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Monash Arts Student offering beginner to advanced guitar lessons in Elsternwick (various styles).

I will walk you through everything that you need to, and want to know (theory optional!).

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Guitar Lessons for Beginners & Intermediates at home - Individual/group - Done by qualified teacher

I teach beginners & intermediate students. Fingerstyle Strumming Fingerpicking Rhythm Tab Sheets & Solo Parts I'll be happy too help you out until you learn to master on your own. Can teach acoustic and electric guitar in a range of styles. Guitar lessons in your home.

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Great Musical institutions graduate gives lessons on guitar and vocals fast forward now!

I go through some music theory,find out where the student is going with their music and build on that.Chords,bar,and basic chords,song writing,using song with guitar.Bends,pull offs,hammers etc.Proper positioning tuning and stringing the guitar appropriately.I use Blues as a strong base for the music and span out from there.

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Seth_Crescendo Music Music trainer (instrument, voice and Theory) located in Nairobi Kenya with Rwandan Nationality

My teaching method, it depend to the group of students that i am going to teach, and according to their vision, some they want to learn music for fun , other for professional and other for exam preparation like ABRSM exam, so i teach them according to their vision ' like those who are preparing ABRSM exam i teach them According to ABRSM Sylabus, those for fun i prepare for them a package of...

Lake Heights
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Mature singer-songwriter, gives acoustic guitar lessons, melody and chords at home studio

I am a mature female and work from my home studio. I have experience teaching guitar to young children, teenagers and adults. I teach from Hal Leonard Guitar Method book 1, note reading on the staff , strumming and fingerpicking.

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Piano voice music theatre guitar bass ukulele . Music Industry Qualifications, Sound production and performance

Musical futures pedagogy, composition at first lesson, note Reading , incorporating technologies in a Mac environment. Examinations and audition preparation.

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Accomplished Rock,Blues,jazz,electric Guitarist to give lessons for all ages beginner to advanced.

I love teaching students who are committed to practice and improving their current skills on the instrument. My approach towards lessons and teaching is more relaxed and encouraging to create a welcoming space for students although discipline is very important.

Cove Bay
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Music student in Aberdeen offering convenient guitar lessons at your own home

I base my lessons on the individual student. I won't try to make you learn what I want you to learn. With me you get to decide what I teach you. This ensures an engaging experience you don't want to miss.

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Experienced and enthusiastic guitar & bass tutor available for lessons in person or via Skype

I base each lesson on the individual goals of each student. By collectively agreeing on set short and long term goals, it will allow us to successfully reach our overall musical ambitions. Everyone wants to do something different musically. For some it is to learn to play in a band for fun, for others it may be to read music or to perform a solo concert.

Los Angeles
Lester (峻晧)
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Guitar tutor and music producer with 3 years of experience giving acoustic guitar lessons at home in LA to all ages.

My characteristics as a guitar tutor is a professional experience sharer with passion, patience, and organized teaching structure. In individual class, I will firstly design personalized course based on the students' levels and goals. In group class, I will use group dynamics to promote the learning effects based also on the students' levels and goals.

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Experienced musician offering lessons in guitar, drums and singing in Northeast London.

I am a self taught musician. Everything I know from playing a break beat on the drums, shredding out a guitar solo or producing a record for artists I have learned by myself. What I mean by this is that I chose exactly what I wanted to learn and when.

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Music degree student offering guitar lessons for both beginner and intermediate level players!

I usually tailor my lessons to my student’s level. I use diagrams and tabs to make everything much easier to memorize.

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Enthusiastic,affordable guitar Lessons at your doorsteps in Scarborough and Toronto area

Focuses on developing in-hand experience of the instrument through scales, technical exercises, songs, harmonies and melodies.

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San Juan
Angel axel
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Music Producer teaches Guitar lessons with advanced method from level 0, CDMX South and Center

Through the 14 years that I have been teaching, I have made effective techniques as well as I have left aside others that are not so much. My general ideology nowadays is: No matter how technical the exercise is, it must always be musical and stimulating for the new performer, even for the one who has never even played in his life.

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Singer/Songwriter/Musician with 10+ years of experience. Teaches guitar/vocal lessons in Denver, Colorado

I teach beginner/intermediate guitarists/vocalists. For beginner guitarists/vocalists, lessons start with learning correct posture/ergonomics, along with basic musical fundamentals (tempo,pitch,rhythm, etc.). Besides first lesson basics, I make accommodations and lesson plans around where students wish to take the musical journey! I also teach Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Songwriters.

