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Darling Point
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Private & small group Pilates Instructor to come to you! - Sydney - small props included

I am a highly motivated, enthusiastic and energetic person who is passionate about Pilates and all of the benefits it can provide for someone.

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Pilates Instructor in Adelaide based in Prospect with 15 years experience.

I am a big believer in imagery and technique; helping others to feel and understand the "feelings" and "shapes" the body aims to create when improving posture, technique and strength - In turn, developing, improving and challenging one's practise.

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Young energetic female willing to teach individual/group Pilates mat classes in the Gold Coast.

I enjoy an active lifestyle and thrive to encourage and motivate others to do the same. I make sure my classes are fun as well as focused to meet the clients desired outcome. I follow the Joseph Pilates method of teaching Pilates, and also like to spice things up by constantly adding new equipment such as resistance bands or exercise balls to keep the classes interesting.

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Saint Ives
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Personal Pilates Sydney helping you expand your understanding of self and others

My teaching method is mindful of each individual. Each person learns differently whether that be visual, verbal or physical. It is important to understand the individuals goals and find the best method to achieve them.

Hope Island
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STOTT PILATES trained of 5years, in rehabilitation and alignment practice, build strength with my classes and tutors on the Gold coast.

Canadian based company STOTT/Merritthew Pilates is rehabilitative focused with expressive visualisation to perform moves correctly and with alignment. No matter fast or slow -the move will be done correctly for your specific condition or build.

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Improve Stretching and flexibility on Pilates workout for any age group or individuals

My teaching method is providing as much information of what they needs to improve muscle definition and structures. I do a lot of hands on instruction which helps to understand detail of movements.

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Qualified Pilates Health and Fitness Coach in Newcastle experienced in all areas of your well being .

I base my classes on a mind and body experience that people leave feeling more flexible and able to cope with everyday challenges. All classes are catered to the individual needs and I provide a caring approach so you do not feel intimidated.

West End
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Enjoy pilates while getting into your best shape and having lots of fun!

I like to work it out gradually, with a good warm up and taking care of injuries But taking you to your limits to get the most out of your sessions!

Wagga Wagga
(21 reviews)
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Pilates and Zumba Fitness Instructor, Cancer Exercise Specialist and school teacher gives group lessons to students and adults in Pilates, GEM (Gentle Exercise and Meditation) and Zumba Fitness.

I am a passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic leader, teacher and learner. I strive to help students attain a firm belief in themselves and their abilities. My belief is that each individual is unique and deserves a respectful, safe learning environment that facilitates social, intellectual and emotional growth.

North Adelaide
1st lesson free !

Mat Pilates instructor located in Central Adelaide available privately or for groups!

The main aim of my teaching is to strengthen all of the body’s stabilising muscles, resulting in excellent posture and all over toning! We can incorporate Pilates equipment such as the Pilates circle, small ball, resistance bands and foam roller into our workouts! Start feeling strong and toned today without leaving the comfort of your home as I will happily come to you!

Mermaid Waters
1st lesson free !

Pilates with Tutu! improve your health and body safely but creative, never a dull class ;)

I am a very bubbly and easy going instructor. I like to see my clients smile so like to joke around a bit. I prefer to get the technique right but I also like to try new things out, always looking after your body and posture. I watch a lot of tutorials and videos online (pilates) and always try to keep my classes different.

1st lesson free !

Fully qualified Pilates Instructor teaching Pilates exercises & choreography to music to develop your own creative style class in Caulfield and surrounding areas.

I am friendly supportive and love to share ideas with students to express their creativity and individuality Lessons are geared for any student who has passion and enthusiasm to learn and grow regardless of age and background.

1st lesson free !

Doing Pilates makes me feel good and I like to share this feeling with those who want to have better posture and stronger body. So make Pilates your happy hour!

My teaching methodology is to offer individuals proper exercises according to their fitness level so everyone will get the chance to enjoy the session.

Coburg North
1st lesson free !

Melbourne based Pilates and mindful movement specialist, providing individualised webcam based classes.

I teach individualised, intelligent, mindful movement in a supportive environment. My style is contemporary and always based around the clients needs, wants and restrictions. Sometimes this will include a mindful element for wellbeing and on other times the focus is on perfecting form as this always challenges the mind and body.

Bowen Hills
1st lesson free !

Causal, no judgement, matwork pilates classes - Individual or group classes available.

I am a very relaxed, easy going person. My classes are fun and laidback. I strongly believe taking Pilates should be a relaxing and fun experience and whilst some exercises may be tough, I would never expect you to work beyond your limits.

