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Spanish/Aussie accredited teacher from Barcelona gives dynamic Spanish lessons in Melbourne!

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¡Hola y bienvenidos! Hello and welcome!
I'm Jona, 24 and born and raised in Barcelona, Spain.
My love for languages has been present since I was a kid while I grew up in a trilingual household where Spanish, English and Catalan where used all the time.
I began teaching Spanish to Australian family and friends so they could communicate effectively with my Spanish side of the family.
I've now just moved to Melbourne and I'm excited to start teaching this beautiful language here.

My interest in professional language teaching made me partake an official and renowned Cambridge course in English Teaching (CELTA course) in which I achieved the high mark of Grade B.
Since then, my "geekyness" in languages has only grown as I kept teaching and also learning new languages: Italian and German. This made me have a thorough understanding of the student's experience and perspective as a language learner.

Most of my Spanish students until now have been beginners, but I also have experience with teaching more advanced levels.

My lessons are taught in Spanish from the get go, only using English as a helper language when needed. For beginners, English gets used a fair amount during the first lessons but it is gradually less needed as the lessons progress. It is a true joy for me to see how happy beginner students are when they realise they are understanding much more than they thought they would.
By using Spanish as the teaching language we accelerate the learning process and keep students engaged.

In terms of lesson planning, I always start by knowing what the students' objectives are and what they expect from the lessons. We could work on improving:
- Speaking
- Writing
- Comprehension (Listening or Reading)
- Language for travelling
- Vocabulary and language for concrete purposes (philosophy, politics, science, multimedia ...)
- A mixture of all the above

Once that is clear, I plan the each lesson with this structure:

1. Exposure. Here the students get shown the content they're about to learn so they understand it's purpose. I always use real life resources so they see authentic language in use.

2. Guided practice. Now the students are encouraged to use the newly learnt content. My role as a teacher here is to guide, help and correct while always keeping the students active using the language.

3. Reaffirmation. We go through any doubts or issues that may have surfaced and make sure all is clear.

4. Progressed exposure. To end the lesson, we go back to real life Spanish resources where the newly learnt concepts are present. Students now are fully aware of their progress and the utility of what they have learnt. I also clarify any still present issues.

During the lesson usually other aspects of the Spanish language are tackled that are not related to the main lesson objective, either by students asking about them or by me. This is useful and encouraged, as it keeps lessons fresh and dynamic. It also provides me for ideas for future lessons.

Lessons can take place by webcam, at the student's place or at a public space such as a library or cafe.
One-to-one or groups.

Feel free to contact me if you have any doubts or want more information.

¡Un saludo y hasta pronto! Greetings and see you soon!


  • Spanish
  • Oral expression - Spanish
  • Vocabulary - Spanish
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    Oral comprehension - Spanish

    Written comprehension -Spanish

    Written expression - Spanish


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  • All Levels

About Jona

Having been raised in a trilingual family in Barcelona where I used Spanish, English and Catalan on a daily basis has made me acquire a genuine love for languages and their teaching. I taught my Australian friends and family Spanish from an early age as they needed my help to communicate effectively with my Spanish family. I loved to see how they improved and I also really liked the teaching process as I began to find better strategies and approaches to speed up their learning.

I have never really stopped teaching Spanish, but it has been in the last 2 years that I began teaching it professionally while working in an international company where people had to improve their Spanish.

I also have experience in teaching English in Barcelona:
After being professionally trained in English teaching through a CELTA course in Barcelona’s International House English School and receiving the high score of Grade B, I began teaching English part time while studying in University and full time during summer holidays.
In total, I have been teaching English in Barcelona for 6 years.
Most of that time I have tutored small groups of students (2 to 5) part time while I studied at University. During summer breaks I have also worked full time in English Summer camps to teenagers and kids.

Although native with all three languages, Spanish is the one I am extremely proficient with as I studied it’s grammar and literature in depth during my High School years and it is the one I use with most people that are in my inner circle of family and closest friends.
Given I am from Barcelona, I also offer a profound understanding of the different Spanish cultures including their traditions, sayings, music, films and people.



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