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Qualified English Language Teacher with experience teaching available in and around Melbourne .

My method of normally involves the CLT approach to language teaching that emphasises on interaction as both the means and the ultimate goal for teaching a language.


25 years experience. Excellent teaching methods. I travel to you. Very patient! Great results

My method is a two-way collaboration. I assess your learning needs and grow from there. I’m effective, professional, friendly and approachable. I am not strict, but can guarantee that your English will improve effectively. I also like to make your learning experience with me fun and enjoyable.

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ANU Anthropology student gives lessons in English,Chinese, and boxing in Canberra ACT.

From my whole year of teaching experience, I firmly hold the notion that Teaching is Reducing: you help the students to filter the things that they do not need, to guide them away from what's wrong, and to direct them to what is the right.

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Experienced and Qualified, Australian, Native English Teacher. Here to assist with all your English learning Needs.

I am patient and I understand the difficulty learning a second language. I will help you with each step of the learning process and you will feel comfortable talking with me. I will motivate and encourage you to do your best and enjoy achieving your goals.

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Graduate Teacher gives key success to improve Speaking skills to International Students in Canberra region

One of the most effective ways that I assist learners is by developing and presenting comprehensible and stimulating lesson plans that facilitate all learning styles. I research, locate, and incorporate a variety of resources to accommodate learners via visual, audio, tactile, and kinesthetic methods.

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Brisbane teacher with six years English language center teaching experience in Vietnam.

I like to have fun while using relevant topics that interest students. This makes me a very popular teacher as students enjoy themselves whilst learning. I integrate American sign language in class, particularly with preschoolers and primary school aged students.

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University of Sydney Bachelor of Medical Science gives English&Math lessons for all

I base my teaching on ensuring that the student understands the concept fully before moving onto advanced/difficult problems. I believe that true understanding begins from the habit of repeated reviewing of one's work; therefore constant effort is required to produce an outstanding yet consistent work.

Osborne Park
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English Teacher/tutor with 8 years of experience, specialising in grammar and conversation.

My teaching method is sharing and caring. I am going to share how I learned English as a second language and I am going to teach you with care. We are going to study together, putting time and effort. I can teach either in Korean or English.

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Southern Cross University student give English lessons to any students with weaknesses in English.

My teaching method would be 'the desire method' which means the solution is not to teach ’About A Topic’ but instead to teach ’For The Student’. Meaning, the Student needs to immediately feel the benefit of the content you are teaching. When you show a benefit, you create desire. And where there’s desire, you guessed it, you hold attention.

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Experienced ESL teacher- 9 years experience teaching English to international students in Australia & o'seas.

I am student focused. I try to use different mediums and strategies to assist with student learning. I use movement, activities, sound, music, visual cues in my teaching regiment together with group and pair work, classroom discussions, practical exercises beginning with the student's common and everyday experiences to build new information and knowledge. I do this in a fun and interesting way.

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Native English speaking Melbourne University graduate with CELTA qualification giving ESL lessons.

My lessons are designed to fit the motivation of each individual student. Exam and University preparation lessons are focused on the requirements of the tests and designed not only to improve your English but also to help you understand the tricks of the game and how to overcome nervousness and manage your time correctly.

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Friendly, encouraging, and professional English Teacher teaching in France, Australia and abroad.

I enjoy using Bloom's Taxonomy, which derives its structure from the philosophy that learning takes place in three hierarchical models, classified into complexity and specificity.

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Friendly ESL Teacher knows what you need to succeed - Learning in a fun and relaxed way. Brisbane

My teaching methodology involves developing a rapport with students so they feel comfortable to learn with me, creating a relaxed learning environment which promotes learning and engaging the student with practical and enjoyable activities whilst being kind, caring and dynamic. I based my lessons on real world topics, activities, experiences and events and try to incorporate realia into lessons.

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Latrobe Business Analytics student aims to improve English for international students across Melbourne

My teaching method of English is a student-centered approach, in which students are continuously measured their performance through interactive assessment. My roles is to coach and facilitate overall knowledge and grammatical principles of English with easy-to-understand explanation and practical exercises for students.

South Coogee
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Sydney Grammar 4Unit, Band 6. 90+ essay Tertiary Level Average. I will teach you how to write at the next level and to take understanding words and the way we can use them to novel areas.

My teaching metholodogy is specific to each student, I will meet with a student or discuss prior to the meeting what exactly is required as an objective and then meet the student and tailor to their strengths and weaknesses that I will easily and carefully explain into growth and syntactical improvement.

