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Glen Forrest
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ECU education student Physical education or sports coaching and skill development in Perth

I am knowledgeable of children's needs and work with individual children to find their limits and develop their skills ans fitness levels while engaging them in fun, enjoyable activities.

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National Field Hockey Umpire committed to mentoring up and coming hockey stars.

I like to tailor my lessons towards each individual student, being aware that we all learn in very different ways. I am a visual and practical learner who likes to understand 'why' as well as 'how'. I believe nothing can be fully understood without context.

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American student studying abroad in Sydney giving lessons in Hockey, Lacrosse, American Football

My coaching methodology is a positive approach. I encourage my students to work hard through positive constructive criticism. I try to give 5 compliments for a job well done for every 1 critique for something that can be approved.

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UNE student to coach sporting variety to middle school and/or highschoolers in Armidale

My lessons always begin with extensive warm ups and and brief fitness followed by skills and drills and then game structure. Shorter sessions may require more lessons in order to reap the full benefit of my coaching methods while longer sessions will require fewer.

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Fergubs Soccer/Indoor&Outdoor Hockey Tutour/Coach/Teacher. I live in Northam, Western Australia, can travel to see you.

Everyone is welcome and is able to participate and get enjoyment, and a little bit of life advice when asked, And in 45 minutes of your 1st session can teach you and or a group how to juggle (I can do 4 balls) to improve hand eye coordination. I have coached between the ages of 4 yrs old to 17yrs old. Have my WWC and Level 1 Coaching for Soccer and Hockey.

North Adelaide
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I am a trained Physical Education teacher at the Masters Level and can teach athletics, badminton, tennis, table tennis, gymnastics, hockey and softball to beginners and intermediate level

Contemporary styles of coaching keeping the students/ athletes needs at the centre of focus! All around development to bring out the best from the individual! I’ve coached students from different countries and levels and have always heard how satisfied they are with their overall improvement at the end of the course/ training!

1st lesson free !

Enjoying fitness and learning to be the best hockey player you can be. I'm here to help you be the best version of you! Coaching and teaching you hockey skills and the game in general!

I love sports! I love meeting new people and helping them in the best way possible to be the best they can be! My teaching methods are simple. I give of my best to you in order to inhance your skills, techniques and fitness! But we do this in a fun and enthusiastic way! My lessons depend on age groups! If you are under the age of 13, we do between half an hour to an hour lessons.

Raymond Terrace
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A hockey player use to play hockey in school time Who was a champ at all the times now want to make other kids champion in the same Field

My teaching method is not the theoratical knowledge it is more important to gain practical knowledge to success. I beleave in Providing practical knowledge with lot of practice.

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RMIT University student with 5 years of professional soccer and futsal experience provides private training sessions at home.

My teaching method is based around the student, keeping in mind thier capabilities, interests and passion. I start with basics unless the student is fimiliar with them already. A typical session includes a 5-10 minute warm up, followed by skill exercises and ball control activities and ends with stretching for upto 5 minutes.

Cape Town
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Postgrad Sports Management student offering lessons in English, isiXhosa as languages. As well as cricket, hockey and soccer coaching at a fundamental level. Based in Cape Town's Southern Suburbs.

I look to promote self-belief and reinforce the value of small victories. My lessons and sessions are structured in a way that puts the student in a position to be able to identify where they have made progress after the lesson, as well as make sure they are comfortable with tackling this same problem without my assistance because the core lessons will have stuck with them.

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I have a very strong knowledge towards sports as I had represented athletic in national level under 16

I have a very scientific approach towards the sports as it will support you for the long run. Also you can seek my help and can make a life out of your sporting career.

Navi Mumbai
1st lesson free !

I am Hockey Player since my Childhood and have represented many schools games, state level, National Level Tournament. I have represented Amravati Hockey University also. During my journey I have teac

I love Hockey and it's my Passion. I am on a mission to build young childrens to take up Hockey. I have passion for Hockey and wish to build a hockey team for future.

Mar del Plata
1st lesson free !

I am a hockey player for 17 years, I teach beginners and advanced players about individual techniques and groupal tactics.

My teaching method is to punctually teach what the student / player would like to learn. I focus on issues of individual improvement with the hockey stick, postures, movements, to improve the technique. Through interactive videos, photographs, and demonstrations I also teach important group tactics in each position of the field. I look forward to giving the student comfort and fun while learning.

1st lesson free !

A university student who studies sport science and management whilst also playing hockey at a high level

My teaching method is to make sure that you will fully understand the topics, the use of discovery learning whilst also having me explain things in more detail so that you fully grasp the topic and understand what it is happening fully

1st lesson free !

