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I would be teaching business leadership development in Townsville. I would be using a teacher's centered facilitation approach for student engagement or acquisition of knowledge


my teaching experience and methodology include the facilitation of learning objectives utilizing a problem-solving or project management methodology utilizing 3, 60 minutes instructional segments to enhance the student engagement for maximum attention and learning opportunities. Subject matter content and contextual skills( soft skills – critical thinking, problem-solving, interpersonal skills, organization and articulation opportunities). student teams and project management leaders are assigned to enhance student learning from one another. Formative and summational evaluations are used to determine successful instructional outcomes for both students and instructor.


I have 25 years of experience in consulting in business and organizational development with15 years and academic instruction including social sciences, humanities and business MBA programs.I have had extensive experience in coaching and leadership development using psychometric tools and exercises for enhanced performance and remedy issues.


Rate for a 1-hour lesson : $30/h
Lessons offered by JERRY
Lessons can be held..
at their place
at your place
Subjects taught
  • Leadership
  • Primary School
  • Early High School
  • Year 10
  • Year 11-12
  • Adult
  • TAFE
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Kids


Jerry A. Kaber, BA, MS, MRP, MBA Jerry A. Kaber
1791 SE 5th Court 26/28 Landsborough St.
Pompano Beach, FL 33060 BRIEF CURRICULUM VITAE North Ward Australia, 4810
(concealed information) Phone (concealed information)

Formal Education

• Currently Pursuing a Phd. In Business at James Cook University………………..Townsville, AU
• MRP - Masters of Research Practice.2017…..…………………………………….…. Victoria University AU
• MBA - Strategic Planning and Marketing 1978…………………………Armstrong University, Berkeley, CA
• MS - Education - Curriculums & Instruction Design 1976... ……………Nazareth College, Rochester, NY
• BA - Accounting & Marketing 1967……………………………………...Armstrong University, Berkeley, CA
• AS - Business Administration & Computer Science, 1965……...............Rochester Business Institute, NY
• Staunton US Military Academy 1958 ………………………………………….………………….Staunton, VA

Professional Development Education

• Management 360 Competence Research - Center of Creative Leadership 1990………….Durham, NC
• Business Intervention Consulting – University of Sydney 1994……….…………….…………Sydney AU
• Organizational Development - Linkage Seminars Series 1992……………………………….…Miami, FL
• Organizational Competence/Capabilities Research – Lominger Ltd. 1985………….….Minneapolis, MI
• US Educational Research Assessment – Research Triangle Institute 1982…………...…....Durham NC
• Community College Teaching Certificate, 1977…….........Monroe Community College,. Rochester, NY
• New York State Teaching Certification, 1978 -1979…..….....State University of NY, ...Stony Brook, NY
• Executive Development Program 1968.…….…………….U.S. Defense Dept. Pentagon, .Arlington, VA
Military Intelligence Resonance and Insurgency Training 1960…….………...US Army Fort Halberd MA

Academic Experience

Associate. Dean University of Phoenix 2007–2016

Responsibilities and Duties
Primary responsibilities are to insure the quality and integrity of each college degree program while maintaining professional faculty standards in content knowledge and curricula in the Colleges of Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences.

Coordinating, reviewing, supervising and providing leadership to the following programs: Associate of Communications, Bachelors in Humanities, Bachelor of Psychology, Bachelor and Master of Business,
Psychology, Bachelor of English, Bachelors of Natural Science, Bachelors in Social Science Providing strategic, academic and budgetary program leadership.
Preparing and administering, in consultation with the Directors of Academic Affairs, the annual operating budget to ensure the timely request and receipt of materials for effective program operation.

Professional Consulting Experience
Principle and Owner Strategic Alliance Group 1980-1987/1992-2007
Conducted management consulting for both domestic and international engagements central to preparing the firm’s leadership and organizational capability for change, growth and development.

