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Planning a hit dance for a party or want learn some new moves to flaunt? Groove with me and learn dance steps/routines - Be it Bollywood, Punjabi, Indian Classical or even Fusion in Sydney, Australia

I first like to understand what my students want to achieve at the end of their classes. Be it learning the basics, learning a completely new dance style, further developing what they already know or just preparing for a performance. My teaching style will vary depending on the comfortability of the student/s and their end goal.

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Professional Belarussian dancer with 15 years of experience specialising in vogue and hip-hop teaching in Melbourne.

I am a strong believer that everyone has something to say and I can help them to express themselves. I cater to individual requirments by adapting my teaching methodology based on the individuals needs. I can help to develop the strengths of a persons dancing.

Castle Hill
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Experienced dance teacher, Specialty: Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Choreography, Location: at your request

I teach basics in hip hop, jazz and contemporary, and believe a strong foundation is crucial to further development. As the dancers improve, I start adding more challenging steps and exercises. I am encouraging and meet the dancers where they're at. I speak into the dancers' potential and challenge them to put the effort that is needed to be the best they can be.

North Plympton
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Flinders University master's student gives Dance tips and advice to anybody who is interested.

I base my classes on originality. I just direct you, give you tips and then you develop your own style. I can also help you choreograph for an occasion. In a typical session, I am gonna give you tips and maybe choreograph a small set for you for you to practice later. You choose the songs, the style and the vision.

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Professional dancer from Canada with two Degrees in Dance- Teaching Modern, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Modern Jazz, Jazz, etc. in Gold Coast

Teaching Modern and Contemporary, I would go through Limon and Graham Technics. For Hip-Hop teaching, I can teach Old School Hip-Hop, Est Coast U.S.A. I can teach the basics of Locking/Popping and waking, West Coast Hip-Hop U.S.A. I would always talk about history before starting to teach a new group. It's the base for me. I will always start my classes with Dance Technics, including the warm-up.

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If you are interested in learning BREAKING I’ll give some lessons to learn and improve your powermoves, tricks and also your style (Top Rock & Footwork)

My teaching method is basically I teach the step or the movement and then I make sure that everyone get that doing a lot of repetition. I have another teaching method, which is choreography. This method I teach step by step of the whole choreography.

Dee Why
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Popping Dance with Adrian : Been Dancing 8 years learn Peru/USA/Australia Sharing Knowlege

I will teach private or in group, this can be in the city near Darling Harbord(Monday's), or Northen beaches (manly)(by appointment , will learn basic thing's about dancing and popping and some history, phone number: (concealed information).

Ringwood East
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Get fit and learn Bollywood Fusion dance routines designed to suit your style and pace

My lessons are designed to help you relax, rejuvenate and have fun through expression and fun while learning new dance routines. In a 10 class batch, I choreograph 2-3 songs of your choice while fusing different dance forms with Bollywood.

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Me passionate about dance and willing to try out various dance style want few members to my dance troop

Always believe a tutor should be nothing but more than a friend. I will be flexible with my hours and is ready to work as a team. Will be approachable and showcase mature charactor. Will be well planned prior to classes.

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Mildura Dance Teacher offers Jazz, Tap & Hip Hop to all students interested

I have a plan that I always follow in every class, this includes... - Warm up - Stretch - Corner work - Learn technique - Learn choreography - Dance routines - Cool down I tend to base my classes off this structure so students learn what dancing is all about.

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Brazillian teacher giving Dance lessons to students or adults in Brisbane North side

I have studied all 5 different styles of teaching and can adapt to any students, from a child to an adult.

Freemans Waterhole
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Dance teacher, all types of dance, dance elite teaching and performance diploma, Newcastle.

My teaching method is opening their minds to see the art and different stages of dance. i base my classes on performance and technique. i approach topics by teaching them the backgrounds and the feeling/story that is given to each dance performance.

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Certificate IV in dance teaching and business management offering dance lessons to all!

My teaching methodology includes many different aspects. I am all about ensuring the students are stretching correctly to improve basic technique and prevent injury. I also include a break down of steps teaching them the proper technique and positioning so that they are training their muscle memories correctly.

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Nutrition and Food Science graduate who dances like nobodies watching in Adelaide

Generally, I will try to incorporate different styles of dances in my choreos which include urban, Krump, pop-lock, Charleston, footwork dances and of course Hip Hop. Open to teaching beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers. My philosophy towards dancing is to always be original and be able to fully express yourself when dancing.

East Corrimal
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Experienced old school funk and popping dancer provides style fundamentals at homes

I start with basics. Teaching groove and rhythm with focus on fundamentals. Routines play a small role in what I do, but learning to freestyle spontaneously is the key to becoming a great dancer, rather than merely learning by the numbers.