Highgate Hill
1st lesson free !

Brazilian physiotherapist teaches Pilates in Brisbane, relieve pain and get fit! Solo and group classes available

I like mixing pilates techniques with therapeutic exercise, acrobatics, functional movements - always focused on the clients needs and demands. My classes have exercises for the whole body, specially the core! Because of my physio background I am always looking for better movement and function.

Gledswood Hills
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Learn YOGAPIL a Fusion of Yoga and Pilates principles. Learn Pilates Muscle activation and Yoga Spirituality. Be addicted.

It is the infusion of the practice of Yoga in the forms of both Yinyasa (Yin and Vinyasa styles) paired with Pilates principles. YogaPil is designed to focus on one's muscle and mind connection, with the principles of lengthening and strengthening through flow.

Paris 17e
(316 reviews)

Tennis teacher and physical training certificated for all ages in Paris and Ile de France

Tennis coach and physical trainer certificated for all types of levels and all ages. Courses on demand as needed and vied for everyone. Someone who will listen and will best meet your expectations. Satisfaction guaranteed. At your service 7/7, 24/24.

Paris 18e
Anne chloé
(9 reviews)

Professional dancer since years with several certifications to multiply approaches from enjoying the efforts to softness and awareness in the respect of articular and muscular chains, to respond to

We want to tone up, strengthen ourselves physically and it's very nice ! Pilates is a very good method to achieve this, I add to my courses different ways to soften before gently, and to better understand its bone structure to solicit his muscles at best. A touch of cardio ..

Simona - rocking pilates
(9 reviews)

Pilates in Barcelona, ​​for your well-being and happiness. Are you in? Contact me!

Thanks to the Polestar Pilates method I have developed a structured, rigorous and dynamic teaching, full of images and visualization.

1st lesson free !

Personalised pilates sessions to build core strength, flexibility, fitness and muscular balance

Each session focuses on the development of breathing patterns, postural awareness and core centring. The range of different exercises I teach, will help you to build strong, balanced muscles and effective movement patterns you will take with you beyond the class and into all physical aspects of your life.

A Coruña
(3 reviews)
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Pilates classes, an instructor by the Spanish Federation of Pilates, Monte Alto area Coruna

Hi! I teach pilates in the area of ​​Monte Alto in Coruña. I also teach classes of hipopresivos (Low Pressure fitness) and training funcional.The class suits the student's needs, we start by a low level and we will progress as demonstrating the student is ready to move on to more difficult.

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Pilates teacher combining with contemporary dance warm-ups gives home classes in Perpignan

Professional contemporary dancer and professor in Stotts Pilates-Matres I give courses combining my practices and my pedagogy in order to give a time to oneself to listen to his body and better to overcome its hindrances and its injuries and to strengthen it! These sessions are intended for beginners who wish to discover this practice as progresses who want to discover other approaches.

1st lesson free !

Practice Pilates now, outdoors, in your home, wherever you are! Let's go!

Individuality is one of the basic principles of physical training, from which my lessons are based on the best that the student can give at that moment, where his goal is achieved with total security, respecting his limitations and developing his possibilities.

Cape Town
1st lesson free !

Qualified, energetic Physical education teacher,offering sport, strengthening and coaching tutoring in Pretoria

I believe in collaborative learning and a holistic approach to teaching and learning. It is important to explain why learners learn certain things, to explain how it can be applied to everyday life and contribute to our successes in life.

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Professor of Yoga and Pilates in Paris, to help you regain fitness!

For 6 years (graduated as a personal trainer) I teach Yoga and Pilates. I have seen the benefits on people I am: reduction of back pain, flexibility, tonifacation, stress reduction ... I offer different types of yoga: Hatha, Vinyasa or Yin-yoga.

Jacksonville Beach
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PhD degree sports man with 15 years experience gives Pilates mat and reformer exercises

I prefer to give lesson face to face but still we have a chance to do our safe, professional and goal oriented exercises online. If you are new, we can start slowly and you will see your results both physically and mentally.

1st lesson free !

Sports educator graduated in masso-physiotherapy since 2014 in the region of Ile de France

I give private lessons or small groups, adapting to the skills of each. The course will be one hour consisting of a warm-up time, a body session and a return to calm or a moment of meditation. During the session I will make adjustments.

Santa Fe
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Guided Pilates Instruction and Personal Sessions Offering Unique Interval Training Workouts and Restorative Movement

I teach restorative flow classes and interval training core workouts. The teaching focuses on the health of the spine, moving the spine in all directions, creating better balance, posture and functional movement. The workouts are for all levels with modifications when necessary.

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