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Maths lessons given by a French graduate in Sydney to achieve your goals

I believe that to learn you need to be willing to and have fun while learning. I think that preparation for the tutor is the key for success. The tutor needs to know the level of the student to prepare accordingly and should be able to adapt during a lessons to the needs of the student.

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I like to teach Math in Geelong (Highton areas), I have a degree in Accounting and always enjoy maths and like helping others.

My teaching methodology is explaining that Maths is sensiable and usefull in real life. Instead of purely following the methods, I like to explain why it is. I always like to use simple logic examples to make Maths interesting and easier to remember once for all.

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Current student at ANU, perusing Masters of digital and telecommunications engineering and have a year of experience in corporate office working as programmer analyst at Cognizant Technology Solutions

I base the class on the basis of the students need. I start with the basics, make sure the student understands each step by giving as many examples as possible.

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I am patient and I enjoy when students learn and understand well.

I start the lessons with two or three examples and then I ask the students to solve one simple example. If they could do that then I give them a bit complicated examples. I will ask the students to be involved in the subject and ask them to collaborate during solving problems. Then they will learn how to share their information together to solve the big problems.

Eight Mile Plains
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Griffith University Student gives Mathematics classes to high school students in Brisbane

My teaching method involves using visuals, formative assessments and developing strategic thinking. Developing connections with students is quite important and motivating them to overcome the challenging problems. I believe teaching a particular topic using graphics really helps in getting the point across.

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Western Sydney Engineering student gives Maths, Physics, Chemistry and English lessons to students in Parramatta Area.

My teaching method is as follows: (1) Determining the student's current level in their target subject; (2) Determining their goals in their target subject, i.e.

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CQU University student, would like to help Students of high school in maths and Science.

Solving mathematical problems, always keen to know logic's and facts about any discipline was my major field of interest. While teaching I make it a fun session rather than making it boring with just cramming things. The sessions you will be having with me will always be of learning things by knowing their logic, which will help a student to develop interest.

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Theoretical computer science PhD with proven track research record tutors maths and computer science.

I base my classes on the intuitive and creative approach to problem solving. I believe that making students do actual problems is the key to understanding maths and computer science concepts. As with tennis, you actually have to play to learn and the more you practice, the better you get.

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With 20+ years of experience in applying mathematics in business I can help you understand its value.

I will assume you are already following a curriculum at school. You ask the question and then I will guide you to find the solution. I will put things into context with real world applications. But we work together in finding out what best helps you in learning.

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Engineering graduate with university teaching experience gives maths lessons in Brisbane South

I am a recent mechanical engineering graduate from University of Southern Queensland with distinction. The lessons will be structured according to the student's pace and depth of learning. I try to make the subject more interesting and applicable. Being a part of peer learning programs at the university, I can understand what a student feels when facing a problem.

Sunnybank Hills
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QUT Mathematics and IT student offering fresh, helpful Mathematics tutoring in the Brisbane area

My teaching method is structured towards focusing the student towards grasping the concepts and how they work, and not simply telling them the answer, but rather leading them in an organic way to the solution. This also reinforces the techniques and concepts used, allowing them to easily be applied elsewhere.

Prahaasan reddeppa reddy
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Mechanical Engineering student gives science lessons , explaining theories and to help in with research to students in Brisbane

I have a degree in psychology too so my teaching technique is far different from others.I start lesson with awe struck question related to lecture i have to deliver ! i will start probing students then ill get their whole concentration in hat time ill jump into the core of subject by making an interactive session and end with practical examples .

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Studying at Curtin University in Perth looking to help students in primary or high school with their Maths troubles

I am happy to assist with any school aged child involving maths work and potentially other types of schoolwork, in particular assignments or studying for tests. I believe I have the knowledge and ability to explain maths concepts in a way that any aged student could easily understand while also feeling comfortable and enjoying it.

Saint Kilda
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RMIT master's student gives lessons on MATHS for school and Uni students!

Basically ,teaching is an art where you should create bond between you and your pupil. My first duty is to understand the student's mentality and at what stage he/she can understand the subject. And then teach the basics and make the basics strong . Further prepare them at the best.

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Experienced math teacher is giving to lesson for primary and secondary school

My responsibilities of as Tutor include preparing work materials, monitoring student attendance, helping students to develop academic goals, preparing students for tests. I am helping kids make them love math and try to brush up and figure out their skills.

Abyn mathew
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Macquarie University Actuarial Postgraduate Student providing Maths/Statistics classes to school and uni students in Sydney

My teaching method focuses on teaching the underlying principles and concepts rather than just explaining a solution to a question to a student. This helps to train the mind and improve problem-solving. My classes usually start with understanding the areas where the student isn't confident, then proceeding to explain the concept and finally problem-solving (along with real-life examples).

