart
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Basics of Computer Knowledge in concepts of word .excel ,and powerpoint styles

I am looking forward to career with growth opportunity in this road, I have hands own experience in software development, trouble shooting and customer support, this experience will help me in right decision making and working with multi-cultural staff and customers. I have good practical knowledge of C, C++, Objective-C, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, PHP.Experience in database management .

Point Cook
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Software Techie gives lessons to the budding future generation with industry experience.

To see things from student's perspective . Teaching weak student is a challenge which I am up for ! Some pupil are quick and some are slow. My methodology is to make the study enjoyable to pupil. Make the lesson interesting to the pupil . He/She should be excited to come to my sessions.

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Software professional with a MNC, would like to give SQL lessons to students in Brisbane or nearby cities online

I have mentored my colleagues whenever required. The methodology that I used is first imagine the world from their shoes and knowing how far exactly they are from the finish line, thus gauging the effort required to groom them.

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Monash Data Science Student, fresher, new to teaching but passionate about data science tools

My aim is to help students by sharing my knowledge through my experiences in the field of data science.

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Data Wrangler and Data Specialist with extensive experience in and near Tarneit, VIC

I like my classes to be more interactive where things are discussed and not left until completely understood. The classes will be structured in a manner - Basic introduction of the concept and slowly moving into practical use cases for better understanding.

Southern River
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Masters in Computer science have given lessons to Bachelor students, 3.5 years of IT experience

I have delivered lessons to engineering students. It will be more of interactive sessions rather than a lecture. More of practical learning. Slides or notes( or both) will be provided if needed. Every session will have enough time dedicated to take any doubts or questions.

West Moonah
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UTAS Master Student with 15 Years Experience give Computer lessons to high school and uni students in Hoabrt

My teaching method is pupil centered where I provide training based on my past experience projects

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A passionate and creative professional who has demonstrated SQL skills in Information Technology and Services industry for more than three years and trained number of employees for SQL.

I approach topic by topic teaching starting from main concept and then explaining with help of real life time number of examples. I use interactive material including books and videos which makes learning easy and interesting.

Noble Park
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Introduction to Database management using SQL and Data Analysis leading to Big Data Analytics.

I would first prefer to clarify the concepts and then let me students to dissolve and come up with an doubts prior to be assessed on basis of assignments and practical tasks. Performance analysis is done with focus on further improvements.

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An experienced Business Analyst teaching, the softwares and tools that he knows Best

A strong solid theory for each topic, with hands on practical implementation until you Master each and every concept. Lessons are arranged to suit the student. Either we will work through a lesson plan devised by me, or we'll focus on specific areas you'd like assistance with.

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Professional SQL programmer gives lessons in microsoft SQL and crystal reports,advanced queries.

i prefer to teach online with practical examples and live tests.Also using a new professionals methods based on smart methodologies.

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Perfect! Sarath is an outstanding tutor. He was on time professional and friendly. His Data Base Systems knowledge is vast and will definitely be using Sarath again.

Katarina, Student
9 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Sai is a great tutor, he helps make concepts very easy to understand by explaining them in multiply ways. He's very patient, professional and experienced. I would highly recommend him if you are looking to take lessons in any type of programming he...

Reema, Student
1 year ago
Sai rama rao
(1 review)

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