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Violin lessons to learn to play music


A lot of people dream of playing music, but before you start your lessons, it is very important to find the right instrument for you. As learning music is a serious commitment, you really need to enjoy what you are doing.


There are several criteria you can use when deciding on the instrument you will learn. First of all, you need, of course, to like the sound of it. Some people prefer the piano and others the trumpet or the guitar. A good idea can be to listen to music played on different instruments, so you can choose.


Another important criterion is the music style you are interested in. For example, to play rock music, you might want to study the electric or bass guitar. And for jazz, it can be a great idea to choose the saxophone.


If we take these criteria into account, one of the excellent instruments you can learn is the violin. The violin has a very expressive tone that a lot of people fall in love with. Try to listen to some Bach partitas or Paganini capriccios and you'll see what I'm talking about.


The violin is also a very versatile instrument. It can be used to play solo, as part of an orchestra or even in a band. On the violin, you can play music of various styles, from folk to symphonic metal. You can easily find pieces of music for beginners or advanced students and have fun learning them.


Finally, if you learn the violin, it can help you master other string instruments later on, such as the viola or the double bass. You will also understand sheet music and music theory and improve your ear for music, which can be of great help if you want to become a composer.


Difficulties when learning the violin


The violin is a great instrument to learn for a beginner but it is not a simple instrument. To play the violin correctly, you'll need to learn how to use the bow, learn to find notes on the violin strings and work on your sound.


This is why it can be a good idea for a beginner to find a music school or a teacher that will explain the right techniques to them. It is very important for students to place their hands on the instrument and hold the bow in the right way. A teacher can look after it and make sure that you don't make any mistakes.


Another reason to learn violin in a music school is that you may need some theoretical knowledge to play it. It is essential for a beginner to learn to read sheet music as soon as possible and to find them on the strings.


Additionally, you may want to understand tonalities, scales, chords and other concepts. Music theory may not serve you straight away, but as you move forward and start playing with other musicians, it will certainly be very helpful.


Finally, the learning process needs to be fun for a beginner. As they only start playing music, the pieces they learn need to be motivating for them. The advantage of learning the violin with a teacher or at a music school is that they will propose easy and nice tunes for a beginner, so you can enjoy the time you spend playing.


How to find a good violin teacher in Australia


Whether it's the violin, the piano or the guitar, it is crucial to find a good teacher to learn it quickly and correctly. But not any musician can teach their instrument to other people.


For your violin lessons to be really useful, your teacher needs to possess certain skills, aside from being able to play the violin themselves. Here is a shortlist of what you should look at when searching for a music teacher:


  • teaching methods: knowing how to play the violin is not necessarily enough to know how to teach it. To make sure your teacher knows how to give music lessons, you may check if they have teaching experience or a diploma.
  • music style: different musicians can play music of different styles. For your lessons to be useful, you should learn to play the violin with a teacher whose style is similar to yours.
  • Availability: when learning to play an instrument, it's essential for students to study regularly. You need to check with your teacher if they are often away from your city and if they can give you lessons online. Musicians generally travel a lot, so online teaching can be a good solution.


Using these criteria, you will certainly find a good violin teacher and learn how to play the instrument. But learning the violin can take a lot of time and you'll need to train as frequently as possible. So you need to be ready to devote some of your free time to it so you can have enough practice and not struggle with the same tune for years.


Contact the perfect tutor via Superprof


As you can see, finding a good teacher is not always simple, because students may need a lot of information about them. This is where Superprof comes in to help violin beginners.


On our website, you can view the profiles of thousands of violin teachers from across Australia and learn about them. We'll provide you with a lot of information, such as their prices, location, years of experience or teaching methods and you can read reviews from other students.


Once you've come across an interesting profile, you can contact them via our platform and organise a lesson. What's especially good about Superprof is that most of our tutors offer their first class for free, so you can try out their teaching methods.


With Superprof, every violin beginner can meet an excellent teacher from their city or learn the instrument online. If you follow our tips and practise regularly, you will soon notice the results. You'll gradually become able to play more and more difficult violin music and have a lot of fun doing it.