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The Gap
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International Qualified Art, Yoga & Massage Therapist, Professional Artist & Healthy Cooking Coach in Brisbane

Course Modules Living Your Life Purpose How to access you life purpose and live in a way that connects you to who you really are and what truly inspires you. Meditation Mastery How to develop a consistent practise that will foster resiliency and a capacity to meet the ups and downs of life whilst remaining centred and grounded. Inspiration How to listen to what makes your heart sing.

Pacific Paradise
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Creative Art Therapist helping you to connect to yourself by rediscovering your personal expression

I want everyone to find their own expression in art. We never judge or compare our pieces and the goal is never the result for me, its the process itself. Its supposed to be about play, letting your heart speak and your mind relax. Its a great way to start doing art if you want to de stress, boost your creativity, be more mindful, confident and happy.

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Being healthy in a fun and relaxing way in sydney for depressed and sad people, who needs some help

my teaching tricks are basic and easy, i'll check on you all the times about what you're going through, think me as a friend. we can play sports or go for a walk, or anything, we can sit at one place and meditate our soul.

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Murdoch student- (Doubel bachelor of Criminology/ Psychology with Musical history) teaching individual or group lessons in Perth WA: Musician with Lived experience and a want to help others

I am a very friendly, welcoming person who includes everyone, my classes are person based as everyone is individual and learns the way they learn and at a different pace. I believe you have to have fun to break it up and image/ sound/ hands on work is paramount for memory and learning.

Hamilton South
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Art Tutor Acrylic or Oil painting techniques Renaissance through to Contemporary, Hamilton South

This programme is dedicated to teaching the students the benefits of ‘thinking outside of the square’ through creative painting and creative ideas. The activity is available to all students they do not have to be Visual Arts students – anyone interested in creativity, painting and Visual Arts is welcome.

Smythes Creek
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Express yourself through visualizing and drawing what flows out, be YouNique, love Art, love you!

When I hear "I can't draw" it excites me to help bring out that creative side of everybody which we all do have! :) a unique way of expressing ourselves - no need for perfection, practice if anything makes perfect if that's what you want!

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Art for a Start; Art based workshops centered around creative expression and intention based art therapy

I am passionate about the healing powers of art in therapy and the importance of creative outlet. I believe that art can teach us a lot about our sense of identity, about our sense of self and how we are in the world. Art therapy is an individual experience with no skill or background in art making necessary.

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Manjyot creative and artistic,bachelors in nursing and persuing masters from murdoch university.

I give personal attention to weak students and i believe that involving weaker students in a group with others help them to develop. I can use modern teaching methods effectively and prefer their use as children learn very quickly with the help of those methods.

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Art therapy for overall wellbeing. This is a creative and fun space!

My name is Evie and I am interested and more focused on emotional and mental well being. I am passionate about creativity and believe everyone is creative. I also do meditation and relaxation for mind, body, soul and spirit.

Mullumbimby Creek
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Professional counsellor and Yoga facilitator offers meditation and emotional support for relaxation

Firstly I will talk with you to find the best style for mindfulness to suit your needs and then teach you the techniques you need. I will support you through the process with any questions or other techniques. If you would like to go further with specific emotional support for the reason why you are needing mindfulness, I will also be available for that thereafter.

East Lismore
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Jessica is a mental health clinician specialising in creative interventions for young people with complex needs. Art therapy and creative writing is used for positive growth and exploration and is gre

I use art therapy for individuals and groups of young people as well as narrative therapy to help young people tap into their inner potential. In the past I have run Rythym to Recovery Groups, Photogroups as well as Land Art groups.

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Anna danessa
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Ageing Support international student who is capable of teaching English language, health-related subjects, cosmetology and arts.

I encourage participative approach which allows students to be interactive. For lessons requiring demonstration, learning is examined through return demonstration but still with assistance. Positive reinforcement is encouraged as well.

North Hobart
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College graduate! Nursing student! Lived life experience! Supportive! Nurturing! Effective time management! - Open and honest.

My name is Chelsea! I am A nursing student! Age 19! I offer a Hands on approach! Fun! Captive! - Making learning exciting, and necessary. Not boring and dull. Creative approach. Tailoring to individual needs! - able to manage complex issues, and work ethically and efficiently. I like to make each lesson, rewarding, and allowing my students, to express their needs.

Brunswick Heads
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Creative Art Therapy and Transformative Self Development. Explore your life, your way!

My method of teaching is to work with where my student/client is at. We will discuss what objectives, outcomes and goals are for the individual/ group and start from where they’re at.