Enlighten your Sports insight by an Sports enthusiast with astute facts at home

My Teaching method is based on providing in depth knowledge with complete and correct information. Providing appropriate explanation for the topic in question or concerned. Listing out various rules and regulation of the respective subject in my case that is sports.

1st lesson free !

T.g.t physical education and specialized coach like hockey, football volleyball and badminton. - 4 Yrs 6 Months experience

B.Ped From M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly Final Year's result awaited  Qualifying D license certi ficate caurse for professional coach of football. (AIFF)  Qualifying the exam of Hockey um pire conducted by U.

1st lesson free !

Qualified Sports Coach based in the South West specialising in Football and Hockey

My teaching method varies from group to group dependant on how best suits the group in front of me. I try to include everyone as much as possible and have as much fun with lessons whilst maintaining and aiming for targets and objectives.

Wood End
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Sport Graduate offering lesson on sports development and coaching levels up to university

When teaching I start off with what people know about a certain topics to know what knowledge of the subject does students have. My lesson structure is to start using the basics then start developing lesson on a wider base of knowledge and using examples for more understanding.

1st lesson free !

Ice hockey coach 9 years of experience in Brighton ready to pass on experience

i like to teach through verbal and practical demonstrations to improve players ability, i like to make lessons fun cause i feel that is the best way to learn and they take more in when they are having fun and they should enjoy what they are doing.

1st lesson free !

Recently finished university student specialising in Physical Education with a range of teaching capabilities

My teaching method is very hands on, a creative mind allows for enjoyable lessons, and in my experience enjoyable lessons allow for effective learning to take place. I prefer to make lessons inclusive for everyone as opposed to the best performers which is key to my methods.

1st lesson free !

I am an engineering student and i play a lot and coach my college team.

The classes are for anyone who is a sports enthusiast or is in any related UG PG program related to sports and anyone who loves sports can come and learn!!! i teach like a friend and help like a parent i am not a teacher consider me your friend and there you go with flying colors.

1st lesson free !

Professional Certified National Level Sportsman in Cricket & Football looking for uplifting local talent

I believer in teaching by setting up right & achievable goals. these are short trm & long term goals which are based on minute attention to details. Basic should be corrected which would impact long terms career for any sportsman.

1st lesson free !

Bio-veterinary student offering in depth hockey coaching and analysis in and around London

My teaching methods are interactive and fun to engage the students in the drills. I like to keep a focus during the drills so that maximum effort and success can be achieved however will always finish with some fun at the end of the sessions.

1st lesson free !

Sports Science student offering excellent hockey coaching from a National League Background

I enjoy delivering fun but structured sessions that can be adapted to ensure maximal benefits achieved from the session

1st lesson free !

Fun and hard working Psychology student tutoring/coaching hockey on a college level

My teaching method is to create a safe working environment for all student or people under my care and to help them achieve their goals. I'm motivated and like to motivate others as well. I like to make a difference in life.

Port Elizabeth
1st lesson free !

Sports Management student and I have made S.A. indoor and outdoor Hockey

Respect is my first thing. You get the respect you give. I base my knowledge on my own past experiences and teach depending in what my students need and the methods I find will be best for each individual.

1st lesson free !

Experienced PE and SEN teacher offering help with Qualifications, advice or basic sports knowledge or skills.

My teaching method is very much student based, I know that everyone learns in different ways and tailor any teaching to the specific students needs.

1st lesson free !

I am admirer of Rahul Dravid from India for cricket and Goalkeepers from Hockey international teams. Also follow cricket world wide tournaments.

My Methodology is pure concentrating on basics, Person has to have a good and strong foundation on a particular game or sport to excel, Also as a player he should concentrate on all the department of the game to excel. Would like to make a player mentally strong to make sure he/she gets adjusted to the games flow without any second thought.

1st lesson free !

Goalkeeper training to improve technique and outfield players confidence on the pitch

Practically is the best way of learning as well as looking visually of what needs to be improved to get better

1st lesson free !

I am a student who loves hockey. Coaching hockey is a passion.

I love coaching hockey and I believe that each session must be interesting, meaningful and different from the ones before.

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Perfect! Sarah has been really amazing. My daughter (who is 9 and having private gymnastics lessons) just loves her and really looks forward to her lesson every Saturday. I thoroughly recommend Sarah. My daughter has progressed really well under her...

Nicole, Student
8 months ago
(1 review)

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