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Learn to speak Hindi with the help of a native speaker | Hindi Lessons Melbourne

When you think of language education in Australia, you generally wouldn't class an Indian language among the primary school, secondary school, and university class syllabus. Chinese (Mandarin), German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, and French are the most common for students in Melbourne, Sydney, Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia... All across Australia, we are more likely to encounter these languages despite our strong ties to India and our thriving Indian community language.


It may surprise you to learn that the teaching of Hindi is now going beyond just community language education, breaking into mainstream secondary, university, and college classes for students - however, study is slow as there are only 2 schools in Victoria and 6 in New South Wales where Hindi is the man foreign language taught.


We now face the dilemma of how many years of Hindi education students in primary and high school across Melbourne should have in order to be qualified users of it, even if it's their home language. The way around this is long term for more students across the country to learn the language, which is as powerful as English with 490 million speakers worldwide, as part of their learning during the course of their time at school. As this will take some time to realise, to complement private language tutors and classes across Melbourne and Australia, to learn just as much about India and Indian culture as the Hindi language, are the best means of teaching for the time being.


Background to Hindi


Hindi is a major world language, with 370 million native speakers across India, and is along with English, one of the two official languages of the Indian nation. Education in these two languages occurs at a high rate across India, however, English is typically used in more upper-class settings. This number of native or cognate speakers can be even further expanded if we include the major language of neighbouring Pakistan - Urdu. The two have a free-flowing exchange of expression, and you will find the experience has a high level of mutual intelligibility, and you don't need to learn for years to grasp the other. The only difference is that Devanagari takes a secondary role, with Arabic script being preferred in Urdu.


It may not seem as immediately beneficial as Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Italian, or Indonesian, but the fascinating Devanagari script and case structure of the language will bring a new level of teaching to any student, with strong links to Sanskrit, which will help you to learn profoundly about the Indian community and people.


India is incredibly diverse, with several languages and cultures within it. Beyond English and Hindi, there are 121 (!) languages that are far from private - these 121 languages have a free estimate of more than 10,000 speakers each. Though English is a major language, it's only the first language of around 260,000 people, so Hindi, Bengali, or Telugu would be a safer bet. The best reason to choose to learn Hindi would be that it's the main lingua franca all over the country, and university is often delivered in an English and Hindi hybrid, not to mention most government proceedings taking place in Hindi.


Reasons to learn Hindi in Melbourne


So why look for a Hindi course in Melbourne, in person or online?


For one, we have a high level of engagement, and a diverse and thriving Indian community in Melbourne, who hail from all corners on the face of the Indian state. Learning the Hindi language is more about just engaging with the community day to day as well - you might fight yourself face to face with a situation, maybe where someone is trying to haggle in AUD over something (something we wouldn't typically do in Melbourne, Sydney, or Australia). Your knowledge acquired throughout your time learning in your Hindi lessons may help you navigate the cultural differences here in a much smoother way.


Furthermore, the experience you can have with Indian culture online, and subsequently in travelling the country will be greatly enhanced by Hindi. As any Hindi tutor or teacher will tell you, given that it's the second language of more than 100 million people across India, the level of communication you will be able to experience in areas where it's not the main language will make your trip much less private, and provide several teaching moments about the local culture you're in.


We needn't mention business opportunities as Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese are in high demand given our trade reliance on these countries in Australia. Melbourne is an international city and economic hub, so you will increase your chances of well paid and stimulating work by having some Hindi under your belt, particularly in the university/college education, finance, or services sector, as we are having more and more contact with these.


Types of classes available


Online classes with tutors or an official tutor are readily available, usually in private lessons which can go for the amount of time you specify. Students can get the benefit of teaching with someone in-country by learning online, meaning that tutors are actually based in India if they want first hand experience.


Group lessons with a private teacher or tutors are good to practice speaking, although the students will not get as much one on one time in their learning. Nevertheless, the teacher will still be able to breakpoints down for you and be aware of the fact that this class is extra-curricular. They should probably also be familiar with an Indian form of education, wherein you won't learn Hindi like you would German, French, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, Japanese, or Indonesian in an Australian classroom setting - you'll be more immersed in your study, with the tutor running the classes as if you were in an Indian school setting.


In several suburbs of Melbourne, there will also be Indian community centres that run language classes. This can be a great way to learn with a qualified or community teacher, which permits you to speak during the lesson and share your learning experience with others.


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