Special knowledge and experience in strategic performance matrix development, organizational design, behavior assessment for providing pragmatic solutions to unique challenges. Enterprise Developments have included major organizational change initiatives i.e. Deregulation,
Acquisition/Merger, Business Development, Privatization, Re-engineering, Culture Integration And Global Expansion

A brief list of clients serviced by location during a 25 year consulting practice is provided.

North America
AT&T, American Express, Century 21, Pillsbury, Honeywell Bull, STP, Unisys, NASA, Florida Power and Light
CSX, ITT, Kroger Food Co, Alcon Laboratories. Inc., Ethicon Endo-Surgery, J&J Medical, Republic Industries,
Samsung, DHL, Office Max, Vistakon Johnson & Johnson HQ, Lafarge Cement Ltd., Ryder System, Cunard Cruise
Lines, Emory University, Lockheed Martin, Codina Group Real-estate Development, FedEx. South America American Express, R.J. Reynolds (Delmonte Foods), Pfizer Inter, Federal Express NA, Cunard Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise lines

Asia Singapore Airlines, Bank of Hong Kong, T R Services Cable and Wire International, DHL. Samsung,
Acer Computer, Caterpillar

Europe Elf ep Oil Exploration, Total Energy, Cunard Cruise Lines

Australia Digital Equipment, Century 21, Exxon Oil, Johnson & Johnson Medical, Australia Treasury - Australian
Post/Telecom/Electric/Transportation/ Sydney Water Board

New Zealand Fletcher Challenge Corp. Canadian Petroleum, NZ Electric Corp., N.Z Land Corp., Unisys N Z, New
Zealand Treasury, 3M Corporation, Burger King International

Senior V P of Human Resources at Fletcher Challenge Ltd. New Zealand 1990 - 1992
Lead and managed a multi-national HR talent and organizational development service for eight business units of 30,000 employees on 4 continents with $2 million HR department operating budget. Supervised 8 HQ staff and 24 HR unit personal in banking, cement, steel, lumber, gas and oil, mining, agriculture and retail.

Created a five-year organizational development model as guide for incremental growth to accommodate an international strategic business expansion and acquisition plan.

Designed and restructured international sub-business units into multidisciplinary asset teams for increased value creation.

Assessed international management capabilities to improve strategic and operational Management

Privatization Consultant for Australia Treasury 1987 - 1990
Privatization of government assets for Australia Ministries in collaboration with The Center for Organizational Change at the University of Sydney, Australia

Conducted information meeting with Department Ministers on privatization procedures

Collaborated on reorganization of government entities into becoming private enterprises

Proposed structural, cultural and re-employment plans for Telecom, Post Office, National Airlines, Railroads, Port Shipping and Electric Power

W.R. Grace Commission - U.S. industry de-regulation and implementation team lead 1978 - 1980 To dissolve the ATT monopoly and re-structure new telecom business entities

Sachi & Sachi Advertising/Public Relations, Market Research Analyst 1976 - 1978
Evaluate Customer preference and perception of products and client company image.
Orchestrated advertising communications plan for favorable customer purchase behavior
The Research Triangle Institute, Educational Research Study Director 1968 - 1974
Global Studies with funding from the Ford and Carnegie Foundations for Social Change
Assessment of Educational Progress in the U.S. - “A Nation at Risk” - University of Michigan
U.S. Dept. Defense Department, Special Projects and Logistics Planner 1965 - 1968
Mobilization of US military and civilian task forces in South East Asia
Satisfying US Government payment obligations for civilian contractor past performance
Administrative oversight of US Government classified scientific research projects
US Army Military, Reconnaissance/Intelligence Briefer, Generals Staff 1959 - 1963
United Nation Peace Keeping Mission -South Korea, U.S. Army Commanding Staff
Topographical expedition of 38th Parallel for De-Militarization Zone (DMZ) verification
Military tactical insurgency advisor- Laos/Vietnam, 8th U.S. Army HQ Brigade

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