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Kelvin Grove
1st lesson free !

Change your perspective and live your life with positivity and good vibes

I'm a PhD student and I'm very well an example of how I changed my personal and professional life by changing my perspective

1st lesson free !

La Trobe student gives lessons of chemistry to high school students and psychology to uni students.

Great experience to teach college students and high school students in various fields from primary school to higher education students.

Canning Vale
1st lesson free !

A highly qualified professional (Provisional Psychologist) with a great passion to empower and help people from all backgrounds to improve their knowledge,skills,health and wellbeing.

My teaching method is to meet each students needs and to help students minimise their stress and to improve their health and wellbeing, so as to enhance their learning. I use the Positive Learning Framework to help students become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens.

1st lesson free !

Highly rank Law student with a love for public speaking! - Sunshine coast based

My teaching style completely depends on the student! I offer my first lesson free so that we can get to know each other and decide the best way to support you and what will work for you!

Endeavour Hills
1st lesson free !
1st lesson free !

Good choices make good ethics and when we work smart, its enjoyable. Being yourself is highly satisfying, that makes pioneering your dreams, a breeze.

Each day presents something new, so keeping the components real, with the people present, at basics, that each may comprehend naturally. May be activity, writing, movement...

Mary agnes
1st lesson free !

Mary Agnes is an Accounting graduate in a very friendly country, the Philippines. And is willing to help and teach you Accounting and deal with stress or anything related to it through online.

My teaching method is online so aside from being a teacher I can be a friend. I would make sure that the students have learn from me which is beneficial for them now and in the future.

1st lesson free !

Mentor with dynamic history, seeks students from all over the world. Also happy to help with English slang teaching.

I like to firstly find out how a student best learns, then using this information I create insightful interactive lessons online via email/Skype or mobile phone/video chat.

1st lesson free !

Current Professional Rugby Union Player - B.A in Psych and a B.A in Leadership Management looking to IMPROVE YOU

My coaching techniques will incorporate both empirical and non-empirical methods. Empirical methods will use my vast experience in Professional sports at the top-level in both the southern and nothern hemispheres. I will provide clients with a contemporary approach to positivity, self-coaching and self-development.

1st lesson free !

Mid 30's Professional Guy who has owned businesses and plenty of life Experience to share and help you through your good and tough times. Its all about learning from each situation to become your ulti

I believe that my work and life experience can help you get ahead and achieve the results you are wanting. One thing I can proudly say that even through the adversity I have faced, I am still standing to this day. 9/10 I will have been in your shoes at some stage, so been able to relate......

1st lesson free !

Psychologist (M.Sc.) with many experiences of coaching and supporting people how to handle Stress and how you can create more well-being.

I think, everyone have something special inside and have abilities and ressources to solve problems or find new ways. I like to support you with talking, practising, explanations and a surrounding with empathy and trust.

1st lesson free !

Developing attitude is the key to personal development and adding value to ownself leads to personal development.

My teaching method is not unique from others but I like students to explore the idea and think of the possibilities.I began my topic by asking few questions to students.

1st lesson free !

I am a Transformational Life Coach & Holistic Wellness Counsellor. I Help people with life transitions and help them overcome stress and anxiety

I apply the dynamics of human behaviour and research-based in-demand tools, techniques, and frameworks, coupled with my quintessential coaching skills to create a positive life transformation for my clients. I use a combination of counselling, coaching, mentoring and training as appropriate.

Margaret River
1st lesson free !

Experienced counsellor & life coach in the Margaret River WA region available to help you become a positive person, change the way you see your world & help you live the life you deserve.

I combine clinical practice with alternative healing modalities to get the best results with clients. I also use the Laws of Attraction as guiding principles of working to shift people to improve their world.

Macquarie Park
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1st lesson free !

Success Mindset Coach mentors students, parents, professionals to achieve desired results they want in the field of studies, sports or personal well being.

Participants are made to go through experiential learning. Because experience is the best way to learn effortlessly. Study material is also provided as and when needed and relevant. Various types of exercise are created using scientific methods to ensure deeper and stronger learning.

Holloways Beach
Dr louise
1st lesson free !

Mental Health Professional - PhD in Psychology, Bachelor Psychology (1st Class Honours), Bachelor Education.

