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South Perth
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I have great experience in Food science and Technology and hands-on skills to guide you to be successful in understanding and mastering elaborated and healthy dishes at your convenience.

I am open to any type of teaching method that will help achieve your objectives. I can prepare notes and send you by mail or we can have our classes via video calls. But I prefer face-to-face session and I am free for some practical cooking classes as well.

1st lesson free !

Hopeless at cooking? Not to worry. I'll have you serving dinner in no time!

My teaching method is based upon the individual's learning capabilities. Each lesson will be tailored to meet the students needs and ensure maximum learning. I believe that learning should always be a positive experience. Mistakes should be learnt from, rather than punished.

Surfers Paradise
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Passionate foodie teaches healthy food cooking with lots of fun and a focus on easy dishes

I teach by demonstrating. I'm visual so it's important to teach that way, after all, we eat with our eyes first right? My focus is on easy, quick to prepare food that you can whip up at little cost. for yourself of the family.

Mount Compass
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Home cook gives lessons to anyone seeking basic cooking and baking skills in Adelaide

I am a very visual person, so i apply this into My teaching, meaning method is very hands on. I like to show my students how to do something and have them follow along so that they can achieve the same result.

East Ballina
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Experienced, passionate Home Economics and Cooking Teacher (Bachelor Degree) /Lennox Head Ballina/Lismore

My teaching methodology is based on student centred learning. My approach to teaching is inclusive, informative and explorative. I teach students of any age, with or without previous learning experience. I keep myself informed about latest scientific discoveries in nutrition and methodologies of food handling and preparation.

Ocean Shores
1st lesson free !

Qualified trainer and assessor in Commercial Cookery, I have worked as a chef worldwide experienced in international cuisines, special dietary requirements, health & nutrition and using local produce.

I am an experienced teacher for over 10 years working with students from various areas at various levels. I like to share my knowledge and translate it it in a way so you can understand the subject and gain competency but also to remember what you have learned and to have fun with it.

Ocean Shores
1st lesson free !

Fantastic Cooking teacher, learn to cook well, eat well and have fun !!!

I am client based, person centred and love what I do !!! hands on approach with great support. Visual and tasting is a must !! Advise clients on a healthy diet but delicious as well. Learn skills in cooking good food that wont blow the budget.

North Beach
1st lesson free !

Healthy Lifestyle Cooking & Education. Perth, Western Australia. Diploma in Clinical Nutrition.

He bases classes on easy to prepare, all natural ingredients and an educate, serve and dine experience. You will learn in a fun and easy to learn environment and your taste buds will be delighted. Enquire now to begin your educational journey.

1st lesson free !

Flour, Salt, and Water. That's all you need to bake that beautiful rustic sourdough loaf. Whether you are a bread lover or just after a new hobby, you will love learning this new skill.

Hands on. I show every step first, you follow. It will be fun (and potentially messy!) And we get to talk about the why, when, and how as we go. Consistent beautiful loaves come from knowing how to adapt to the variables.

1st lesson free !

Learning to Cook from Home like a Chef in a Few Simple Steps.

My teaching method is all hands on. Smell, taste, feel, there all come into play with learning. They are our receptors which show us the most information for improvement. I will be able to sharpen your senses to increase your culinary skills.

1st lesson free !

Best cooking lessons with a real credential Chef in Launceston Tasmania 7250

My teaching methodology is very simple and I base the class in the subject the student wants to learn this way is easier for both sides to get along and the class will be just joy and fun.

South Brisbane
1st lesson free !

I will teach vegetarian cooking. this is based on my experience in India where i learnt several vegan recipes

i love using an online platform. i design slides for the lessons and i also use skype for my lessons. after teaching i give some assesment questions to test on the level of understanding of my students. i love what i do.

1st lesson free !

Creative cuisines from around the globe with healthy delicious cooking. Vegetarian,baking, you name it.

It's all hands on with clear precise instructions. In learning in your own kitchen with your own equipment you get the confidence to easily replicate it. Easy to follow notes are supplied with all recipes chosen.Classes are relaxed and friendly.

Hamilton Hill
1st lesson free !

Fremantle based professional cook with a passion for great food cooked at home.

Learning should be fun, cooking should not be scary, simple recipes can be amazing. Learning a few basic skills can boost your confidence and help you create great meals .A recipe is just a guide, don't be afraid to substitute.

