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No matter how advanced your level of piano experience and knowledge, Superprof piano teachers are here to ensure that students learn new aspects of piano theory and practical performance over time, with the main goal of building up a solid musical understanding. Why not learn to play your favourite music with private piano lessons Ballarat, VIC, Australia!


Why you might want to start private piano lessons

The piano is a wonderful instrument and has served as the foundation for so many famous songs we know and love. Nearly every song can be arranged and performed on piano by a single person - the playing possibilities of the piano are endless.  It’s no wonder why the piano is the #1 most popular instrument in the world to learn and play!

Everyone should give piano lessons a go as it can be a great musical outlet for those without a hobby and can also provide you with a lifelong skill that’s sure to impress your friends, family and loved ones. Moreover, private piano lessons can help to fill the gaps in your learning within other aspects of music such as singing, guitar playing, voice control, understanding of music theory and classical music. Gaining musical experience through years of face to face or online teaching can provide you and other Ballarat students with invaluable piano skills for future jobs or other musical performance avenues such as songwriting, live performance and even musical theatre.

Rest assured, if you’d rather learn the piano casually without the idea of a career goal in mind, the piano is very open to people of all skill levels and with enough practice, becomes easier to play. The real challenge is overcoming that initial learning hurdle, which luckily, private piano teachers at Superprof can really help with. 


Specialised private teaching in and around Ballarat and Melbourne, VIC.   

Whether your musical interests are on the contemporary side of things, or you’d rather invest more of your time towards classical composition, your piano teacher hired through Superprof Australia is there to formulate each lesson to suit your needs and personal goals. Teachers on Superprof Australia recognise that everyone has a personal preference for learning, which is why many will tailor lesson plans for new students to ensure that the learning experience is as enjoyable and educational for students as possible. If you’re a new student with little piano practice, it can be reassuring to have a teacher who is patient and willing to guide you through the process. Even if you are without a piano at home, you can always practice using a cheap keyboard (as long as it works!).

Picking the right online piano tutor is easy through Superprof Australia, as you can pick out approved teachers according to their methodology, hourly rates, CV, background and online past student reviews. Having approved profile information such as this can give you confidence in who you meet up with for a future face to face lesson later on. First lessons are generally free of charge in case you change your mind. It is also worth noting that a past review can give you a reliable indication of a private piano teacher’s teaching style and capability, and whether it has legitimately helped past students from Ballarat and around Melbourne, VIC. 

At the end of the day, your piano teacher is there to ultimately help you develop your piano playing and learn new styles of piano playing over time - refining your piano dexterity/fingering techniques, increasing your knowledge of piano chords, and improving your rhythm. All of these exercises require focus and practice - however this shouldn’t be a problem if you are regularly taking part in piano lessons with a private tutor! After each month, you and your tutor may want to review your progress and create achievable goals to work through over the years (e.g. eventually you may want to be able to play a difficult piece of classical music).


Staying in contact with your tutor! Flexible lessons catered to Ballarat students

Playing the piano (or any instrument for that matter such as the guitar or violin) demands a lot of time and energy if you ever plan to get better and perform advanced compositions. Unfortunately it can be difficult to increase your level of playing ability when you have to balance so many other commitments throughout the year (family, friends, work, etc.). Teachers on SuperProf Australia recognise this dilemma that many new students have and thankfully do a great job at accommodating people’s schedules into each lesson. Many private teachers are willing to provide a piano lesson over the weekends or during the school holidays, as well as providing lessons in the morning and evenings. Tutors may also conveniently travel to your personal location if you’re having transport issues.   

Moreover, If you’re unable to meet up for a face to face piano lesson for whatever reason, it pays to keep in touch with your teacher via email, phone or online messaging so you can instead organise an online video lesson remotely using Zoom or Skype.. With SuperProf Australia, it’s easier to free up your schedule thanks to the excellent level of communication that private tutors have with their students.

It’s also worth noting that if you have a group of friends who are at a similar skill level, SuperProf tutors can offer group sessions which can often be far less expensive and a lot more enjoyable for new students learning together.


Future musical opportunities - put your years of piano lessons to good use!

With years of piano learning on your side, you may feel more inclined to pursue further musical pathways, as retaining piano theory and playing ability can lead to a range of great jobs and opportunities. Perhaps you’d like to use the piano as a way to accompany your singing voice on stage! Maybe instead you’d prefer to become a music teacher yourself! You could also apply your learnt piano theory to other instruments you’re interested in such as guitar, violin, etc. (especially when writing original songs for your band or solo musical project!). So what are you waiting for? Contact a private piano teacher today via Superprof Australia and you could become a piano virtuoso in no time!


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The average price of Piano lessons in Ballarat is $43.

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