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Piano Classes for Kids

Start taking piano lessons as early as possible

Many of us have dreamed of becoming the next David Helfgott or Miriam Hyde and giving concerts all across Australia or composing our own pieces of music for piano or even orchestra. Finally wouldn't it be great simply to play Chopin's nocturnes in the evening for your friends or your family? We all like music and would like to play the piano or another instrument, but the problem is that we often discover our talents too late when we have to study or work and don't have time to work on our technique seriously. That's why it can be a great idea for your children to start developing their musical talents as early as possible, even before they go to school. 


The best solution to teach them music is to contact and hire a private piano teacher with good teaching experience. With them, your kids will learn how the piano keyboard is organised and how we use it to produce sounds, as well as the basics of musical theory. When we are five or six years old we learn extremely fast, so often even after a few lessons children are already able to play simple pieces of music.


We often think that learning the piano is not easy and indeed it requires many hours and even years of practice. It's a pretty demanding instrument and our fingers may not get used to the keyboard right away. Learning beautiful pieces of music requires a lot of discipline and we need time to enhance our execution. However, if we start early enough it may not be that difficult to learn the piano either. With a good teacher, children take their piano lessons as a game and thoroughly enjoy each lesson.


In addition to developing their musical talents, piano lessons with a teacher may help young kids to develop other qualities like concentration, persistence and discipline which will be helpful a few years later when they go to school and learn how to read, for example. What's more, music boosts children's imagination and develops their artistic sensitivity in general, which is a fact that has been confirmed by several scientific reviews.

What kids learn with their piano teacher

When someone starts learning how to play the piano, the most important thing is to take the right posture and choose the right position for your hands on the keyboard. Your fingers must hit the keys like small hammers to get the best sound and relax your hands. Playing with stiff fingers can be dangerous for young piano students because this can cause muscle strains and other injuries. On top of that, bad piano technique is one of the major hurdles for children's progress in music that can persist for years. A good piano teacher with teaching experience will make sure that your kids play correctly and teach them how to improve their finger agility.


After this first step, young students arrive at another important stage of music education: they start learning how to read scores and working on simple piano pieces. Children first need to learn where their fingers go on the keyboard and then work on the musicality of their execution. A private music teacher will share their knowledge and experience with them and will teach them how to make their performance more emotional. They can also send a recording of their own execution to the children by email so they can get an idea of how it should sound.


To master the piano very well, it may be necessary to practice and study for several years, working with the teacher in person or online. But after that, your kids will be able to play jazz, classical or folk music, use their right hands and left hands at the same time and even give small concerts at home. If they follow this path and keep on taking piano lessons, one day, they could even apply to study in a music school or a conservatory and even teach music themselves. When you master the piano keyboard very well, it opens up lots of opportunities in music for you. Piano players play in orchestras and rock bands, give solo concerts across Australia, compose music for movies or even write articles for prestigious musical reviews in print or online.

Why take piano lessons with a private teacher

It's extremely important for kids to take their first steps in music with a private piano teacher. They will learn the right technique and have fun during their lessons. The advantage of learning the piano with a teacher is that they will see what kind of music the children like the most and choose the pieces they use to teach them accordingly. The kids will want to play those songs and it will motivate them to spend more time before the keyboard and work harder.


The piano keyboard can look daunting when you first see it. It's very large and each time you need to know what exact key to touch. If children study music alone they may quickly grow discouraged. A private piano teacher with teaching experience will not let this happen. They will stimulate the kids to learn and give them more confidence in their musical abilities.


Finally, a good piano teacher has a vast music culture and can suggest pieces of music the children should listen to or even send them recordings online by email. Listening to piano music can play a crucial part in the learning process and it will develop the kids' ears for music and their music taste. Even if they stop playing the piano years afterwards, their music taste will stay with them throughout their lives.

How to find a great piano teacher in Australia

One of the keys that will help your children succeed in learning the piano is to find the right private teacher for them. For this, it is not enough to find someone who just has some basics for playing the instrument. You need a qualified teacher who knows how to teach kids and how to inspire them.


For this reason, at Superprof we have a very varied offer of private teachers with different musical backgrounds, experiences and studies. They will give your children inspiring lessons and make your kids love the piano and music in general.


What you may like particularly about Superprof is that finding a piano teacher on our platform is extremely easy. You just need to go on our website to see the profiles of thousands of music teachers across Australia ready to help your kids in person or online. We will provide you with all the necessary information about them, such as their location, prices, teaching methods or email address and other contact details, and you'll be able to read reviews written by their young students’ parents.


On top of that, the majority of our teachers offer their first lesson for free, so you will be sure your children get on with them very well before you hire them.