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Experienced fitness coach teaches the proper safe and efficient exercising techniques for functional fitness

Safety and health oriented, educative coaching, using mixed fitness tools based on individual abilities, preferences, level and goal, including bodyweight, free weights, suspension, fitness boxing, and functional equipment as mats, skipping rope, plyometric boxes, medicine balls, stability disks, fitness balls, step, battle rope, slam balls, kettlebells, sand bags...

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Bachelor Of Commerce Student of University Of Western Australia who attained 98% in his Personal Trainer Diploma gives Personal Training to people living in Perth who wants to live an Active and a Hea

My teaching method sounds really simple as it's like focusing more on practicality and terminology of fitness.Moreover,lessons I provide are really simple in understanding.

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It's time for you to MOVE MORE! Over 40 movement specialist at your service!

I personalise every lesson depending on the client. I teach you how to do safe functional movements that you can practise at home. Every lesson has a program that you can take away and I am always contactable for any questions.

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Personal Trainer of 10 years Giving Lessons to Fitness Newbies in Perth

My teaching method is based around starting with the basics and then building knowledge from there. Learning the nuts and bolts of the human body and then applying them in a practical to safely and effectively train clients of all ages.

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Strength & Muscular Development Coach - Cert lV In Personal Training - 3 Years Experience

As a trainer I am capable of rebuilding any physique, whether you are overweight or under weight striving for a healthier, aesthetic and athletic body. I emphasise strength in my programming as it is a tool for tracking progress and grants immediate gratification, a stronger muscle is a bigger muscle. Besides my basic principles I do tailor to individual body types diet, training etc.

High Wycombe
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Sports Collage Student with 10 years experience offers Personal Training for all ages

My teaching method is mostly hands on work. I like for my students to set goals before we begin to achieve later. I want to make sure by the end of our time together everyone must of reached their goal.

Meadow Springs
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AIF graduate Personal Trainer gives lessons to other fitness frantics in Mandurah

i base my classes off of knowledge and experience, every lesson you will learn something different whether that be a movement, new exercise or phrase.

Mount Lawley
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Sports reeducator with 5 years of study for health, toning and strength lessons

my training method is based on customized programs for any type of person! these programs are aimed at improving the healthy state of the person, the physical form, the improvement of posture is just a program of motor re-education.

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Sport Science and Exercise and Health Student, and Triathlon Coach who want to help you reach your Triathlon Goals

I base my classes on learning the fundamental skills needed to compete in Triathlons, while also having fun

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Qualified Personal Trainer specialises in fitness training and weight loss for women.

I can cater for beginners and up to advanced level. I use facts and science based to back up my teaching.

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Get Body-Mind aligned with Marion, Physiotherapist - remedial - holistic - breathing - functional - Circus - Gymnastic - Dance - Bunbury

My aim is to teach people how to have a healthy relationship with their body. Learning to connect and listen to our best mate : our body. Basics are the clue to success.

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Experienced Personal Trainer and Running Coach with Sports Science degree in Dunsborough

I like to teach self sufficiency in all students. Learn by doing is my motto. Students who sit and watch don't obtain the necessary practical insight to training people. Personal Training is a practical role and as such students should be regularly working on their practical skills.

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Perth Fitness Freak Helps You Learn How to Gain Muscle, Knowledge & Lift Correctly

I have been pursuing a lifestyle in fitness and strength for approximately 6 and a half years. Much of the early portion of my fitness journey was a lot of experimentation, trial and error. Once I furthered my knowledge through some research and undertaking measures to ensure correct lifting and proper form, my satisfaction in the gym was heightened.

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Exercise scientist to tutor in the theory and practices of fitness and strength training for high school and tertiary students.

I will listen to how a student describes their understanding of a subject and then use both a practical and descriptive method to enhance their understanding of this subject.

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Current Professional Rugby Player with 6 years Experience in TOP LEVEL TRAINING

My experience is the foundation for my coaching methods. I have seen what works for all body compositions and use experience to implement them. I value feedback and accountability. I strongly believe in goals and having a granular perspective on training.

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