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Hi I am a funny person who will keep you on trACK

My teaching methodology is to make education as must fun with hands on experiences t develop education more

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Meditation That Makes Sense - with 30 years experience, Roger brings meditation to life.

Moving into meditation in easy stages, I combine spoken guided sessions with background information about how meditation works in the mind and body, and why it is effective. I acknowledge that beginning meditation can be difficult in different ways for each of us - so I consult closely, and provide strategies to make meditation easy and accessible for all.

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2 years work experience in dynamic rehabilitation setting as a psychology graduate.

Basically, I'm more focused on lectures, activities and quizzes that us supported by research and books to maximize potential learning.

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Learn about the amazing processes of art therapy and how it really works

I’m client based. I’ll deliver whatever you want to learn about. I like to have open conversations which makes information clear and memorable.

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Mindfulness Meditation and Mindful Creativity Coaching, Suffolk Norfolk Cambridgeshire Essex and Online Learning

HOW COULD YOU BE CREATIVE IN A WAY THAT COMES FROM THE DEEPEST PART OF YOU, THAT FEELS THE MOST MEANINGFUL? When we feel blocked, resistant, depressed, anxious, confused, or are straining to be someone else's idea of what we should be, this is reflected in our creative expression and quality of life. We can feel frozen, depressed, anxious, limited, frustrated - in other words, stuck.

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Learn how to practice "Mindfulness Meditation" and the principles of Alexander Technique!

As a classical singer, I focus a lot on healthy breathing, body support and the connection between body and mind. Mindfulness Meditation and Alexander Technique are two great ways to work on these aspects. Alexander Technique: I can teach you the main principles and perform some of the processes on you.

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Individual or group sessions of artistic therapies in Santiago taught by actress

My classes are based on the observation and diagnosis of the needs and objectives of each student. I use the techniques and tools obtained according to what each student wants.

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Art student gives art therapy classes in Brussels to express yourself while relaxing

I adapt my course to the needs of each individual who is free to express a particular preference or approach. The objectives of the course are to help people recover, improve, maintain their ability to express themselves, communicate or relate, while enjoying a good moment of healing.

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Art Mediator gives Healing & Growth Workshop/Playshop through dance, music & creative arts

A system that promotes human development through integrating experiences induced by music, creative arts and dance. It consists of a set of exercises, organized music with the aim of raising the level of health, develop a better communication, and stimulate creativity. Each participant is invited to discover and display their own vital answers and their particular form of expression and action.

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Learn the 'art' of mindfulness to unwind and play using accessible materials and techniques.

I'm an experienced trainer, facilitator and coach (ICF) with a mental and emotional well-being specialism. I will share a variety techniques using mixed media and journaling to help you become more mindful and relaxed - the benefits of which you take with you into everyday life and living.

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Paint with A Brush Above and Enjoy a Relaxing Identity Enhancement to Discover your Own Inner Masterpiece as You Paint An Acrylic Work of Art

Enjoy CREATING a MASTERPIECE as we help you discover your own INNER WORK OF ART. We have EXPERIENCE in acrylics and oils to HELP GUIDE you in RELAXATION and INTROSPECITION while you DISCOVER the ENJOYMENT of your own CREATIVITY. WE HELP people see that a missed brush stroke or failure is only apart of the learning and growth process as you become of AWARE of the GREAT ARTIST WITHIN.

Little Downham
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Resourceful and insightful freelancer offering mechanisms and stratagems for anger management solutions.

My teaching experience is predicated upon my motivated approach to the industry and experience utilising interactive software for connectivity and building a rapport with individuals and peers. The methodology of my purveyed teaching approach is analytical, attentive and personalised to whatever a student would prefer.

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SEN Support workerwith 8 years experience offering art therapy for all but especially children and adults with SEN and trauma. In south west London and surrounding area

My teaching skills and approach is to be very clear, calm and patient with my students giving on the opportunity to express themselves as being controlled and Safe environment. I provide the skills and demonstrated knowledge for my students to feel happy with their creations.

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Art Teacher in Cambridge, specialising in Drawing as a Mental Health tool

I am fascinated by how the simple act of drawing can serve as a vehicle for communication, self-awareness and connection, whilst also serving as a form of meditation.

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English language student gives relaxation, meditation, and nature based spirituality classes online

I prefer to teach people about a nature based spirituality such as Druidry through relaxation. A typical session with me would include a one-to-one talk to discuss what the person is looking for/ wanting to accomplish in terms of mental or spiritual health. Then I would proceed to adjust my content and communication to fit with the persons needs.

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