My passion is twofold: Teaching psychology and working in Mental Health. I have taught several university psychology subjects: Introduction to Psychology I & II, Sensation & Perception, Memory & Cognition, Psychopathology & Theoretical Foundations of Modern Psychology.

1st lesson free !

Hello, i'm teaching personal development classes, I give lessons to uni students in Sydney. certificate accreditation

My lessons are structure , there is 8 of them and we go through them all. Then i give exercises to do at home to practice or even sometimes with other friends. I give challenge as well to help my clients to gain more confidence.

Pacific Pines
1st lesson free !

You are because you have to be, How do you feel about that?

None of us are getting off this planet alive, so while you only have approximately 90 to 100 years living breathing here on our planet, learn as much as you can and understand one very important thing always FORGIVE OFTEN.

1st lesson free !

I’m an experienced educator, making tough things easy and will make you perfect.

my teaching strategies are quite simple, i do explain the topics in brief which helps to understand thoroughly.

1st lesson free !

Yasmin community service student loves to give the knowledge she has received to others

My teaching methodology is through allowing the students to connect with their inner selves, so that they are able to understand themselves better

1st lesson free !

Brisbane based student teaching personal development and growth in a fun and creative way.

A holistic and creative space to help learn, discuss and create your best potential using multimedia learning resources to engage all learning types

Mermaid Waters
(7 reviews)
1st lesson free !

I truly believe that if you have the desire for something you can also achieve it. Let me support you on the way ;)

My goal is to help my clients to improve and enjoy the process. Ideally, you understand why you learn what you learn to increase your motivation...enjoying the path you are going. I believe we all have potential, but we need to find a way to evoke it :).

1st lesson free !

INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES - Reach your goals with greater ease with Brain Gym, in Sydney !

Energetic Consultant Brain Gym dedicated to help people to achieve what they need with confidence and joy ! I will teach you a range of techniques (P.A.C.E, stress release techniques, re patterning, ...) and specific movements to help you reach your maximum's potential.

1st lesson free !

Do you love the life you live? Repeating challenges? Looking for answers? Get guided by a qualified and empathetic Life Coach (Cert IV)

How strong is your sense of who you are? Do you love the life you live - in Lifestyle, Relationship, Money, Work? Life Coaching is about your present and your future! I’m a firm believer that the more you get to know yourself and what makes you happy in life, the easier it is to make choices long term that will full-fill you.

Rose Bay
1st lesson free !

Life and Love Coach with 15 years of experience gives private lessons on how to become a magnet for all you desire

My teaching method is catered for your specific needs as I develop a love yourself wellness plan from mindset to nutrition to fitness to relationships with self and others for your ultimate success in life! I take you on a journey to the heart where all your power resides.

1st lesson free !

Melbourne University Student and Fitness professional giving Melbourne based lessons in Positive Thinking, happiness and being the best you!

I am a big believer that there is no such thing as a 'one size fits all' approach, and as such will tailor lessons to you are how you best learn! A typical lesson will be centred around any issues or questions you may have, and exploring the ways in order to overcome/address them.

Mount Waverley
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1st lesson free !

Experienced mentor and qualified coach offers coaching by skype or one on one

I am a qualified coach recognised by ICF I am experienced in meditation holistic therapies (Reiki Master) and practice NLP and mindfulness. I have a large experience in small businesses and medium size companies. My knowledge goes from legal matters, marketing, events, business development, public speaking and personal development. I am reliable professional and efficient.

(1 review)
1st lesson free !

Professional mentor and business woman providing lessons and support in personal and professional well being and career development.

I base my lessons on the needs of the student and mostly use online face to face zoom training system. I focus on understanding their strengths and how to enhance and maximise these to continue to expand their capacity in all areas of their study and development.

1st lesson free !

Speak with Confidence! Public speaking and acting coach with 15 years experience.

I want to empower you to communicate effectively at school, job interviews, auditions, social functions, and university. My sessions will give you the confidence to stand up in front of a group of people and be able to speak clearly and confidently.

1st lesson free !

Stress Mangement and Well Being online or private lessons provided by Swinburne psychologist and master student in counselling

I teach a 40 minutes session by discussion, conversation and questions. Power point presentations of lectures or private tutoring online or I can come to your home in Darwin. I can teach young to old persons.

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