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Italian Cook will teach you all his family's secret recepies from starter to desserts

We will cook together and I will show you every step from choosing ingredients to the last little details to bring at the dishes. You will become an expert on pastas, lasagna, risottos, tiramisù, salads, sauces and more... The techniques I will teach you will also help you to be autonomous in any situation.

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Hopeless at cooking? Not to worry. I'll have you serving dinner in no time!

My teaching method is based upon the individual's learning capabilities. Each lesson will be tailored to meet the students needs and ensure maximum learning. I believe that learning should always be a positive experience. Mistakes should be learnt from, rather than punished.

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Cooking teacher with 25 years food styling for publishing, advertising and tv in Sydney. Many expertise areas of cooking. Lessons in Byron Bay area and Gold Coast

I have over 30 years experience as a professional cook in most subjects, so we'll be able to have a lesson together on your favourite. I'll give you recipe suggestions for you to choose from. Also, freelance food styling for photography and tv has been a big part of my work and here's something else we can do. To be a food stylist you need to be able to cook anything.

Kurralta Park
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Have fun and taste Spain. Mediterranean cooking classes with a professional Spanish chef

My lessons are very dynamic and active, as my students cook from the very beginning of the class. I am a very friendly and kind person, and I love to make my classes funny and engaging. My philosophy is that "everyone can cook" and my lessons teach you not only recipes, but also techniques and tips for developing your own style.

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Le Cordon Bleu student studying to be a chef in Sydney. Have been in Hospitaly Industry for about 4 years.

My teaching classes will provide you with recipe details and a result delicious to eat. My teaching methodology is simple and interactive that makes you fall in love with every small step of cooking. I will start with basic cuts followed by tradition recipe of India or French (as per request).

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Professional cooking enables you to cook anywhere, home or business. Tourist trade

Being a workplace health and food supervisor, I go strictly by the book with workplace health and safety procedures. Lesson structure is based on simple and effective methods, keeping everyone informed throughout the lesson. My teaching method is structured so as each student understands and is comfortable with the lesson.

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Learn from the best a Gordon Bleu chef that has 40yrs experience in Australia

Prior to the lessons, learners would research the dishes/recipes to have an outline of what to expect in the lessons. To not have background on the food items would restrict the ability for the learners to remember and experience. They get one lesson with a demonstration, one chance of doing/producing. A learner needs as much exposure as possible to the task for it become their skill.

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Food, glorious food! Join me for hands on cooking with a variety of cuisines designed specifically for your interest.

Prepare to get dirty! I run fun and interactive hands on courses, covering a brief history and development for a variety of cuisines, as well as some of the science behind cooking. If you are a beginner cook and looking for a relaxed environment to learn some of the tricks of the trade then this is for you.

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I been a chef for now 15 years and I also have a diploma in Business management so I will love to teach all of my knowledge to keen students willing to learn all of my exotic dishes and many desserts

My teaching methods will probably be base on my experience I had in Peru where learn every day 3 dishes per day with live cooking and all of the ingredients to make sure all of the students taste the full flavors of my recipes.

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Lover of all things food teaching private and group lessons in Adelaide

I am very laid back and love to share my knowledge in a relaxed and conversational style cooking with you rather than for you.

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Classically Trained Qualified Chef /Tutor/ Trainer now available in the Central West

My teaching method is to demonstrate the dish, then supervise the student's re-creation of the dish. I'll flesh out the process with some historical context and show the student that it's easy to produce quality food with the right strategies and techniques.

Ocean Shores
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Qualified trainer and assessor in Commercial Cookery, I have worked as a chef worldwide experienced in international cuisines, special dietary requirements, health & nutrition and using local produce.

I am an experienced teacher for over 10 years working with students from various areas at various levels. I like to share my knowledge and translate it it in a way so you can understand the subject and gain competency but also to remember what you have learned and to have fun with it.

Ocean Shores
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Fantastic Cooking teacher, learn to cook well, eat well and have fun !!!

I am client based, person centred and love what I do !!! hands on approach with great support. Visual and tasting is a must !! Advise clients on a healthy diet but delicious as well. Learn skills in cooking good food that wont blow the budget.

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Qualified Chef with knowledge in traditional, modern and molecular gastronomy will give tutorial classes.

