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Surfers Paradise
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にほんご Japanese Qualified Experienced Active Teacher / Tutor - Native 先生 せんせい for you on the Gold Coast :)

Learn Japanese from a qualified and experienced female native Japanese teacher who is fluent in English and an IELTS(English) instructor. I have taught lessons in language schools in Japan and in Australia. I empathise with students and teach in a variety of ways that maximises the learning experience.

Point Clare
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Japanese Language Proficiency Test qualified. Can teach in Sydney or Central Coast.

I want to make language learning fun and enjoyable for my students. I also have a passion for Japanese and would like to share that passion with my students. That's why I want to do tutoring. I can help with studies of school curriculums or general knowledge of Japanese for fun or work or travel.

Bentleigh East
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Qualified Japanese teacher helps you improve your Japanese skill in South East suburbs

I do not have any specific textbooks. If you have a book you are currently studying with, we will go through that together to find out what you are struggling with, then I will organize some quiz or exercise to help you understand how the Japanese language works.

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Native Japanese gives Japanese lesson to student at home in Hobart!!!

My teaching method is REAL JAPANESE. I will teach it be based on oral communication. It is better to understand how to use language. I can make time flexible and also If students have some question, they can contact me any time via Skype or other SNS. I will response as soon as possible because it is very important things for leaner.

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La Trobe microbiology honours student gives a lesson of Japanese to any students or learner

My teaching method is always trying my best to let my students to love what they are studying. I also love to give a lot of homework and let the students do as much as they can. I do change my method depending on the student needs and purpose of learning however, i would like to teach by using several approaches.

(5 reviews)
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UQ Interpreting Course Native Japanese Provides Fun Japanese Lessons for all levels!

My teaching method is always based on student's requirement. I focus on what you want to achieve. You want to pass exam, get good score, achieve fluent conversation skills or improve your writing skills. Depends on the lesson contents, I have different methods but always talk with my students to have better lessons.

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Japanese tutor in Cairns, Degree in Japanese language, Level 1 Japanese Government proficiency qualifications.

My teaching method is to allow the students to see the language not just as something to be learnt in a textbook but a living, breathing method of communication and way to connect with Japanese people and culture. I concentrate on allowing my students to fully understand the language, not just memorise patterns.

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Chinese girl graduated from Kyoto University with master degree in Engineering now in Adelaide teaching oral Japanese for Aussies at all levels.

As a Chinese, I'am capable of speaking two foreign languages fluently. I can not only show you how to speak Japanese, but also my little episodes with my Japanese friends. Most important thing is that I'm willing to show my students the way to study a foreign language. If you are interested in applying a school in Japan, then I am definitely the best choice for you.

Sippy Downs
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Enthusiastic University student with 8 years Japanese language experience gives lessons in Sunshine Coast Region

My personal teaching philosophy is that learning should be a fun experience for children that leaves them excited and looking forward to the next lesson! For this reason, my lessons are typically aimed at teaching the various aspects of Japanese while most importantly ensuring the child is enjoying themselves! I am comfortable teaching reading, writing, listening and speaking aspects of the...

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JCU Townsville student gives Japanese lessons to Primary and Secondary school students

I work either one-on-one or in small groups, focusing mainly on useful phrases and vocabulary. If I do not know something, I will learn with the class. Once I am satisfied with their skill, we move onto more complicated skills.

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Let's enjoy a fun Japanese class with a friendly university student from Tokyo!

I am a Japanese language teacher's assistant in the Australian State elementary School I'm responsible for teaching Japanese.

Cairns City
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Japan Univ Korean student gives Japanese lessons to middle school to univ students in Cairns.

I don't use any material. i have my category on myself. almost of my students learned communication by me. they can speak Japanese quite nice. they can speak Japanese and understand that people saying. until this level you have to learn at least 3 months. but I promise if you learn to me Japanese for 3~4 months.

1st lesson free !

Experienced Japanese teacher gives a fun, play-based private or group lesson in Sydney.

My teaching is mainly play-based as I believe learning should be fun as children learn more and better when they are engaged. I also use a lot of encouragement through my teaching. I'd love all my students to be a confident learner.

Mount Low
1st lesson free !

Japanese, Townsville, I love teaching via speech, text and writing. 7 yrs exp in basic conversation

Start with basics of writing, reading and vocal exercises. Relating Japanese to characters to everyday things to help with remembering. Re-writing and repeating is the best way I learnt Japanese. as well as many videos to understand the way a native to speak, and repeating the same way.

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Planning a trip to Japan and willing to have a basic level of Japanese vocabulary to get by? Or already have a certain level of vocabulary but want to be able to speak Japanese more fluently without a

Maybe you can walk around with a "Lonely Planet" book and flip through the back pages where it shows you what you need to say in certain situation but it doesn't tell you HOW to say those words. The main topic of my class will be "Traveling in Japan". But I can also teach you the basic Japanese spoken-language in some other topic you desire as well.

Mermaid Beach
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Native Japanese speaker who can use english gives private lesson on online

My teaching method is using text books, which Minnano-Nihongo. It is the basic material of learning Japanese, Of course you can also use your own textbook, if you have it. My class should be interesting and fun, since based on my experience learning another language is quite tough, and takes a long time. For the reason that I might avoid serious and nervous in my class.

