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💰What is the average price of English reading lessons?

The average price of English reading lessons is $19.

However, the price of lessons will depend on a number of factors:

  • The teacher's overall experience
  • The location and format of your lessons: whether you choose to take English reading lessons online, in-home, at a neutral location, in a group or one-to-one.
  • The duration and frequency of your lessons. Many teachers offer 'Packs' of lessons at a discounted rate.

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Most of our english reading teachers offer their english reading lessons lessons online.

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Increase your comprehension level with English reading lessons with an experienced ESL teacher

Understanding English as a second language 

Written comprehension is a reading skill that enables students to understand what they read. It is the ability to read a text and get the main idea or meaning. Written comprehension is important because it helps students understand what they are reading and learn from it.

Written comprehension has its origins in comprehension strategies that were used by teachers over 100 years ago. These strategies were used to help students understand what they read. In the early 1900s, a teacher named Louise Rosenblatt developed a theory about reading that is still used today. Her theory is called the reader-response theory. The reader-response theory says that readers create their own meaning when they read. This means that different readers will get different meanings from the same text.

Written comprehension is popular in Australia because it is an important skill for students to learn. Australia has a high literacy rate, and written comprehension is one of the skills that helps students achieve this. Written comprehension is also important for students who want to study at university. Many university courses require students to read and understand complex texts.

Benefits of taking Written Comprehension English lessons

There are many reasons why taking written comprehension English lessons is a good idea. Firstly, by improving your comprehension skills, you will be able to understand English texts more easily. This will make it easier for you to read newspapers, magazines, books and other texts in English. Secondly, improved comprehension skills will help you to better understand spoken English. This is because when you understand what someone is saying, you are able to follow the conversation more easily. Finally, improved comprehension skills can help you to improve your writing skills. This is because when you understand a text, you are able to write about it in a more accurate and concise way.




What are the advantages of learning Written Comprehension English with a private tutor?

There are many advantages to learning written comprehension English with a private tutor. Perhaps the most important is that a tutor can help you focus on your specific needs. If you are having difficulty with a particular concept, your tutor can provide additional practice and explanation until you understand it.

Tutors can also help you set goals and stay on track. If you have a specific project or test you need to prepare for, your tutor can help you develop a plan and make sure you are practicing the right skills.

In addition, private tutoring can be more affordable than traditional classroom instruction. This is especially true if you find a tutor who is willing to work with you on a flexible schedule.

Finally, one of the biggest advantages of private tutoring is that it can help you build a relationship with a native English speaker. This can be extremely valuable for students who are looking to improve their language skills for travel or work purposes.

Why learning Written Comprehension English with a tutor is easy for beginners?

There are many reasons why learning written comprehension English is easy for beginners with the help of a good tutor. One reason is that English is a phonetic language. This means that the pronunciation of each letter is consistent, making it easier to learn how to read and write words. Additionally, English has one of the simplest grammar systems of all the world's languages. This makes it easier for beginners to understand how to form sentences and communicate their thoughts.

Another reason why learning written comprehension English is easy for beginners is that there are a large number of resources available to help them learn. For example, there are many English language learning websites and apps that are free to use. Additionally, there are many English language schools and tutors that can help beginners learn the language quickly and effectively.

Ultimately, learning written comprehension English is easy for beginners with the help of a good tutor. The phonetic nature of the language, along with its simple grammar system, makes it easy for beginners to learn how to read and write words. Additionally, there are many resources available to help beginners learn English quickly and effectively.

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