West End
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Griffith University Postgraduate TESOL student - 2 years of private English teaching experience.

I like to teach towards my students' goals and language ability. I aim to make the lesson engaging, fun, and insightful. Every lesson will have you feeling like you really achieved something today. No student goes away empty-handed from my lessons.

Malvern East
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Experienced ESL teacher giving English lessons to those looking to improve their skills in Melbourne.

My philosophy is simple: make learning fun. I at first take the time to get to know a little about my student, in particular, determining from them what their English goals are? Once that is established I then cater lessons around their needs.

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Korean - American experienced teacher seeking for high / middle / elementary school jobs.

It mainly depends on what type of students I am teaching. Usually, I try to encourage them to like certain subjects they are learning by giving them the motivation. The first step required is to get along with the students in a positive attitude and being their role model.

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A teacher with 2 TESOL certificates and 7-years ESL teaching experience in Australia.

Aside from target language and communication goals, the main focus of my lesson is motivating students, improving pronunciation, and providing fun, clear and logical techniques for language and cultural learning. I adapt lessons to suit particular class and I enjoy building rapport with students and helping them develop confidence.

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A passionate teacher who will help you with your English comprehension skills which can also count towards your IELTS, PTE or TOEIC test scores.

My teaching is specifically tailored to each students’ needs. I am not a robot. I understand everyone’s specific learning needs and lessons will be paced accordingly. I have a strong emphasis in reflection, which involves the revisiting of content learnt in previous lessons in order to remember the important points.

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Flinders psy honours student give lessons to Chinese students (can teach in Chinese)

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English teachers in junior and senior high school for two years; having been involved with essay instructions for exams

My teaching methodology is based on communication. What I keep in mind is to give comprehensible hints, rather than giving the right answer in the beginning. Therefore, I am willing to accept any ideas from my students as long as they are helpful to others, so do not be afraid of expressing your own ideas.

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La Trobe postgraduate student with 5 years' experience gives English lessons in Melbourne

- I always get to know the students a little before getting down to work, since I can understand their backgrounds, their needs and choose the right approach for them - I build good relationships with my students so that they can feel comfortable during the lessons, they can trust me and find it easier to raise questions, even contribute to new approaches and how they want to learn from me - My...

Reggita arum
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Postgraduate Flinders University student gives English for Spec Purposes and teaches Bahasa Indonesia

I combine my teaching method depends on the level. For children, I usually apply kinaesthetic learning and direct instruction to build their excitement and prevent from boredom. For youngsters, game-based learning, silent-way and discussion method as they are likely to have problem-solving tasks.

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IELTS, TOEFL, ESL and EAL specialist gives lessons to high school and university students in Western Sydney districts.

My teaching is based on the communicative language approach which is highly interactive and task based, as both the means and goal.

Canning Vale
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Master in Teaching (Languages And Maths) - Perth, Canning Vale and Other Suburbs

My teaching methodology varies on different students needs. For example, if you want to improve on spoken, I will provide you materials to help you on your speaking and will practice with you if you are confident. On top of that, I can help improve on your pronunciation, etc. Just let me know what you would like to improve on and I will be able to plan my lessons accordingly to your needs.

Clifton Beach
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Former university (Murdoch, Baida, Tsinghua, HIT) and Int. school English teacher available.

There are many different ways to teach English, however, my preference is for using the Communicative approach. That means teaching through interaction, eg. teacher-student and student-student and using real texts, even using contemporary plays and films and film scripts to practice English conversation.

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University trained, Master of English as a second language 25 years teaching veteran. Selective School 12 years experience

My teaching method is via by explanation, modelling and individual mentoring. I also include pair work and group work.I do not merely chalk and talk, but I provide my students opportunities to share their ideas. I let them explore creative thought.

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Certified University Lecturer with rich experience in second language learning (Chinese and English)

As a certified lecturer in the Department of English in both Taiwan University of Technology and Tatung University,I always break the boundaries of curriculum design by integrating student courses with e-learning, which provides a greater depth to a field. I utilize student-centered method in my curriculum design, while focusing on individual differences during the classroom setting.

Elizabeth East
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Lets make IELTS easy for you? Tailored for your needs and conditions.

Keeping it simple is the key. Step by step improvement according to your needs. I will be both your teacher and a coach to teach you how to study. By choosing the right course materials and resources, we can reach your goal together.

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Perfect! A very thoughtful teacher. If you are considering study English, You will not regret!

Inhoo, Student
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