1st lesson free !

Experienced in teaching Japanese in a fun and effective way in Canberra

I focus on what the student needs, at all ages and skill levels. I make the lessons fun and relevant. I can target the spoken language, written language or both, as well as cross-cultural fun if that's what's wanted. I design the lessons around the student needs and fit to individual learning styles.

Mount Gravatt East
(1 review)
1st lesson free !

“Fun private lessons” for your travel, hobby and study with a friendly Japanese teacher in Brisbane.

Direct method but I can help you in English and Japanese. I only teach Japanese privately so you don’t need to waste your precious time. Your lesson time is all yours. My lessons will be held at a cafe, shopping centre, library...anywhere easy to access for both of us.

(1 review)
1st lesson free !

Language majored student who teaches and explains Japanese the easiest way !

II am very patient towards people because learning a language is not easy. My aim is to give my students a learning experience which they find fun and satisfying in order to put the things that they have learned in their head in an enjoyable way. I don't start a new topic if my students are struggling because I want that all students will be free from stress.

Sippy Downs
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6 Years in Japan with fluent Speaking skills. Can improve your pronunciation with all words in Japanese.

My teaching method is 1 on 1 fixing up points in their study. My lesson structure will begin with talking about their previous experiences with their learning and problems they are having. Then go into teaching them about the attributed their is to learning the language. I also sometimes use my own experience to make them further understand how it feels.

1st lesson free !

Native Japanese Speaker who is passionate about teaching the language and culture.

I focus on learning experiences fun and interesting because students learn a lot better when they are actually interested. The lesson can be taught through various materials such as Japanese TV shows and comics. I will also try to teach Japanese that is actually useful instead of only focusing on academic Japanese, however, I am flexible to adapt my teaching style to students' needs.

1st lesson free !

A native well-educated Japanese makes you a better Japanese user in one year

My teaching method is basically UP TO STUDENTS. Each learner has their own styles of learning, ranging from speaking oriented to writing oriented. As I am a native speaker, I am confident of myself having enough language ability for adjusting to each style.

(2 reviews)
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A masters level educator provides interesting and fun Japanese lessons for all learners

I base my classes with a collaborative approach to what the student is wanting to learn or is interested in. Lessons are fun and enjoyable.

(1 review)
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Griffith student from Japan gives a FUN Japanese lessons to everyone (experienced teaching at after hour school in Japan)

I would like to make lessons interesting. As I mentioned that I was a teacher at after hour school in Japan, I know how students get bored or excited. I can utilise the experience and make interesting, fun and practical lessons.

1st lesson free !

I give short and helpful advice on the complicated English accent and help with native Japanese people to better English fluency. (Accent Australian).

I like to start out with a introduction and evaluate how much improvement is needed. This can be as simple as speaking too fast or a slight word/letter mispronunciation or a complete lack of letter/word pronunciation. I will then see where it can be taken from there. These lesson will follow up on the basic Australian English accent.

1st lesson free !

Hi, my name is Miwa. I'm a native Japanese speaker. I'm here to help your study and learn Japanese :)

First, we can talk where to start learning. Lots of Japanese tutors like doing classes at schools because that's the typical Japanese way. But that's hard to remember and you're probably going to get bored. I believe that having fun and enjoying your lessons are the best ways to learn and remember your lessons! I personally prepare your lessons prior to cater to your Japanese level.

1st lesson free !

Japanese MA graduate providing private Japanese language and culture lessons for high school and uni students in Melbourne

I have a strong understanding of the culture and language of Japan that comes from a curiosity derived from years of studying and living in the country and with its people. In line with this, I work best with students who have a similar natural fascination and a drive to succeed.

Surfers Paradise
1st lesson free !

Qualified and experienced Japanese language tutor. •strong command of Japanese Language • native English speaker • first hand experience living in Japan to give you experienced and relevant Japanese l

I love to use fun methods of teaching with lots of pictures, games and activities, with the inclusion of practical activities and content which are relevant to real life uses.

Camden Park
1st lesson free !

I'd like to teach Japanese - spoken, formal and casual conversation as well as business level. I can teach to both individuals as well as group or corporate classes. I have lived in Japan for 21 years

My teaching method is to focus on my students firstly having FUN! I like to make my lessons as enjoyable as possible, making for the best environment in which to learn. I base my lessons around the individual needs of each student, not a rigid structured format.

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Perfect! Helps me to obtain a more accurate understanding of the sound of spoken Japanese; Tries to explain in Japanese Fluent in English Corrects Mistakes; helps explain subtle usage differences you can only learn from a native speaker Helpful...

Miranda, Student
4 days ago

Perfect! Ai is a wonderful teacher. She is very patient with my son and she makes her lessons fun for him. My son enjoys learning Japanese with Ai

Eri, Student
1 month ago

Perfect! Nanami is a fantastic teacher. She is very well organised and friendly and I enjoy our lessons.

Ashley, Student
2 months ago

Perfect! Hiroko is an excellent tutor. I enjoy my sessions with her and learn lots from her. I would definitely recommend her as a tutor.

Isobel, Student
9 months ago

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