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Subjects taught
  • ESL (English)
  • English Grammar
  • Year 11-12
  • TAFE
  • Diploma/Certificate
  • PhD

English ESOL/TESOL and Martial Arts (Tai-chi ,Qigong and Self Defense) Instructor with 19 years of experience, gives lessons at home and online in Cape Town South Africa


My teaching method is a combination of different methodologies that incorporate student learning centeredness and english for specific purposes..I have my classes on days that suit the student and I approach each topic with care and a sense of realia to help students get a feeling of real time sensation


I am a Language and Martial Arts Instructor,I have been giving private lessons since 1994 and I have a Bachelors in Linguistics, an Honours in TESOL and have taught at private schools, language institutes; such as Berlitz, Oxford,ELC and 2 prestigious universities in the Middle-East with a noticeable success rate.


Travel Fee : $100
Rate for online lessons : $20/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $84
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $168
Lessons offered by Igshaan
Lessons can be held..
at their place
at your place
Subjects taught
  • ESL (English)
  • English Grammar
  • Year 11-12
  • TAFE
  • Diploma/Certificate
  • PhD

Igshaan 's CV

• Profile: Male
• Nationality: South African
• Current Location: Cape Town

• Current position: Academic Coordinator and Advisor
• Company: Jeddah University

• Preferred Locations: Jeddah ,Oman , Japan , UAE, Asia and Europe
• Expectation:
To drive students to a point where they are emerged in the love for English and all its components. Use the expected language as means to enhance their communicative skills in the immediate environment.

Experience: I have a professional background in academic teaching, training and experience with zero beginners, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, advanced students, and E- Learning.

*Teaching 12 years in the Kingdom.
*Have taught for the past 19 years on record 10 years off

Sep 2014 - Aug 2015
currently Jeddah University Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
Academic Coordinator
● Faculty evaluation of overall professional performance and conducting coaching
sessions with faculty, when needed;
● Management of faculty support services, administrative communication including
coordination of team meetings, and mentoring of new faculty;
● Monitoring of faculty delivery of curriculum material;
● Exam support, including development, preparation, administration and grading of
● Communicating with student representatives, in order to maintain the overall quality
of learning;
•Handling student complaints and holding meetings with faculty and students in cases
of grievances;
•Reporting of any Information Technology (IT)related issues to the IT Unit;
•Providing orientation to newly appointed faculty members;
•Maintaining electronic correspondence with coordination team members, delivering updates and providing information relevant to the ELI operations and procedures.

Oct 2009 - Jun 2014
( 6 years ) King Abdul-Aziz University Jeddah , Saudi Arabia

English lecturer
Delivered quality English language instruction, and have a passion for teaching and active interaction with students .Was responsible for the design, delivery and evaluation of a program of English instruction that achieved the

English Language Institute's Mission while meeting the academic,
Professional, and cultural standards of the University. My responsibilities as an ELI instructor fell into several categories, including curriculum and lesson planning, classroom management, instruction, student evaluation, academic and professional development, and ELI community service. A high degree of
language proficiency, flexibility, team work capability, intercultural competence and professionalism was expected of me, at all times; at
the ELI.I was expected to:
language proficiency, flexibility, team work capability, intercultural competence and professionalism was expected of me, at all times; at the ELI.I was expected to:
* Demonstrated mastery of the subject, in both written and oral form, as well as knowledge of current pedagogical
methods and practices;
* Used materials made available (i.e. Lesson Guide located in the Teacher’s Book, created lesson plan templates, and followed
hourly/weekly pacing guides set by the Institute) and effectively planned instruction to achieve curriculum objectives and
learning outcomes;
* Used materials and instructional strategies that facilitated learning, support curriculum learning outcomes, and recognized
student needs.
* Managed student classroom behavior and used activities to create an environment that facilitated learning;
Organized the physical classroom in a manner that supports the learning activities;
Demonstrated interactive skills to manage and engage students.
*Used materials and visual aids appropriate to the curriculum goals, objectives, and learning outcomes;
Used a range of instructional activities and strategies, including student-centered exercises, to promote learning;
Demonstrated effective delivery of instruction through clear instructions, monitoring of student understanding, and
focused, well-paced lessons;
Provided students with a model of Modern Standard English in both written and oral usage.
*Used effective questioning and techniques to monitor student progress and understanding;
Provided comprehensive feedback and evaluation of student coursework;
Evaluated student understanding through production activities in lesson plans and extra-curricular activities;
Produced and assisted in producing mid-module and final examinations for comprehension, usage, writing, and speaking

* Exhibited professional and ethical behavior in maintaining the highest standards of the profession and served as a role
model for students;
* Participated in development activities whether sponsored by the Institute or as a part of a self-development program to
further professional growth;

* Contributed to the professional growth of the Institute through support
for the Institute’s objectives, and participation in the
working groups and committees created to further the Institute’s goals, and adhered
to the Institute’s policies and procedures.