Basket Range
1st lesson free !

Healthy delicious dairy & gluten free food that's kind to your health and the environment

I like to involve people in the cooking process so its very hands on with the opportunity to sit as a group after to eat. The theory and practical are interwoven and spread throughout the lesson. I am able to teach right across the board rom early childhood to the more aged members of our community.

1st lesson free !

La trobe student studying masters of education can teach vegetarian cooking specialties indian food

My treaching method is simple as cooking is not a rocket science. I will use bilingual method for indian students .

1st lesson free !

30 Years Experienced Chef gives lessons in every aspect of Italian, Indian, French, Vegetarian & Dessert Cooking.

My teaching method is simplicity. I start simple & base my classes on the student attending, getting more complex as I understand the capacity of each individual student. I do not use any industry terms, but laymans language.

1st lesson free !

I am a 19 year old Student front Germany and just gratuaded from High- School.

Practicing, Cooking meals with variety. It all should make fun and educate at the same time.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Student with a degree and love for baking giving lessons on baking and cooking

I am at ease and explain with eaxamples and by showing

Malvern East
1st lesson free !

Working full time but passionate about Cooking and willing to share it with people who loves food.

I like to keep things very simple and basic. My teaching style is interactive and i work with very few ingredients.

Cairns North
1st lesson free !

Delicious, easy and healthy cooking classes, delivered by vegetarian and lover of food.

I can prepare simple recipes ideas for you (tailored to your liking with included shopping list) or come to your home to show you the basics! If you lack inspiration and willingness to cook- I would be happy to show you some tools to get inspired again.

1st lesson free !

Chef gives cooking lessons in your home. Learn healthy, easy, traditional, Mediterranean or vegan cooking, by yourself or get your friends and learn as a group.

My teaching methodology is "go with what you've got." I can look through a student's home kitchen, and explain/show what and how to get the best out of what they've got. I not only teach cooking but also correct storage and hygiene practices. I like to talk with students to find out what their cooking goals are: food, time and budget wise.

Bondi Beach
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Amazing French cooking Tutor! With me, you will make the best French meals!

I am a 26 years old French woman passionate about French culture. I love French food. We will pick the ingredient together. After that, we will prepare the meal. I can provide you with a list of French meals and pastry and you can pick one from it.

Lyon 6e
(2 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Lebanese, student in Lyon, offers to share its knowledge in traditional Middle Eastern cuisine, balanced cuisine known for its benefits!

I prepare a suitable program depending on the desires of the student! Open to all levels! It is varied, each time a new recipe! My goal is to discover the cuisine and culture of my country while having a good time!

(6 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Private Thai and Asian cookery class for beginners and intermediate in London

We can choose the recipe upon your preference. Moreover, we also can start with a basic recipe to learn basic skills. I can prepare all the ingredients before the class however it will be added on the tuition fees. The lesson will take place at the student's home only.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Family members love my home-made Indian dishes, hence keep on experimenting and inventing new recipes, which I often share and teach others.

I use very simple and easy-flowing teaching techniques because cooking Indian could be complicated and Healthy recipes are not very common. I use comparison or substitutes (if necessary) of ingredients used to break the cultural barriers and give my students a sense of comfort.

1st lesson free !

Foodie engineer giving healthy cooking classes to all age groups in Pune.

My teaching methodology differes for different students because I believe everyone has different learning capacity. I specifically take Cooking classes & academic tutoring for school and college students. Apart from that I take classes for SAT & TOEFL. Some other subjects includes Computer Science.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Corporate professional love cooking and also would love to teach cooking vegetarian food..pure marwari food/north indian/south indian food.

I believe best way to learn something is when we try it ourselves..my technique would be veey basic..lets keep it practical. You try the same studf with me also for home classes i will be giving students the same opportunity.

1st lesson free !

Food technology Student wants to teach and make aware of food handling, cooking as well dealing with food safety

I am a basic learner so my starts goes from basic which like kindergarten type. The structure starts as to make aware to know your basic requirement that you are going to deal with. The teaching is like that the learner can also express his/her experiences. Welcome, to my first kind of teaching..

1st lesson free !

Student of mca gives tution in cooking , food art easy cooking.

My teaching method will be online or offline where all sessions will be done in practical basis. for those peoples who are willing to learn new things and new way of learning where all will be the online ( Digital ).

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