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Revesby Heights
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High Achieving Law Student at UNSW (ATAR 98.45, LAT 94) teaching HSC English in Revesby Heights

My teaching structure is based upon the HSC syllabus. I further base my lessons on each individual students' needs and abilities. In my eyes, tutoring is a social event and should be approached as such. My philosophy on teaching is that each student ultimately leads their own learning, the tutor simply gives them a way in which they can access that ability.

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Qualified English/Humanities Teacher in Canberra, with recent experience teaching in rural Tasmania

When teaching, I focus on three key things in every lesson: establishing a growth mindset, effectively differentiating for each student, and ensuring my students feel valued. A growth mindset is when a student moves from saying "I can't" to saying "I can't yet". I work with every student to ensure they feel capable of improving, even if it's their least favourite subject.

Alexandra Headland
(7 reviews)
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Experienced Primary Teacher - catering for students with special needs/disabilities/English as a Second Language on the Sunshine Coast. Specialising in literacy support.

I like to get back to the basics and build from there. I am dedicated, easy-going, friendly and love to see my students succeeding and gaining greater confidence.

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Language and literacy support from birth to year 6, or beyond.

My teaching methodology has emerged from up-to-date academic foundations and extensive experience . Lessons sit firmly on a foundation of connection with students. Topics are individualized and unique needs and interests are integrated. I teach important underlying skills through material that is authentic and meaningful for the student.

Tweed Heads South
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Improve your English Online (reading, writing, resumes) - 30 plus years in administration

Students learn best when the lessons are suited to their learning style. I work on the visual, auditory, kinesthetic system - that is do you learn best by watching, listening or doing. By understanding the student's style of learning, the ability for the student to increase their skills and knowledge is possible.

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Canberra Humanities & Arts uni student, down-to-earth essay/writing/english tutoring, willing to come to you!

My teaching methods are discussion-based. Together, we work through the problem from the simplest point, unraveling complex essay questions or getting started on that giant pile of exam revision. I prefer to get to know my students, and adapt to what they need. I can work with anyone from Year 4 on wards. Simply put, I ask the right questions so they can come to the conclusion themselves.

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Fun, creative and enthusiastic learning aid in English and writing, located in Warradale

I have a very active and energetic teaching methodology. For me it isn't about what you're teaching but who you are teaching, believing that each individual learns and interacts differently depending on their best ability to learn. I am quite a visual learner myself, so my teaching will reflect this. However, I like to get to know an individual before deciding what is best for their learning.

Balwyn North
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UniMelb Literature student offering engaging middle and high school lessons in Melbourne!

My lessons are aimed at helping students work with texts and assignments in more engaging ways than VCE often allows for. I do my best to specialise my teaching style to each individual student, so as to offer the maximum benefit to my students.

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Travelling American English teacher instructs students in Adelaide with hilariously fun discussions.

I believe in multiple types of learning models. However, I think that when students can relate to the material and have fun, they learn quickly. All students learn differently. It is my job to understand the student's needs and goals. When I understand my students, I can maximise their learning potential.

North Melbourne
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UniMelb Arts Student conducts workshops for English and Creative Writing in Melbourne

I focus on understanding the material taught - the methods I use help students realise and retain knowledge learnt in school so they may apply it in other areas of their life. The content imposed upon students in school is very heavy and can be extremely dull - I break down these chunks of material into smaller, easier-to-comprehend situations that are applicable in real life.

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Swinburne Law student giving English and exam writing lessons to high school students

My teaching method is based on covering any gaps of knowledge a student might have and further clarifying them by testing them and evaluating their progress. I would ideally like to spend half the lesson on theory and the remaining half on questions and practicing what they've learnt.

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Wordsmith extraordinaire and Essay Master helps Adelaide students plan, draft and polish their essay assignments

At the risk of getting too zen-monk on you here: "In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities and in the expert’s mind, there are few." [Shunryu Suzuki]. I encourage and uplift the beginners mind in all my students - thereby teaching them how to learn anything, adapt to changing circumstances and build resilience for a big, full life.

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University of Mebourne Arts student and Dux (98.75 ATAR) providing VCE year 11 and 12 tuition in History: Revolutions, Global Politics, Literature and English

Having recently completed year 12, I have an intimate understanding of these subjects and can offer invaluable guidance in concepts and content; essay writing, exam technique and short answer questions; and general management of stress and the year 12 workload.

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University of Queensland Secondary Education student gives English lessons to students of all ages in Brisbane.

My friends, teachers and employers have always described me as a "bright and effervescent" person, which aids me in developing a positive mentoring relationship with any student whether introverted or extroverted. Additionally, when teaching I employ a "never give up" approach.

