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UWA Social Work Academic with 20 years practice and management expertise- Perth based


One of our best tutors. Quality of their profile, experience in their field. Stephan will be happy to arrange your first Career Coaching lesson.

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Collaborative, empowering and meeting the student where they are at in their journey. I have access to many years of practice, management and academic experience. I currently teach Masters level Social Work students and I have an active learning methodology, incorporating large and small group teaching.


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About Stephan

I am an award-winning social work practitioner, senior manager and academic. I have three degrees from the University of Western Australia including a PhD. I am creative, passionate and interested in leadership, social justice and creating positive workplace culture. I am an experienced coach and supervisor, helping people to realise their potential.



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  • 01

    When did you develop an interest in your chosen field and in private tutoring?

    I chose social work after working on camps with children and really enjoying the experience. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children and families. My interest in teaching and tutoring came from positive experiences helping colleagues and students and seeing that my approach works and made a difference to them.

  • 02

    Tell us more about the subject you teach, the topics you like to discuss with students (and possibly those you like a little less).

    I teach broadly any areas of social work, particularly research skills, ethics and applied social work practices. I have more than 20 years of practice experience in social work, so I am able to illustrate concepts that I teach with real-life practice experience. When discussing concepts with students, I relate these to what I have done as a social worker.

  • 03

    Did you have any role models; a teacher that inspired you?

    I have two high school teachers, a maths and an English literature teacher who were great inspirations. They were experts at engaging with students, establishing a rapport and actively listening to my needs as a student. As an undergraduate social worker, I was inspired by one of my lecturers, who has become a career-long mentor and role model for me. She role models integrity, ethics and pragmatism.

  • 04

    What do you think are the qualities required to be a good tutor?

    Active listening, really listening to students and finding out how they prefer to work is the first step. Also being organised is really important- having all of the information you need from the student before your tutoring session so that they can have the best use of your time. Being open and flexible and being able to think quickly on your feet are other great qualities for tutors.

  • 05

    Provide a valuable anecdote related to your subject or your days at school.

    The best learning that I had at school was from my failures rather than my successes. When I was in Year 11 (16 years old), I failed a maths test with a score of 28%. That was a real wake up call for me and I still remember that mark even though it was many years ago. That result was the start of a turnaround for me and made me realise that success takes effort and talent. I was able to turn that around and succeed in maths by finding people to help me and by making more effort.

  • 06

    What were the difficulties or challenges you faced or are still facing in your subject?

    Just staying in touch with changes in the field, keeping up with contemporary social work and what students need to know to make them the best professionals they can be.

  • 07

    Do you have a particular passion? Is it teaching in general or an element of the subject or something completely different?

    Mental health of students- ensuring students are in the best place they can be to learn. If they have issues that I can help with to reduce their anxiety, for example, that is part of my responsibility as a social worker and teacher.

  • 08

    What makes you a Superprof (besides answering these interview questions :-P)?

    I have high expectations of myself and my students. I pay attention to their needs and provide individual support based on what the student needs. Importantly, I am organised and pay attention to detail and I prepare well for tutoring.

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