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ESL tutor

I had Suzi for 4 lessons for IELTS coaching. She was professional and accountable. Her foundational lessons were easy to understand so I highly reccommend Suzi if you are new or recently returning to studying for IELTS.


ESL tutor

Kylie is calm and patient. She helps you improve your English offering different types of exercises which makes your lessons more lively. She gives you clear advice and is always encouraging. Her lessons help me a lot !

Caroline, 1 week ago


ESL tutor

One of the sweetest teachers I have ever met. Her pronunciation is clear so I can understand 100% what she said. She’s really patient and always encourages me to speak as much as possible. She’s also an experienced teacher and she shared a lot...

Kate, 1 week ago


ESL tutor

Can't say thank enough to Catherin as she made my son felt more confidence in English. Catherin is so dedicated to teaching. My son always looked forward to the session. I highly recommend Catherin if you would like your kids to learn English as...

Sammie, 2 weeks ago


ESL tutor

John is one of the most enthusiastic and conscientious teachers I have ever met. He is knowledgable about IELTS and tells you ways to achieve your desire band score. He also provided many effective learning materials as well as sources ( websites,...

Kate, 3 weeks ago


ESL tutor

Raiaan was patient and gave me good tips and feedback on how to improve my writing. I have learend a lot in just one lesson and would recommend Raiaan to anyone looking to improve their writing or english in general

Jacky, 1 month ago


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The average price of ESL lessons is $21.

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Private Tutors Are Great Resources For All Adult ESL Students in Australia

One great feature of each community in Australia is the diverse cultures and languages that are represented. Each migrant brings with them a culture and tradition that contributes to making Aus a great country to live in. However, to make their life in Australia a little easier, taking ESL classes is a great way to get their English to a decent level.

It's true that there's a huge range of learning and teaching apps (which are generally free) that adult students can use to improve their language skills. While they are good resources for vocabulary study, these apps can't really give feedback on things like speaking or writing or prepare you for a work or volunteer role in your community.

This is where taking classes can really make a difference. There are a few options available to an adult who wants to spend some time improving their language skills, whether for employment or study opportunities or simply to have a better life. Some options are:

  • Taking free classes Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP): This program, which is offered by the Australian government, can be a great option for any eligible migrant.  If you're eligible, you can access the free AMEP classes, which are taught by experienced volunteer teachers and are available across Australia. One downside of AMEP is that you'll likely be in a large group, with less face to face time with your teacher.
  • Attending Group Courses at a TAFE or Language School: You can easily find a TAFE or language school near your home in almost any part of Australia, where you'll have access to good teachers that provide interesting resources and good feedback about your speaking, reading and more. All adults are eligible, though, of course, these courses are not free.
  • Employing the services of a Private Tutor: One of the better options for adults who really want to improve and spend some time and money on their education. Private tutors can analyse your skills so they understand exactly what you need from your lessons. Then, class by class, they can work with you until you're ready for employment or further education.

If you're keen on the tutoring option, you'll be happy to know that there are plenty of tutors offering their services in your community, and you can find them all on Superprof! You can try online or in-person lessons with experienced teachers that have taught English for years to adults at every level.

Different ESL Courses to Try

Each ESL student has their own individual goals and preferences, and one of the best parts about private training is that the course will be tailored to provide exactly what they need. For example, a student who is looking for employment will need to learn things like phone skills or common business terminology.

Let's have a look at the most common types of ESL training:

  • General English: This style of course is aimed at anyone who simply wants to learn English for their general tasks, like being able to phone a restaurant and make a reservation or understand what a doctor is explaining. This type of program is often more relaxed and focuses on communication skills like speaking and listening.
  • Business English: Working in an English-speaking company requires a specific kind of training, and tutors can help you understand what kinds of vocabulary to expect when you enter the world of work. A course in this subject generally includes functional language like phone conversation skills or giving presentations.
  • Academic English: Many migrants move to Australia in order to complete a further education course at a university. However, before they can begin, they need to prove their ESL training by taking a preparation course or passing an exam. A more academic English lesson focuses on topics like reading for detailed information, essay writing, citations and more. You can even spend time learning vocabulary that could be useful in your particular field of study, for example, medical or science vocabulary.

While we can generally break down different courses into one of these three categories, one of the best things about private lessons is that your tutor will fit every lesson of your program to your own particular needs.

For example, if you're applying to university, your major focus might be academic English skills, but you can also ask your tutor to spend an hour or two to help you learn the vocabulary you need to apply for employment in a restaurant. Basically, your tuition will cover whatever you need to help you adjust to a new life in an English-speaking community in Australia.

Have Fun While You Learn

Many adults often think that learning English should be all about grammar rules, long reading passages and critical feedback from your teacher, but this simply isn't true. It's actually very important that each class is interesting and engaging for the student, and that they're encouraged to communicate in a natural and spontaneous way. A good teacher will use a range of activities like games, quizzes and conversations to consolidate the more technical aspects of English. They'll also give you useful and tangible feedback that you can put into practice immediately.

So, if you're keen to improve your level of English, you should start classes asap! You can try the free AMEP classes offered by the Australian government, go to a TAFE or school or try private tuition. The important thing is that class by class, you're expanding your knowledge in a practical and useful way.

If you want to go the tuition route, don't forget that you can contact plenty of great tutors on Superprof, most of which offer the first lesson free. Simply check out their online profile to see what area of Australia they work in. You can also check whether they offer online lessons, information about their teaching experience and more. Then contact them to get started!

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