Fortitude Valley
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University student gives one on one English lessons and preparation skills at home

My teaching methods are based on what my students are currently working on, or desire to work on. From their, I will develop a program that will best benefit the student in learning all things necessary for their school work or general learning objectives.

Mangrove Mountain
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Macquarie University student can give lessons on understanding texts and analysing meaning and writing essays. Perfect for high school students.

The basis of my teaching method revolves around dissecting the question and applying the rubric to your advantage. I find that in this way marks can be maximised, while also allowing you to develop your lateral thinking skills. Lesson structure will be catered to your needs, where we will focus on what you want to achieve in both the short term and the long term.

Saint Lucia
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Brisbane English and writing tutoring by a Second Year (OP1) UQ Law Student

My teaching methodology focuses on providing the students with a deeper understanding and comprehension of their subject matter. I believe that simply being taught to memorize and regurgitate facts isn't a productive way to learn. I believe in highly dynamic teaching, and as such lesson structure will be quite fluid in order to meet the individual needs of each student.

White Gum Valley
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Successful Year 12 tutor provides support for short answer and essay writing.

I deliver individual and small group lessons. I do some on-line sessions. I focus on assisting students to pass examinations where they have the basic skills in literacy but cannot demonstrate this in the assessments. I offer a structured one-on-one program that has some independent study included.

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Griffith university law student tutoring English subjects and legal studies in Gold Coast: year 7 - 12

My teaching method is for students to feel they are having fun, as well as learning. I give out poems and readings, analysis them with students. I will make scenarios with them and give relating topics in order for my students to be confident in debating and having an argument. My goal in my teaching methodology is make students feel confident in their reading and their writing.

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A 20-year-old University student studying at ACU and love working and teaching children.


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Speech Pathology graduate gives reading, spelling & writing lessons to Primary and Highschool students

My lessons are geared towards working with all ages of children. I like to make my sessions fun and I aim to build a solid rapport with each student. This creates trust which can enhance learning outcomes for the student. I base my lessons on first identifying the student's strengths and areas of need through a discussion with the student and/or family and informal assessment.

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As a tutor for school English I will provide service to all students out there in Melbourne.

My teaching method is quite clear by analysing weak points of students and turning their weaknesses into strengths by motivating and encouraging students. I select topics based on current issues and of course putting students' interest in my mind so I can keep them engaged interestingly.

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Diverse, talented, self-motivated and self-aware teacher. Self-reflective and willing to connect with best teaching practices to tailor to your unique and specific needs.

I strongly believe in every child's potential and I have recently (in the last five years) developed a strong connection to Montessori method and teaching philosophy. I also believe in multiple intelligences and creating an environment where children are at the centre, suitably nurtured and encouraged to be life long learners and awakened to their greatest learning potential.

Canning Vale
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Murdoch MBA student giving English lessons to high school students in Perth, WA

My teaching method varies on student to student, depending upon what the student needs. The lesson structure will involve some class study and some home work as well. I don't have a fixed teaching method as I believe that 'One size doesn't fit all'.

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Teacher of English as an Additional Language - students from kindergarten to adult

I strive to develop a working rapport with all my students to ensure they are engaged in the process of learning. I initially ascertain the current level of knowledge that all students possess and work towards developing that knowledge further.

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Bachelor of Arts Murdoch Student helps children and adults love the creative Arts

I am a Bachelor of Arts student at Murdoch University and I am studying a double major in English and Creative Writing with Theater and Drama. I believe that reading and writing are essential in life because having these two skills will open up a whole new world to you. My teaching method is to get to know each of my students well and target my lessons to their individual needs.

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Veterinary Student offering english lessons to high school students in North Brisbane

I am a very hands on and visual learner and will base my lessons upon this. I love to be creative and find drawing mind maps whilst brain storming and following step-by-step draft structures to be the most effective approach.

Bells Creek
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English for you. Sunshine Coast. Best way to learn is by having fun.

My teaching method is basic. With patience and fun. Sometimes a change of scenery. Each person has a different way of learning and I try to find what works for students not what works for me. Once we know the best way you learn, the fun can begin.

Holland Park
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MBA Student seeks students to share knowledge - Essay writing can feel tough, but it doesn't have to be!

So there are a few parts to writing, whether it's creative or essay writing, that need to be developed to be a good essay writer, and identifying what needs to be developed is the first step in improving. 1. Researching/determining content to include 2.

Saint Albans
Guruge devani
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First year Nursing student at VU ready to teach English for the youngsters.

I can understand the different methods that can be used to make a small child learn depending on their different personalities.

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Perfect! Laura was very professional while dealing with my son (Sean). He has made good improvement with his Reading.

David, Student
3 weeks ago
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