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πŸ“’ How do Basic Computer classes work online?

You can discuss it directly with your teacher via email or phone. Their contact details are in the left-hand column of the lesson request. You can then decide with your teacher on the format of classes you would prefer. 

There are a number of possibilities: 

  • Skype
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  • Discord
  • Telephone

A number of tools allow you to exchange via audio and video, as well as to share your screen or your tablet. πŸŽ₯

35677 teachers offer classes online for Basic Computer.

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Verification of personal date and information πŸ”

We verify the identity, coordinates (telephone, email and photo), as well as the diploma for all of our teachers. 

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πŸŽ“ How many teachers are available to give Basic Computer classes via webcam?

35677  Basic Computer teachers offer online basic computer classes.

You can check out their profiles and select the tutor that is most suitable for your learning needs. πŸ‘

Choose your tutor from one of our 35677 profiles.

πŸ’Έ What is the average price for online Basic Computer classes?

The average price for online Basic Computer classes is $ 14. 

This rate will vary based on a number of different factors: 

  • The teacher's level of experience and how well they now their subject
  • The duration and frequency of lessons  ⏱

91% of tutors offer their first lesson for free. 

Online classes are on average 20% less expensive than face-to-face classes. 

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⭐️ What is the average rating for teachers giving online Basic Computer classes?

From a sample of 3369 reviews, students give an average score of 5.0 out of 5. 

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With so many of our connections being formed and maintained via online channels, online learning is becoming more and more popular with students.

It’s easy, since both students and teachers have already mastered the digital tools that are used to facilitate online lessons.

It’s safe, simple and convenient. Wherever you are, you can connect with a teacher suited to your needs in just a few clicks. πŸ™ƒ

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Discover How To Learn Data, Programming, Software Development, And Basic Microsoft, Google, And Python Skills With An Online Computer Course

Considering courses from your computer? Trying "Excel" and the "Office"might also do the job!

It might seem like science if you've read anything on the internet (or web for those in the know) about the time it took, the hours and hours spent trying to get to advanced digital understanding when your work brought in a new business model beyond just email and faxes.


It's been a while now though, and you can even get a certificate or university degree in software, with a potential career change coming out of your study. Beyond just web-based internet searching and digital software programming, there are lots of applications of the systems and programs that training in basic computer skills can offer. In fact, these diverse fields include project management, security systems design, technology programming and learning, training others in your business in how to do a good job when they work with the internet, or you will be free to use your data knowledge to start your own online business with your very own computer.


There's no need to be embarrassed if you haven't had much training in the skills of the science of the web; this is the purpose of training and study, and the topics can be confronting if you're used to just email and have no clue about technology programs and software development, let alone having an idea of how to access basic Microsoft, Google, or Python systems design. People of all ages can come back to study any topics they're interested in, and this may result in a career change or returning to university!

Get an introduction to a professional course program for any project or network you may work in

Some features of your learning program may not take you to an advanced project like programming security systems but you will definitely learn computer and web skills that can help you learn independently about digital access in your own time after your lessons.


Some basic skills, programs, and software you will cover in your courses will generally centre around Microsoft and Google, given that you're free to spend hours training yourself in these, whether you're using your computer at home for free time or your job, or your computer at the office at work. You will also find that these are the systems through which most data management and basic document design and word processing, including email, takes place.

Let's first come to Microsoft

The most common programs in this suite are from the Office range. These are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Powerpoint. Word is where you access work like basic word processing. Think of it as a blank sheet of paper that you can use for free on your computer, and is a core part of any learning at school, university, or in your career in this day and age.


You can spend hours and hours offline or online with this software to design and work on your CV, write an essay, take notes, and just find new features to play with in your free time. Development in programs such as this doesn't tend to take a long time either, as basic editing can be learnt with tutorials online on the world wide web, or you can just play around and click with your mouse. Another great thing about Word, like with the whole Microsoft suite, is that you can also use an online version.


Coming now to Excel - this is a highly professional program that is not too advanced, but most project management work will rely on it. This is because you work off a spreadsheet and find data to fill in in the columns and rows. You don't need much training in this either, but the design of the grid can get confusing. Luckily the access and interface are very easy and clickable, so you will be able to navigate in a free way even after the simplest introduction to the software. When you've had a bit of a study and know what topics to include in the science of the spreadsheet, actually try to "excel" and use advanced colours and figures to spice things up.


Finally, Powerpoint is one of the most design-friendly pieces of software technology in the business, which lets you make presentations and slideshows with a range of features. They have theme templates that make learning online or doing a course or courses by yourself on your computer super simple. Navigate through this free program and see what kind of creative design you can include!

Time for Google

Finally, we come to the most advanced portion of the introduction to computer, internet, and technology skills: Google. This encompasses email, data management, document creation, and most importantly, web searching.


The amount of data and information that's out there is endless, so there's not necessarily any specific technology or programs for knowing how to navigate this software. However, via a trial by fire, you can access the browser yourself and use your time to work out how to find tutorials on the topics you want to study.


All of your career, school or university study, and personal computer time will concern Google as it gives you access to all the websites that there are on the internet.


So spend some time working out what you want to be able to do, then get in touch with a private tutor from Superprof to start your computer, data, internet, programming, or software systems courses and find out all the things you never knew you never knew!

What do you want to learn?