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You can discuss it directly with your teacher via email or phone. Their contact details are in the left-hand column of the lesson request. You can then decide with your teacher on the format of classes you would prefer. 

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The average price for online Psychology classes is $ 20. 

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From a sample of 1353 reviews, students give an average score of 5.0 out of 5. 

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Find a private Psychology tutor | Psychology courses online

Find the Best Online Psychology Courses and Tutors in Australia


Psychology is an incredibly popular course to study at university, it is also a great career path for people who are interested in continuous professional growth and development. If you are someone who has a desire to learn about human behaviour and issues related to mental health and wellbeing then choosing to study an online psychology course here in  Australia could be perfect for you!


As an online psychology student, you will have the option to consider studying either an advanced graduate diploma, graduate certificate, an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. Learning online is becoming more popular than ever before, allowing you to follow your academic and professional dreams from the comfort of your own home.


Choosing to study online also provides you with the option to select a university outside of your home city and state. Australia is well known for the high quality online tertiary education, with excellent universities such as Deakin University in Victoria and the University of Adelaide in South Australia offering both graduate diplomas and undergraduate degrees online.


In order to become registered and qualified to work as a licensed psychologist here in Australia, it will take you 6 years minimum of study. This may look like 3 years of undergraduate study followed by an honours course, after this, it is expected that you complete a 2 years masters degree or a supervised 2-year internship.


This sounds like a lot of hard work, however, if you are someone who is fascinated by human behaviour, interpersonal relationships and have a passion and drive to professionally help others then this time will fly by!


Online Private Tutoring for Psychology and Counselling


If you have chosen to enrol in a Psychology undergraduate or postgraduate degree, it could be the perfect time to enlist the help of a private tutor. It can sometimes be tricky to keep up with all of the demands of university study and stay on top of the challenging workload.


Here at Superprof, we have a great range of experienced tutors who will be able to support your online university learning and help you achieve your goals. Browse through our tutors' profiles and reviews to find out who is best suited to your needs, and who can help you fast track your career. 


Don't forget that your first tutoring lesson is free if you choose to find a tutor with us here at Superprof! 


Many of our tutors will have experience in Psychology and will be able to help you manage your study time and put in the extra hours where you need to. Attending at least one tutoring session a week will contribute to your educational development, and also help give you a boost of confidence.


Here are few of the most popular online Psychology degrees you can apply for here in Australia:


  • Bachelor of Psychological Science - Swinburne University
  • Bachelor of Psychology - University of South Australia
  • Master of Mental Health - La Trobe University


Online Counselling Courses


Given that a Psychology degree, either a postgraduate or undergraduate, can be a huge time commitment, you could consider studying and enrol in an online counselling course or diploma. Counselling is an incredibly rewarding career, which draws on principles from social work, psychology and professional management knowledge.


A diploma in counselling will take a year to study, and will allow you to work within community health settings. Here are a few institutions which offer online and on-campus diplomas in counselling here in Australia:


  • The Australian College of Applied Psychology
  • The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors.
  • Deakin University


Online diplomas in counselling often place a focus on flexible learning, allowing you to learn at your own pace. It can also be a great idea to work with a tutor during your counselling studies, you can find the perfect tutor for you here with us at Superprof. Remember to view some of the reviews left by previous students to get an understanding of what our tutors can offer you.


One of the best parts about choosing to find a tutor here with us at Superprof is that your first lesson is free! This means you can get to know our tutors before committing to a lesson each week.


Many of our Superprof Psychology tutors will offer online lessons, which if you have chosen to study at university online, will suit you and your needs perfectly! By browsing through our available tutors, you will be able to see how much they charge per hour, and what type of online tutoring they can deliver.


Choosing to work with a Psychology tutor online means that you can continue your learning without having to commute across town, or spend money on transport. In today's modern world, with digital learning platforms such as Zoom, Skype and Webex tutors and teachers are now able to share their screens as well helpful learning content and resources. Don't wait, find the perfect tutor to support your learning today!


You may choose to study an online diploma or certificate of counselling first, and gain some professional experience once you have gained your qualifications. Working in a field that focuses on mental health and wellbeing will allow you to explore a related allied health industry, and could lead to more advanced Psychology studies such as a bachelor or master degree in the future.


Why Should I Study Psychology Online and Where Can it Take me Professionally?


Psychology is the branch of science that focuses its study on human behaviour related to thoughts, feelings and actions. Psychology is concerned with exploring psychological development and the management and treatment of mental illnesses. Given that psychology bases a great deal of its theory and concepts on particular brain functioning, it is closely related to and investigates many of the same principles within neuroscience. 


Some of the most common subbranches of psychology include;

  • developmental
  • social
  • forensic
  • cognitive


So if you are someone who has always been interested in how our brains work, and why we think the way we do then psychology is certainly a subject worth investigating. If studying for 6 years sounds like too big a commitment of time to study, then there are plenty of other career options you can consider with a background in psychology.


Some other areas of professional work you can consider if you choose to study psychology online could look like;

  • counselling
  • academic research
  • human resources
  • teaching
  • social work
  • allied health services
  • mental health nursing


The skills that you will acquire studying an online advanced graduate diploma, graduate certificate or undergraduate degree will be highly transferable across a number of exciting and dynamic roles. You may even have the opportunity in the future to start your own business and collaborate with a number of other professional allied health workers. 


Check out our Superprof online Psychology tutors today! 


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