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If you are interested in learning Levantine Colloquial/MSA Arabic, discovering more about the Lebanese culture and/or communicating with your family members or friends then definitely this course is m

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During my teaching years, I worked on educating myself, sharpening my subject-knowledge and polishing my skills as a teacher; I read many literacy and classroom management related articles, attended several reading & writing workshops, and was part of varied groups instructed by literacy coaches and mentors. All of this helped in molding my teaching identity and contributed in my professional development and growth.
However, what really inspired me and kept me going were the learners themselves! I started realizing how much our relationship and mutual trust are essential in scaffolding teaching, so I started believing in their capacity, and looking at them differently, as partners in this learning journey. I began investing more in the communicative approach and tried different sets of pedagogical tools and strategies to reach out to each and every one of them, taking into consideration their learning differences and levels. This impacted profoundly my teaching style in that my planning, curriculum development, lesson preparations and choice of activities were aimed at serving the standards and giving the learners ownership of their learning.
Based on this learner-centered approach, I was motivated to look into new teaching methods that promote the learners’ input and include them in the teaching process. I started designing my classes based on their interaction within groups and my analytical observations. Shortly after, I became more of a facilitator rather than a lecturer. This resulted in developing my lessons based on their needs and interests, in line with the curriculum and the learning outcomes.
In that respect, I am a strong believer in guiding and facilitating the learning, but also giving clear instructions, checking for understanding, assessing performance and setting goals that reflect high expectations and an understanding of the subject. I believe that collecting and analyzing data is a key for successful strategic teaching. As a teacher of language art, I always reflect on my teaching methods based on how much I was able to engage my students, through varied authentic material and tasks. I believe in setting a safe class environment in which the learner is comfortable to take risks and discover wider horizons! I believe that creating many learning opportunities and providing an enriching learning environment for the learners, spiced up with humor and excitement, constitute a successful classroom.


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About Salwa

I am an Arabic language Instructor. I've been teaching Arabic for non-native international students from different countries, backgrounds and age-groups (K-12 plus graduate & Undergraduate students). I taught at the American University of Beirut and at the American Community School Beirut. I taught in Summer Intensive programs for many years and was the coordinator of this program for 3 years in a row. My latest success was running the first ever online Arabic Summer Program at the Center for Arab & Middle Eastern studies this passed summer (for differentiated levels: beginners, Intermediate and Advanced). I am 45 years old and a mother of 3 Australian boys.



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