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Centenary Heights
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Ecological science graduate gives practical workshops on bringing Food and Nature back Home

My lessons and workshops will be aimed at you. Not only what you're struggling with, but what you understand well, and how you best learn, in order to foster more thorough understanding and improvement. Something I feel is probably the most valuable about the way I teach, is I genuinely want to help you. I will take the time with you and adapt the way I am teaching to suit you.

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Do you want to learn gardening in Madrid? Here you have an experienced gardener with passion and patience

I can teach you about how a plant feels and perceives the world, show you gardens in Madrid and around as well.

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Gardening has been my passion for over 45 years of vegetable and flower growing. Raised beds, containers, bottle gardens, Hugelkultur, etc. This is a skill everyone should learn!

My teaching methods are plain, to the point, practical, and honest. Having been a tutor for developmentally challenged adults years ago, I love teaching, and incorporate humor in my classroom. Humor helps the student to learn and retain the information taught, as well as provides a calm, relaxing, inviting atmosphere which maintains interest in the subject I am teaching.

Bashewa AH
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All plant enthusiasts welcome to join me on my journey to learning as much as I possibly can about the miniscule details of nature. Join me as I explore different propagation techniques, garden design

I approach the skill of gardening by doing as much as I possibly can by myself. I teach the skill of gardening by sharing my own experiences and adapting it to better fit another person's environment or skill level. Gardening is something you have to physically do to get better at it - I can only lay the groundwork for you.

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Gardening enthusiast with 8 years of experience offering advice in Jerome, ID.

I believe that the student is the one that should be the one to direct the learning. I teach alongside the student and base our lessons upon their interests. There are different techniques used depending on the topic being discussed.

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Environmental engineer specialized in Ecological Agriculture, family gardens, educational and community. Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Bacalar, Chetumal

My classes have a theoretical base and are supported by audiovisual teaching materials, accompanied by recommended readings so that the student can deepen and expand their knowledge areas at their own pace. The practice is fundamental to learn the art of care and reproduction of plants. There are two options for practicing in the garden.

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Architect willing to teach and train about landscaping and gardening. Contact me for further details

The sessions will be based on discussions on topics and submissions for the same.

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Landscaping knowledge gives you poistive , (toxic chemical free)and wonderful environment to live a best life

A teaching method comprises the principles and methods used by teachers to enable student learning. Methodology strategies are determined partly on subject matter to be taught and partly by the nature of the learner.

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Horticulturalist, Preservation, 20+ yrs Kentuckiana area,assuring Importance of ECO footprint and Sustainability.

Agenda is based on preserving nature for future life with tentive approach/ hands on task assuring knowledge, preparation and enjoyment

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Do it the pri way and pro at all you do and learn ^_^

I would like to share .. how I do my stuffs .. and help you learn some steps if needed.

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Horticulture is heart agriculture. Gardening Pomology, floriculture,veg sci, spice and condiments all about horrible

Easy to understand, thoroughly explaining. Making student curious about subject .. dought sessions ,providing latest examples , easy teaching methods.

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Beautiful cottage garden located in country side by city guilds of London Gardener.

My past experience in previous jobs have both been in teaching .

Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza
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Ambientologist, shares basic knowledge for the management of urban gardens and composting

The most important thing to learn is the diversity of teaching methods. My strategy is based on implementing both theoretical and practical resources for the optimal learning of my collaborators. Throughout the course a compilation of digital materials (manuals, videos, books and web pages) related to the inputs, design, maintenance and organization of an urban garden will be provided.

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Sustainable Living, Gardening and Farming teacher in Northern Colorado with 25 years experience.

I teach via online videos and take you on a adventure through storytelling and leading you through the seasons at Gaia's Farm and Gardens.

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Organised way of landscaping with appropriate selection of plants and civil planing in autocad using photoshop and 3ds max

I approach the topic by basic knowledge of the students and basic sketch ups and identification of plants and planning the civil layout

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