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Victoria Point
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Experienced, empathic Cert III qualified, education support professional in Redlands Qld, specialising in supporting children with autism.

Before any lesson is started I take the time to build rapport and trust with my students. I'm a firm believer in making them feel comfortable before any learning takes place. I work in closely with the parents and any individual education plans in place and provide reports for parents on how they are going. I gauge how each student is on the day and direct the learning with that in mind.

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Qualified Early Childhood teacher who has experience working with Special Needs children

My teaching method is to base all of my lessons around he needs of the children I work with. I believe this is essential in order to allow them to learn to their best potential. I also believe it is important to use a play-based approach with younger children.

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Early Intervention Teacher and Secret Agent Society Practitioner, available for school support, transition to school and social skills.

I am good at supporting individual children at home or in class in a positive way. If I can make it fun I will but the important thing is to get children to want to learn and not find it a chore. I believe everyone learns differently and it is a matter of finding what works for the individual so that they achieve and learn at their own pace.

Varsity Lakes
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I believe teaching styles and techniques should be tailored to the child to give them the best chance at learning.

My teaching methodology is that each child is different so naturally they will learn in different ways too. I like to spend the time to get to know what makes each child tick and learn to the best of their ability.

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Literacy Support for students with Special Needs needing tutoring in literacy skills

Students learn differently so it is important for me as a teacher/tutor to discover how a student learns best, their strengths and weaknesses, gaps that they have in their learning and ways I can help them to achieve their best and learn despite any learning difficulties that they may have.

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A qualified teaching assistant with a passion to make learning fun, for special people

My teaching philosophy is to allow a child to learn at his/her own pace and my job is to provide that encouraging environment, so the student does not feel pressurized. I don't aim at grades but in positive learning. Home is a comfortable place for any one and giving the student an opportunity to learn in his/her comfort zone can bring positive outcomes.

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Tutoring and life Coaching for clients with special needs. Cairns Local here to help!

I use homework and assessments as key guides on how to tailor my tutoring to each student and can focus on subjects that require the most attention. I focus on personal strengths and preferred learning methods to tailor my coaching to each individual as this helps to optimize progress and not make learning feel like a chore.

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Recent university graduate in Education, focus on severe disabilities, in Adelaide, SA.

I use the model, teach, review strategy to teach all types of students. My lessons are geared toward including students of all abilities so that students access the same curriculum. Consistency and structure are key to effective teaching to students.

Burleigh Heads
(3 reviews)
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Experienced and dedicated Educational Therapist gives school support lessons to special needs students in GoldCoast

I´m passionate about human connections and how we learn. My main areas of expertise are Dyslexia, Dysphasia and Dyscalculia. Nevertheless, my approach to learning disorders is that they are a consequence of context demands, so I work on the relationship between the learner and his/her context. I focus on strengths rather than weaknesses, in order to build confidence and self-esteem.

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I'm an experienced educational specialist in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Family/Relationship/Individuals Therapist

I use a very interactive style after providing key information and case studies. My focus is on co-morbidity and trauma.

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Qualified education assistant and flexible to work with students having special needs such as Autism

My method is to support the students and listen to their ideas and create lesson plans for them accordingly in a positive environment.

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Teacher with special education experience available to assist children with ASD with academic and social and play skills and support self management of behaviours.

Methodology would vary for each child and relate to the child’s identified needs and interests to establish and maintain focus. Strategies for learning would be a hands on approach use visual supports and aids.

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Special Education Academic and Swim Teacher for 1on1 or group learning - Perth

I believe that every student is unique and that, as teachers, our role is to allow them to reach their maximum potential, functioning above par.

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Shining Buds, a learning centre for children with special needs and learning disability cater to the academic needs of children with one to one sessions for over all grooming of children.

I set goals for my students according to their potential and give one on one sessions to fill the lag. I work on phonics, comprehension, reading, writing, spelling errors and behaviour etc.

Port Kennedy
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Murdoch University Education student. Interested in working with students with any learning difficulties and Autism.

Co-operative, student- centred, democratic- the student should be given the ability to negotiate his learning. Problem posing, Active, and Reflective.

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THE AUTISTIC EDUCATOR. SYDNEY, NSW. An #actuallyautistic Educator with a lifetime of experience teaching, mentoring and advocating for Autistics.