Jan 2001 - Aug 2008
( 8 years ) Iqra academy Cape town , South Africa
English Teacher
Taught English, Life Sciences, Human and Social Sciences, Arabic and Islamic Studies.

Ran Support Group student programs and Spelling-B Eisteddfods.

Jan 2001 - Dec 2007
( 7 years ) S.K.I.P Academy Cape Town , South Africa
Nuero -Linguistic Programmer and Meditative couch.
The Network of Consciousness, NLP-Neurolinguistic Programming, Patterns of Energy, Relaxation Techniques, Coming to Terms with Stress, Visualization and Meditation Techniques, Harnessing the Energetic Properties of the Body.

Jan 2001 – Dec 2011
( 11years )

Panther Gym : Cape Town , South Africa
Coach /Personal Instructor - Qigong Meditation, Alchemy of Martial Cultivation, 4 Methods of Circulating Chi, Sensing Energies, Non-Resistance Energies, The practical Application Energies, The Eight Posture Energies, Complementary Energies, The Higher Subtle Energies, Self-Defense Application-Tai chi.

Sep 2008 - Aug 2009
( 1 year ) Al-Ekhaa Private School Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
English Instructor
Phonics, Grammar, Spelling, Reading, Creative Writing, Math, Social Studies, Science, and P E.

Sep 2009 – 2013
( 5 years ) Berlitz International Language Institute Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
English Instructor
Cambridge Starter (Young adults), and Advanced Level Instruction (Adults), Beat Starter 1, 2,3,4,5 for children.

June 2010 – 2011 Oxford Academy Language Institute Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
American Headway –Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and Test Evaluation.
( 1 year )

Sep 2010 -2014
( 4 years ) Cambridge English Academy Jeddah,
Different English literature and Self-study courses for all learners, young and adult. Set up and invigilated exams.

Sep 2013- 2014
( 1year ) Az Zouman English Language Centre Jeddah,
Senior Lecturer , taught beginner, Elementary , Pre- Intermediary , Intermediary levels as well as pre-TESOL prep

June 2011-Summer Semester

ELC-English Language Centre Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
Topnotch -Levels 3, 4 and Testing. Extra- Mural Activities.

Current Studies: TESOL INSTRUCTOR- Masters in TESOL (12 Specialties) -Canada

2006 TEFL/TESOL One Owl Langue Institute , South Africa

2012 Graduate TESOL , Global TESOL College, Canada

2013 Teaching Grammar TESOL Certificate + Medical TESOL Certificate
Global TESOL College, Canada

2014 Advanced Teaching TOEFL Preparation Certificate (Honors) Global TESOL College, Canada

2013 CELTA International House , Cape Town South Africa

2001 B A Theology ( & Applied Linguistics) - University of Newcastle , South Africa
2016 BA Islamic Legislative Law - Ummul Qura University Saudi Arabia

2001 Martial Arts-Coach - INTERNATIONAL MEMBERSHIP South African Amalgamated Federation , South Africa[ SASCA]
WTBA-The World Taiji Boxing Association

2013 Certified Self-Esteem Coach - The Center for Personal Reinvention, USA

2010 Intro and Advanced Excel -King Abdul – Aziz University, Saudi Arabia

2004 Basic Electrical Certificate -LOGRA , South Africa

Business Improvement Program Certificate - Project Rave , Cape Town , South Africa
2019 Diploma in Sports Science and Nutrition - Alpha Academy UK -London


IT Skills
Windows & Office tools
Basic programming and Tools - Intermediate
• Excel Intro & Advanced

• English Native

• Arabic Working knowledge

• Afrikaans Fluent


1. Set up the first Resource Room for the English Language Institute at KAU in August 2014.King Abdul Aziz University started a Resource / Library Project at the beginning of January 2014.I arranged all the books accordingly, those belonging to various categories (18 in particular) and redone the entire coding system using the Junior color-coded system. The project required sufficient thought and planning of which was the first phase and thereafter it had to be classified with its related material. Finally, I gave it an alphabetical symbol and created a data base and Legend for it. It was a mammoth task, but I achieved it.
2. Currently doing the same project at Jeddah University /North Jeddah Asfan with the edition of eBooks.
3. Set up the meditative and cognitive program for SKIP Academy
4. Assisted cancer victims suffering from depression and negativity
5. Instrumental at Iqra Academy for motivation and improvement
6. Ran Energy Workshops in KSA



• Available upon request. In addition to copies of attested degree, diploma(s), CELTA/TESOL/TESL/TEFL, advanced specialization certificates, reference letters and all legal documents.

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