Canning Vale
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I would love to Teach something I am very passionate about and what I enjoy doing - Hip Hop Dance, to many people of all ages and both individuals and groups in Canning Vale, Perth.

I don’t have any teaching methods, I just play it by ear and see what works for the people that I’m teaching still completing the choreography but the wait the kids or adults can understand.

Surry Hills
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Hi there,this is Franksoul's locking dance class. If you want learn about old school culture and funk,funk music and street dance especially Locking come on i will teach you! I'm from south korea. The

My teaching method First step,How to make rhythm and locking basic and danceing this is base for almost dance Second step,How to dance on the music with locking dance and party dance, Third step,What is funk:about culture,how to free style after make a cyper

Blackburn North
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A vibrant hip-hop teacher who's performed in front of 7000 people in one weekend, ready to give any age group lessons.

OVERVIEW - I tailor my services specifically to the group/person I teach. Whether beginner or advanced, younger or older, my two main focuses tend to be having fun, and telling a narrative. Both are essential to hip hop, and to achieving your goal of being a better dancer. Lessons are largely made in tandem with the student and what they wish to learn, eg.

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Urban HipHop teacher in Sydney with international qualifications, open to all levels

There's no right or wrong in my classes, I'm here to help you discover your way of moving through a set of movement I provide you in class. I believe there's no limit to what art/dance can be seen as. However there is still structures and techniques that will help you to achieve a better version of your self. That's what my classes are for.

Fortitude Valley
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Unique, attractive and expressive dancing with different unbelievable dance forms in Brisbane

1. in starting, i teach them to let them know what is dancing. 2. toward, i'll teach them how to express their selves 3. finally, i will teach them the unique style which probably make them unique then others 4. main aim is to be happy while you dance. FEEL IT.

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La Trobe Business student is giving Dancing lessons because I have a crazy passion for dancing.

Hi I am Tejaswini Patil.I love dancing.My teaching method for dancing Is pretty simple.You watch and learn. I will make sure that my students will learn the whole choreography in very less time. And I will monitor and teach each and everyone individually.

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Hip hop dancer/Popper with 10 years experience giving private dance lessons in the Gold Coast/Brisbane

My teaching method is to push you to their limits but still have fun and learn something new at the same time, I love to make my teaching fun but hard at the same time. If you're not sweating and enjoying it by the end, I didn't do my job.

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Dance instructor based in Adelaide. 10 years dance experience throughout primary to high school.

My teaching method can be one-on-one or groups, depending on the students' preference. I can work as a private dance teacher, so I can do an at-home tutoring. I can also teach student dance routines for a competition or general performance.

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Hiphop Dancer Teacher in Wollongong Area gives lessons to all ages and levels

As a performer, I am still learning and gaining new knowledge everyday, which inspires me as a dancer. My motivation as a teacher is to help my students improve and achieve to the best of their ability. I want to help my students discover their own style of dance, to help them in the future with choreographic style.

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Highly experienced dance teacher/tutor/performer in Melbourne and eager to share industry knowledge to primary/secondary student or anyone eager to increase their skills in Hip Hop or Contemporary.

My teaching methods are very Consultative. Which I focus more on what my students want to get out of my class. I love pushing my students by alot of cleaning and repetition of dance moves in order to perfect it. I like to creative a safe and fun enviorment as I like to think of myself as a smart Jester.

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A fusion of Bollywood, Afro, HipHop and House dancing is what you will witness in my classes

My teaching is very simple but highly technical. My choreographies are mostly based on the character of the music and this way the steps are very creative and fun to watch and dance for it. This way people who are really looking forward to loosen up can start being more out-spoken in dance and can be more confident.

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University student with 6 years dance experience gives private hip hop lessons for individuals or groups!

My teaching methods are based on the clients ability and experience in dancing hip hop. I teach any age that is willing to have fun and learn something new each lesson. Lessons will include basic training which will help with learning and performing a set routine.

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Dance for fitness, fun, enhancing your skills, learning new skills! All abilities welcome!

I enjoy teaching all levels and all abilities all I ask is that you give it your best shot and make the effort in class and you will see results. A typical class would be - 20 minutes warm up - 20 minutes technical focus - 20 minutes choreography.

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Dance Teacher giving dance and choreography classes to individuals/groups wanting to learn hiphop

My classes are comprised of warm-up, choreography (broken down in counts of 8) and cool-down similar to other dance classes or workshops.

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Willing to give Dance lessons to anyone that would like to learn how to move like a Pro !

I cannot remember when i have started to dance to be honest; probably as soon as i have learn how to walk.

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Perfect! Very happy with Delores. My 10 year old daughter has had 4 lessons with her and loves it!! Delores is full of energy and brings that to each lesson, she listens to what my daughter wants and adds any moves she requests into the dance lesson. My...

Cassie, Student
5 months ago
(3 reviews)

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