I based my teaching method on Outcome Base Education where all of the topics or subjects to be discussed has goals to meet at the end of each sessions. In cooking classes, I will discuss the background of the topic that may include it's history, methods, application, preparation and presentation. At the end of each sessions, students must fully understand the subject by individual assessment.

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Perth girl who gives cooking classes to anyone! cooking is something fun and relaxing

teaching method is having fun, cooking safely and make sure it taste amazing! teach you how to cook so then you can make it at home for family, friends or yourself at home! winter dishes, summer and lots more! yay!

Basket Range
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Healthy delicious dairy & gluten free food that's kind to your health and the environment

I like to involve people in the cooking process so its very hands on with the opportunity to sit as a group after to eat. The theory and practical are interwoven and spread throughout the lesson. I am able to teach right across the board rom early childhood to the more aged members of our community.

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Exciting opportunity to learn the art of Cooking from a young, passionate chef in Ballarat, Victoria

I'm young, energetic and willing to help all different skill types and abilities. A lesson will comprise of a written outline of the tasks ahead, a demonstration and then a hands on application of the knowledge relevant to the lesson. We will learn and apply these skills in a relaxed atmosphere, with little bookwork.

1st lesson free !
1st lesson free !

Old School knowledge from Leese's Nanna also helpfull tricks for tasty food success.

my grandmother taught me and many mother in laws along my way. NO qualification on paper only, and to be honest I am new to teaching but very easy to get along with.

Queens Domain
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Italian/Chilean food fanatic gives away cooking secrets for the JOY OF EATING

I would say. Simple ingredients Use what you got/ don't complicate on small stuff Trust your knowledge of flavors Create something delicious and healthy -Presentation of dish -Ingredients -Preparation -End Result My cooking is mostly vegetarian options, but I promise is worth it, you will have a lot of energy, a better digestion, and overall better and clearer skin and mind.

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30 Years Experienced Chef gives lessons in every aspect of Italian, Indian, French, Vegetarian & Dessert Cooking.

My teaching method is simplicity. I start simple & base my classes on the student attending, getting more complex as I understand the capacity of each individual student. I do not use any industry terms, but laymans language.

1st lesson free !

Misbah have been cooking since 12 year old , experience have developed cooking passion and love in my heart

My teaching method is basic. If you love to learn something , it always better learn from the basic so you can have roots in that particular subject. You can inovate anything , if you know the rules and method .

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Student with a degree and love for baking giving lessons on baking and cooking

I am at ease and explain with eaxamples and by showing

Balmain East
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I am an Italian dynamic Chef who would love to share his passion.

I will go through products we are using giving some tips about how to use them when cooking. You will be cooking from the first time and have my full support when cooking.

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Italian food lover gives cooking lessons to each wannabe chef in Sydney!

My teaching method is, of course, practice! There is no way one can learn to cook without cooking, so every lessons will produce (at least) a product, and what a product

1st lesson free !

Ciao! I'm Laura, I'm Italian by birth and Australian by choice but still in love with my culture and my traditions and I'd love to share all of this with you!

I'll be more than happy to join you in your house and cook with you. I can tell you stories and talk to you about my memories about my childhood and my grandmother, all this while I'll help you to cook.

West Pennant Hills
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A foodie who is passionate to teach cooking and baking with love

Every student are different from one another. Some are more visual and some are more theoretical. When it comes to cooking, I would ask my students to cook from their heart rather than what they've learned and from there we will move forward.

1st lesson free !

BIG FOODIE who makes food shopping and cooking easy and affordable, located in the Northern Suburbs (Melbourne)

I am approachable and patient. My lessons are based on your specific needs with the aim to promote understanding and confidence in easy, simple cooking. A typical lesson looks like: 1. Assess for prior knowledge: this allows me to understand where support is required. 2. Introduce topic/task: familiarises you and promotes thinking. 3.

Greater London
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1st lesson free !

Fine dining and Michelin star background chef gives cooking lessons in London. Health and safety certificated chef. Can travel almost everywhere around London

Hi my name is Giovanni, I'm 29 years old and I am a freelance chef. I started to work in Italy and than I came to London to make new working and life experiences.

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Foodie engineer giving healthy cooking classes to all age groups in Pune.

My teaching methodology differes for different students because I believe everyone has different learning capacity. I specifically take Cooking classes & academic tutoring for school and college students. Apart from that I take classes for SAT & TOEFL. Some other subjects includes Computer Science.

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