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Method of teaching will depend on the student's requirement. It can be online or in class and or in home tuition. Student can request for their best way to get their classes and i will tailor teaching materials and method accordingly.

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Edith Cowan University student majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management in Perth

My teaching method is by encouraging discussions throughout the class and I will assist you with any questions you might have. That way, you will be able to get a greater depth of understanding towards the topic. Therefore, students are encouraged to actively participate during the class.

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An experienced & qualified traveller happy to help you with school assessments & knowledge about Australia, Thailand, and Indonesia

Make it interesting and relaxed. Need help with assignments, or maybe need inspiration for a country move ? Need help with culture ? Food and wine ? Happy to proofread too as needed. Lets chat .

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MBA in Tourism Strategic Management (Europe) gives tuitions for tourism students at home!

I am of strong belief that tourism as a field of study is not merely cramming about 'What' and 'When'. It is more of 'How' and 'Why'. Thus, my style of teaching is making the student to understand the core of a phenomenon, which makes the facts of the study to be remembered by itself.

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Learn tourism and hospitality. Develope your skills from basics to professional in this field

My teaching method is simple, thorough, analytical so that students become topper , pro and skillful which helps them to get placement easily in leading organisations, mnc, public sector enteprises. Personality development, interview facing ethos, communication skills are the side skills which i provide complimentarily to my students.

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Teach aspiring travel agents the business nd help students with assignments and studying

I prefer getting to know students and teach them everything i know about tourism and and try to understand why they love it and what they find difficult in their studies.

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BBA in Aviation Management Graduate with 3 years of working experience in Travel Industry

I plan my training session in such a way that students get a better understanding about the industry , destination and terminology which will enhance their skills and knowledge for their personal and professional development. I follow a steady and consistent way of teaching with regular refreshers on the topics covered and clear vision on the upcoming topics.

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Receptionist in a 5-star hotel with more than a decade of experience in the excellent hotel sector offers lessons on the complete management of the Front Desk.

My lessons are based on the study of the single systematic procedures, but with continuous references to the experiences lived in years of work in the sector, so as to have a complete idea of the situations to manage and how to manage them in the best way.

Villa Ballester
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Graduated in Tourism and Hospitality at USAL, offers ONLINE classes by Skype of: Geography - touristic destinations- Marketing. GDS Software: Basic Amadeus and Rates. Opera.

For all those university students in careers related to tourism, hospitality, marketing and advertising. Also for those who want to start learning a language. Interactive Lessons, Custom Classes, Pleasant Environment, we prepare exams together! You choose the schedule and the time that suits you.

Kalahari District Council
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Passionate Teacher offering to help learners in the world of Economics, Trade, Travel and Tourism from Grade 10 unto University level

To teach is to touch. We cannot expect to work with people if we are not kind, patient and understanding. We all have a different method of madness, it is a teacher's responsibility to find what works for each.

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Expertise in Sustainable and Responsible Tourism Education and Management and trainer for potential travel and tourism professionals

I teach topic through case study examples and pull students to ask more for similar or different case. My focus is to make students more questionable. Once they will become they will surely learn interestingly and will remember forever. Use PPTs and Video. Oral and story way of teaching is my usp.

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Come and explore the world with basics of tourism knowledge, grab now..

This class will be helpful for the students who are pursuing the tourism course or who wish to know about the different destination knowledge in India as well as in the world.Interactive and interesting methods will be used for teaching.

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Student in Tourism Management ( MTTM ) gives online classes related to different theory papers of Tourism and Travel Management

>Teaching Method : online verbal & Disscussions Weekly providing pdfs and e-tutorials >for Graduates : Books related to Entrance Examination will be provided + material for competitive examinations like ssb KAS will beprovided >for PG Students : UGC NET paper 1 and paper 2 previous years papers + BOOKs pdfs provided Structure of the Class: online ,both individual as well as group...

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Being an avid traveler myself, I'd love to teach people the basics of travel and tourism, backpacking, travelling accounts, planning and execution of a trip/tour and managing finance while on the go

My methods are really fun to cope up with. Easy to understand concepts, fun activities, icebreakers, a bit of brain feed and visualisation of concepts, day to day life relativity and much more. Just like every other tutor I will have exams, which will be Vivas and it'll be at any moment during the lectures Every week the best student gets a reward.

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Studying Travel & Tourism can be a real fun , if you have a right facilitator. Let's take off

I do a lot of probing during my class, I like to facilitate my students with a positive learning environment. I keep my class very interactive.

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Get best grades in hospitality and tourism management subjects from a industy professional academic

I try to teach students based on my Industry experience and academic bookish knowledge, so that they grasp the subject in the most easy, understandable and knowledgeable manner. This help them to get good grades, understand practical aspects , learn soft skill, develop confidence, work as a team, get motivated and become real professionals.

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Learn the ins and outs of Airbnb from a professional host in the UK

I take a practical approach to my teaching and go through step by step the process needed to run your own Airbnb business. I explain thoroughly the pros and cons of Airbnb and what mistakes to avoid in your journey.

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Tourism Management graduate offering tourism tutorials and post graduate research assistance inDurban

I tend to focus on group dynamics and developing methods suited for each group. My teaching methodology is blended, a hybrid of some sort. Depending on the topic I might have a Lecture setting or group activities and more.

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PhD student in tourism. I give classes and research support to tourism students

Different methodological approaches can be used depending on the student's interest. Support to the classes of the courses and support to the research in the undergraduate, masters and doctorate report for students of tourism. Classes in Portuguese, English or Spanish.

Patita paban
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Travel and tourism students always looking for guidance to make their career successful

teaching method is through ppt presentation and online sharing as well as platform guidance. if it is require handout sharing through mail id and showing the appropiate videos for assignmnet , also if it needed skpe videos sharing can be done.

New Delhi
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Come and learn all about making reservation and holiday packages create future

Base of my model firstly i work on the personality development then will move to basics of travel and tourism, after that will to medium and high professionals and will also help in getting the assured job.

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Tourism Management postgraduate buddy with Practical knowledge about trends of current tourism industry

Theoretical Aspects and practical knowledge with examples along with learner's involvement. My focus is on the current and future aspects of Tourism. For what industry is looking forward in a tourism background person.

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Former Matric student offering extra tourism and English classes, in theunissen and brandfort. I can also give lessons over the phone.

I have different teaching methods, because all students are different and learn different, i teach tourism grade 10 to 12 and english grade 5 to 12.

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Expert on Tourism en Toerisme CAPS curriculum Grade 10-12, including PAT additional help.

My teaching methods varies depending on the topic, o like to have interactive slide shows and videos to assist students and use a variety of assessment techniques to keep students interested and test their knowledge on different levels.

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Consumer and General learners, I tutor tourism. 100% asijiki. We fight to fly.

My teaching methodology is we tackle every chapter together,we do activities each chapter and test our self with class test before we proceed to next chapter.

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Tourism student offering lessons on tourism from grade 10 to college and university

Im a cool and fun teacher, i like to makes jokes while teaching a lesson so that students can remember what was taught to them and i explain my Lessons until students can understand.

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Enthusiastic travel and tourism student offering help to tutor for hnc college level

My teaching method is laid back will be based off of my own notes that helped to achieve qualification each lesson based off of one subject

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