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In Canberra, the average rate of maths tuition is $31.


Tutoring rates for maths lessons will differ depending on:

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70 private maths tutors are available to give maths lessons in Canberra and the surrounding areas.


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On Superprof, you can learn maths online with a private tutor. Whether you need help revising for your exams, are struggling with maths concepts, or would just like to build on your maths skills, our tutors can help you.


Many of our maths teachers also offer private online tuition. Around 80% of the private teachers on Superprof give maths lessons via webcam and most of them offer their first lessons free!


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Students gave their maths tutors on average 5.0 out of five from a sample of 16 ratings.


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Mathematics is one of the hardest subjects in secondary school. Many pupils struggle with maths throughout the school year, whether at primary level, secondary or higher. This is why additional maths support is so highly sought after.


With the help of a maths teacher many students are able to conquer their fear of maths.


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Mathematics information 


You will find maths, like English and science, is a subject present throughout years of school, primary school and high school alike, which is Australia wide, and goes all the way to HSC. It's a core part of your education, yet not everyone chooses to study it, going for a different learning experience with physics, chemistry, biology, or English and language focussed subjects which cater to a university course you want and are a, therefore, better use of your time. Unlike English, maths isn't compulsory all the way through school, which means that several students across Canberra, Australian Capital Territory don't take maths in their final years of high school, despite what a teacher may recommend, simply because they don't do well in their lessons.


The fact remains that maths is one of the most popular subjects in education in Canberra, the Australian Capital Territory and Australia since even though students may prefer other subjects because they have a great time learning maths carries high levels of life experience, and is used at a high rate in daily life - every hour of every day of the year. Its skills (like those of English) are practical, and you don't even know you're applying them in daily experience. 


Across all years of school in Canberra, the Australian Capital Territory, and Australia, you also find students complaining about maths being boring, with the subject not having overall great reviews. This could be because your daughter or son just isn't doing well and doesn't know how to get the sufficient attention of the teacher, no how-to apply what they recommend to their learning. Enter a maths tutor, who typically has experience at an Australian school, maybe even in Canberra, or has studied maths at university, and therefore can offer help, online or face to face, and to any level, tutoring to help students achieve a high success rate in maths lessons, and foster good learning habits. They will also recommend that you apply these student skills in another subject like physics, chemistry, biology, and English, as they're as much about learning and education as they are mathematics.


Learning maths at primary school, high school, or HSC


Mathematics education occurs throughout all years of primary school and high school, and children spend time learning the subject from the very first year of school. A teacher could have methods to encourage such learning, thus helping students find ways to create reviews of their own methods of study too. It is therefore obvious why so much time is spent teaching this and English, since the two subjects help form the fundamental basis for students of all ages to function inside and outside school, especially in this online time we're living in.


In Australia, the mathematics curriculum is quite standard across the primary and secondary school, as the skills students acquire are universal. Teaching jobs for maths are in high demand due to their adaptability too, so there is the additional benefit of being a high-level maths teacher too since you can then instruct to all years of private or public school as soon as you graduate college or university with the right qualification (this can even be engineering, chemistry, or physics degree, but coupled with an education certificate).


Primary school years tend to focus on addition and subtraction in more plain English for the student, then later primary school reviews these processes, and gives students experience in applying these skills to more complex themes. A student will confront fractions and decimals, simple algebra, and multiplication and division skills that will be of great use and used at a high rate in daily life. Finally, they will progress to more advanced versions of mathematics-based subjects, which include maths methods, chemistry, biology, and physics, into high school, with learning in maths and science continuing generally throughout their education.


Where maths can take you in Canberra and Australia


People in Australia tend to wonder how high the rate of maths use is day to day, yet despite being regularly proven wrong on the utility of mathematics, many students find it hard to conceptualise maths as more than just a subject and see the level of diverse skills it can be applied to. Professions using mathematics are broadly applicable, and we all need experience with it to be able to function in any case.


The most obvious profession for someone who has a brain for maths is a mathematician. This involves several mathematics-related tasks too: government project development, defence jobs, and town planning to name but a few. The job can be even purer again, with pure maths being simply used for the sake of contribution to the philosophy of knowledge. This would mean that you work out new ways of understanding things using numbers, and is a typical interpretation of mathematics that is probably the most common idea of the application of the subject.


Practically speaking, maths also has plenty of concrete applications. A clear manifestation would be as an engineer, a career which has a high rate of graduates but also a high rate of employment. With chemical, structural, electrical, software and civil engineering being just some of the sub-sectors, engineering is also recognised as one of the industries which always has consistent work - just think of any new speculative prospecting or pre-building systems that need to be consulted before entering construction - engineering to the rescue!


To finish on, maths is also great for forging a career in a field that might not be obvious the first time around: accounting. Well ok, people obviously do associate this profession with numbers, but it's considered a high bureaucratic job by most, thereby too administrative to be immediately associated with a mathematics degree. Accounting is a springboard into an economics career though, with this profession able to develop you into a data analyst, statistician, or data scientist, from which point you can have broad-reaching economic impacts all across Canberra, the Australian Capital Territory, and Australia.


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