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Sessional Academic at QUT with experience in tutoring economics, statistics, mathematics and finance. Firm beliefs in critical thinking, hardwork and the try and fail till success method.

I am a firm believe of non- linear learning and from there on focus on the underlying structure. The key to teaching is focus and critical thinking. When it is combined with trial and error, it is impossible to not achieve something. Nothing is perfect and it is the process that matters, of course the result are important as well.

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Mathematics tutor with over 25 years experience, all ages and standards welcome

My teaching method depends on the age of the student. All students learn at different rates and with different styles so I tailor my methods to suit the student. With basic skills I have my students play games to keep their interest whilst improving their skills. I do not teach typing (no calculators allowed). I also don't do students homework but will happily explain how to do similar questions.

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Melbourne University Medical Student Passionate about Education - Tutoring in Maths for all ages!

I teach based on need. I focus my sessions on the current topics the student is learning and then focus in on the areas of difficulty, using a range of strategies to allow the student to understand the topic. I like to see the student apply the knowledge in the session, and I provide them with some pieces of work to do before the next session to consolidate their knowledge.

Victoria Park
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You do not need to be a genius for understanding maths & physics. The only thing you need it is the right teacher! Let an engineer teaches you. You will see the difference.

I consider that I have the teaching skills which I have improved through my experience. Being creative and listening to the students I can find the right way to help them. I try to do my best to students trust in me, so they will be comfortable asking me and so knowing their needs I can do everything for solving their questions.

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Oxford Graduate specialising in Primary and High School Maths in Brisbane East

I feel I am very good at seeing the situation from another person's point of view, I am adaptable so if one technique isn't working I am able to change the way I do things to make it easier to understand. The best thing to do for a student is be understanding and patient, there is nothing worse than a child getting frustrated and losing interest because they just don't understand.

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I can teach science subjects including maths, physics, chemistry upto level 8.

My teaching methodology is teaching in the friendly environment. In mathematics, I prefer to practice and in theoretical subjects, I prefer conceptual studies. I always encourage students to ask more questions in their weak areas. I happy to answer difficult questions.

Chermside West
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{ EXCELLENT ONLINE MATHS TUTORING } Bachelor of mathematics graduate. Flexible, knowledgeable and reliable.

I am an innovator in the online tutoring field. I teach high school students in a fun and engaging way. I prepare for all my lessons with the students needs in mind, so they get the best out of the lessons.

Ascot Vale
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Travelling Space Scientist / Civil Engineer tutoring Maths online and all over Australia

My first steps are always trying to understand exactly where a student is struggling. In my experience, difficulties in the maths students are currently experiencing are usually caused by a misunderstanding or gap in previous learnings. Once these gaps have been identified, getting students up to speed is rapidly achieved. This requires one-on-one discussions and working through problems together.

Oak Park
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An Engineering student doing Masters in Engineering in Swinburne University of Technology

My teaching method can vary according to the requirement of the student. I will make sure that the student understands the topic very well by giving real life examples to problems and solutions or term. Giving students enough time to grasp what the subject is all about.

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Software Engineer teaching Math and Physics to high school students in Melbourne or Online

My teaching method is casual, practical and structured based on individual students need. My philosophy is to help students understand concepts and use those concepts to achieve the desired results instead of just helping students cram the textbook. Hopefully what helped me get through high school and engineering, will help other students as well.

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Monash bachelor degree at commerce, very patient, motivated, enthusiasm, inspired and reliable

Case by case, illustrate the knowledge point first and then did practice with some example, which I prefer to take reality example if possible. After that I would highly recommend students to ask me at anytime they want, I would be patient to answer.

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I am a Diploma holder in Early Childhood Education and Care, currently working in childcare as a Room Leader, but has vast experience back in India, to teach primary school students. I live in Tullama

I always believe in student focused classes where they can enjoy their learning environments with fun, while gaining knowledge in their respective subjects. I am a down to earth person where I can cater the needs of individual students according to their learning skills and make them feel confident and comfortable in my sessions.

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Mathematics and Statistics Tutor with in Calista, WA with 16 years of experience

I am a Statistician with a BSc in Mathematics and Statistics. I excelled in my degree with straight high distinctions and numerous awards, and currently work as a consultant and sessional lecturer in research methodology and statistics. I began tutoring in 2002.

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UOW 1st year (scholar-holder) female student gives maths lessons to high school and uni students in wollongong near uni/online

I am willing to teach 2-3 days per week (hours can vary) and more if required during tests etc. I will set lessons for the week according to the syllabus you provide me and will take regular quizzes. A typical lesson will include me explaining a topic, clearing any doubts you may have, solving some problems as examples and then going through your reference book to give you practice questions.

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