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Engineering student offering music lessons in acoustic and bass guitar in Leeds area

The approach I use is based on Kolb’s experimental learning cycle. The concept was developed to reflect the fact that learning is an on-going and continuous process. It stresses the need for practice and feedback so that the process comprises of a continual series of circular patterns based on experience.

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Guitar and Singing Teacher with 10+ Years of Experience, Based in Cardiff

My main focus will not be to teach you to parrot what I do, but rather to show you the approach to music which will get good results. I will let you choose which songs you'd like to learn and show you the process of learning a song by ear, which is much more useful than reading tabs.

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Experienced guitar lessons ground up to make you pro within six months.

I spot the core problem and solve that. Endlessly learning scales and chords does not help if you have problem with time or understanding music. It is there, I aid my students so that they learn fast. I help students to focus on music. Often that is lost attending to theory and technique.

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Lead guitarist of most styles with 45 years experience offers private tuition

Specializing on a one to one basis to nurture and encourage progress on a personal level. At the student's own pace and from their own level of understanding a natural progression will unfold almost immediately. Under my supervision progress will be swift and fun.

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Young musician based in Belfast offering unique acoustic and electric guitar lessons!

Being able to make a lesson as practical yet weaving in theoretical practices is essential, that is the aim! Whether your goal is to play the opening riff to your favourite tune, my goal is to show you HOW the music works together

Santa Clarita
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Santa Clarita Guitarist/Bassist with 20+ years experience giving beginner lessons, discover your talent!

Each 45 minute class is focused on getting my student to their next level while having fun. How many classes per week is up to each student. They will bring their own notebook, pen and preferably guitar so they can practice the lessons at home.

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University student with over 15 years guitar playing experience looking for beginners!

I fell in love with guitar because it meant I was able to play the music I loved. My method would be to first teach both the basics of chords and tabs, and then to use that to play whatever the student wanted! If they gave me a list of songs to play I could work out how best to do this and teach it to them.

William enrique
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Guitar method 100% practiced in San Francisco de Campeche, guitarist with 18 years of experience and 10 years as a teacher, bringing new students to create and interpret their songs.

The Tools of the Methodology implemented in the courses for Beginners, Medium and Advanced are PDF, WORD, POWER POINT and MP3, the method will depend a lot on the qualities of the student, for example, if he knows absolutely nothing about the guitar, the indicated method is the beginner, in which the chords, exercises, structure and notion of the instrument are studied, etc.

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American Idol’s band competition winner. Over 20yr exp. on Guitar & Mandolin. I will teach you any song you wish to learn. I specialize in ear training and helping students find their own musical soul

My method of teaching starts with understanding the students that I will be teaching (what are their musical influences, goal expectations, etc.). Teaching music is an art within itself. It’s not like teaching math or academics. It’s more than teaching a song, it’s helping people discover their musical potential.

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Want to learn to play acoustic guitar ? Friendly and experienced tutor available : )

Freindly , humourous and practical beginner and intermediate guitar techniques - non technical , easy to grasp and user friendly . You can get a sense of my teaching style by watching my 'guitar club' song from 2 years ago when I was teacher in China.

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Guitar teacher - playing for 15 years - acoustic and electric - in Leeds area

I can base a lesson around any type of guitar style you are wanting to learn - more rhythm based technique rather than soloing. The basics of guitar are the foundation for any good guitarist. I have taught friends and they have gone on to form bands of their own.

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Learn the joy of playing guitar from someone who has had the joy for 50 years.

I am qualified to teach adults and to University level. I started playing at the age of 10 and am still playing 50 years later. I specialize in a 'show and play' style which allows you to engage and produce results right from the start.

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Beginner/Intermediate Guitar Lessons in Halifax NS, Focusing on learning to play rather than learning theory.

My teaching methods would be considered a hands on practical approach of teaching the joy of being able to play the instrument and practice techniques and practical applications that will get anyone playing right away in their very first lesson, and as not to confuse or bombard with musical theory that may overwhelm and diminish some of the joy of learning any instrument.

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Modern Guitar Class. Musical theory and improvisation for all levels. Methodology Customized and Without Limitations. Shredding

Do you want to learn to play the guitar without complications, in a simple and fast way, right? Perfect, because these are your classes. Here you will learn from the simplest thing until the most modern and virtuous techniques WITHOUT LIMITATIONS Economic guitar lessons and music theory for all ages and levels, since beginner until Shredding.

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