I want to be accepting and supportive of Autistics to help them through the difficulties they face with understanding and DEEP empathy. I have lived it. We are all different but we have many things in common that help me relate to Autistics in a major way. I REALLY want to help Autistics become the awesome people I know the majority of us are capable of being.

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Mature age Teacher Assistant in Hobart offers personal tutoring to willing students

I keep trying different methods until I find a window of learning that works for the individual student. My preferred approach is to build a trusting relationship rapport with the student as a person, leading to rapport. Any child can learn when they feel safe, relaxed and motivated.

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Online Reading Teacher Aide helping with your reading with a Diploma Education Support

Hi I have a Diploma of Education Support I have a helped students through face to face using technology and worksheets.

Burwood East
(1 review)
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Deakin Public Health Post-Graduate Student give tutoring to high school students in Science And Maths

I am an outgoing person and generally can understand easily where one student might be having difficulties in understanding concepts. I believe every student is unique and I have generally tailored my lesson based on the student which generally makes lesson enjoyable and learning very fun.

Modbury North
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SA qualified/registered teacher with over 25 years' experience in numerous subject areas.

I engage students through incorporating their strengths and interests. All ability levels are catered for, while providing modelling and immediate feed-back regarding progress. Homework activities can be provided upon request, for students to practise concepts covered during lessons.

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Geelong Region Autism Spectrum Homework and Therapy Program Support 10 years Autism Experience, 4 years working for Department of Education

I am very punctual and and organised while providing a client centred, creative approach. What works for one person doesn't always work for another. I try to make learning as fun as possible and offer lots of positive feedback. Happy to do homework or provide oral language therapy on the trampoline, in a cubby house, or at the park.

Sunset Beach
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Experienced Early Childhood specialist giving private tuition to children with learning difficulties.

I believe in hands on learning and project based discovery. I focus on the child’s interests and strengths to assist their confidence and curiosity. I believe that every child has the right to learn and structure lessons to scaffold what they already know. Lessons are fun and engaging for the student which builds confidence in their own abilities.

Forest Glen
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Primary Teacher with six years experience with students with special needs in particularly with Reading and English skills.

I base my teaching practice on teaching to the students specific interests whilst ensuring links to the curriculum. If a student is interested in what they are learning they are more likely to connect and engage. I have had significant experience with students on the Austism Spectrum as well as other learning challenges. I have worked with over 10 students with ASD.

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Primary Education (Special Needs) Students passionate about Special Education and Inclusion, Fremantle & Rockingham Areas

My teaching philosophy is centred around inclusion and the ability to reach high potentials. I have high but achievable expectations of students and find this gives students satisfaction when they complete a task. My lessons are geared towards students additional needs who like a fun and engaging environment.

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NAZ Master of special education student give lessons to students aged up to 12 in Illawarra or Sydney

Hello, I offer tutors for kids with special needs or any primary school kid who needs extra support. I am 30 years old experienced special education teacher. I focus on building personal goals for my students and give right kind and amount of support them to achieve.My personal goal is to helping individuals to become independent.

Upper Coomera
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Occupational Therapy Student gives maths lessons to high school students (it's like another language)

My teaching method learning by doing. I have experienced teachers that would just make me read the slides and expect me to remember random equations, definitions, and theories out of nowhere. Firstly, I will gain an understanding on where your knowledge is at and build from there.

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Experienced and patient tutor for children and adults that have a learning difficulties

I am a patient teacher and every lesson is set at the students learning pace. My lessons are tailored to fit each student. I can tutor across a number of subjects or focus on one in particular and will structure the lessons so that the student can get into a routine.

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University of Wollongong Psychology student, teaching Maths, English and Spanish to high school students.

Normally students come to me with areas in which they are struggling and I put together some notes and work sheets for them. We also go through other topics in the subject to make sure you're on top of everything.

(3 reviews)
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Private Speech Therapy Classes / private speech therapy / communication and speech classes

I think it's important to work as a team and that's why I like to know the goals of each student / client / family and that together we make a plan for the class and what kinds of techniques and methods are going to be most effective. Classes can be individual or in a small group.

Bridge of Earn
(2 reviews)
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Experienced support worker with over 3 years in the field of helping people of all ages with various disabilities complete various skills and work as independently as possible.

I like to try and help wherever possible, and can be available to help over night, early mornings and late evenings as well. I take into account how you can handle and cope with certain things and always let you be in control of what you would like to do/learn.

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