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Beginner Guitar Lessons

Take guitar lessons and start playing music quickly


When we start learning an instrument, all we usually want is to become able to play music we like as soon as possible. One instrument that beginners can start playing pretty fast is the guitar. First, it is very suitable to accompany yourself when singing. You can easily pick up a few chords and strumming patterns and be able to sing a lot of songs. Second, the guitar is compatible with a lot of music styles so you will have a really good choice of music to play. If you want to get started you can take a couple of lessons with a guitar teacher and learn all you need as a beginner in a little time.


It can be a good idea to choose your guitar teacher depending on the music style you are interested in. As we said the guitar is a very versatile instrument and there are a variety of different playing techniques. While strumming is very efficient to accompany yourself singing, plucking may come in useful to add some variety or explore instrumental styles like blues or jazz. And if you want to become a rock guitar player, you will need to learn hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends and many other things.


The potential of the guitar is really unlimited, so you can both enjoy playing music you like and progress by enhancing your skills. The best way for beginners to learn the basics is to take some lessons with a private teacher. They will tailor each lesson to your musical interests and needs and teach you effectively. What's more, you will be free to ask for advice if you struggle with some difficult chord or a series of chords. Your teacher will correct your mistakes and make sure you do everything in the right way. This would, of course, be impossible if you try to learn the guitar using a book or a video course.


What you should pay attention to when you start learning to play the guitar


First of all, it is very important for beginners to learn the right posture and hand position. It's not very difficult but you may still need a lesson or two to get it straight. You should remember that the correct posture is a necessary basis for your future progress. Your private teacher will be especially attentive during your first lessons so that you would never have any problems later. If your left- and right-hand technique is correct, you will be able to obtain better sound and play for longer periods of time.


When you take your first lessons and start playing the guitar, it will be necessary for you to get some knowledge on how the instrument actually works. The guitar is a string instrument and each string can produce different notes depending on where you press on it. Your guitar teacher will explain the basics during your lessons and may teach you to use chord charts to be able to learn chords on your own. Once you've memorized several chords and strumming patterns, you will be able to play a lot of songs.


If you don't want to limit yourself to the accompaniment to songs, it can be useful to learn to read tablatures. Tablatures are a simple way to write down guitar music and are accessible to everyone. Sheet music has, of course, its advantages but unless you're interested in the classical guitar, tablatures will do very well in the beginning. What's more, you can find a lot of free tablatures online and learn to play a great variety of songs. If you take a private lesson with the teacher, they will show you different examples of tablatures and their use and you will soon understand how they work.


How to make your guitar lessons efficient


Taking guitar lessons is a great way for a beginner to get information, but you can make them even more useful. There's more than one exercise that beginners can do on their own to improve their technique. Your teacher will certainly suggest some of them, but it'll be your own responsibility to do them. Each exercise will improve your right or left-hand technique and it will help you a lot when playing real songs.


Reading a book or watching a video lesson in your free time can be a great complement to the lessons with your teacher. Unlike when you learn on your own, you'll be able to ask questions to your teacher in case of any doubt and they will correct your mistakes if necessary. The guitar is a great string instrument and learning it can be really enjoyable under good guidance.


As guitar lessons are quite popular, there are a lot of professional guitar teachers. You can easily find one in your town or book a guitar lesson online and learn to play the guitar from home. You'll soon recognize each chord and will be able to do the most difficult exercise.


Where to find a great guitar teacher


It's pretty easy to find a lot of guitar teachers who give private lessons for beginners, but how to be sure that they are good? A great solution for that is Superprof. On our website, you can view the profiles of thousands of guitar tutors from across Australia who can help you learn music. We will provide you with a lot of information about them, such as their price rates, location or favourite music style, for example. You can read reviews from other students and additionally, some tutors may have a video of themselves playing.


Once you've come across someone who interests you, you can send a message and book a lesson with them. A lot of our teachers offer their first lesson for free and it can be an excellent opportunity for you to get to know them. You can organise your lessons whenever you have free time and even learn the guitar online. Superprof will help you start playing beautiful songs very soon and make the learning process highly enjoyable for you.

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