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Ex Theatre Educational Student Gives Affordable Private Theatre Lessons in Brisbane Area

In regards to theatre practice I am a hand on deck teacher. Practical learning is key when acting is involved, however, theory is equally important in theatre and often disregarded and therefore is just as important in my teaching.

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A professional Actor giving lessons and advice to up and coming Actors.

My teaching method is to go with what the student have brought to the lesson, and what they wish to work on. Once I have seen what they can do, I would push them to better themselves in their craft. Everyones acting style is unique and needs to be encouraged.

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A graduate of the University of Newcastle with over 30 years experience in theatre

As a theatrical actor and director, my main approach to students is giving them a fundamental grounding in traditional methodology. I am familiar with the works of Stanislavski as well a Grotowski and Arteau. My area of interest centres around Physical Theatre, namely Stage Combat.

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LACY coaching gives guidance, support and instruction to up an coming actors from an industry insider looking to pass on a few things to students.

I approach the idea of teaching a little bit differently to most. I am far more interested in building on, extending and developing the individual talents of young actors rather than being a mere teacher. I work one on one to achieve the absolute best out of each of my artists.

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Teacher with 18 years experience can tutor Drama, media, English, History and Music.

When I teach and/or tutor any subject the first thing I find out is what the student/students actually know and can already do. The next step is to focus on understanding the questions they are required to answer. Then we build on prior knowledge, explore the topic and follow a plan to complete the required tasks/assignments.

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Acting / Drama Lessons - Adamstown. Screen and Stage. Highly Qualified Exceptional Performer. Embrace your new career...!

My Teaching Method is based on production ready focus. Whether its a film or stage project or even personalised videos / vlogs. Take your Dramatic / creative project to the next level by enhancing your dramatic skills to connect with a wider audience.

Mount Pleasant
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WAAPA Performing Arts Student offering classes in acting technique, devising theatre and improvisation.

My teaching method is tailored to each students type of learning. Be it visual, auditory or tactile, I can tailor my lessons to the student. I also want to build up my students and nurture an environment where they feel comfortable to grow, ask questions and fail.

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Seaside Hotel for Wayward Ghosts - Personal immersion hello its nice to see you all!

Who do you want to be? Why? Instead you can be a ghost. Learn how to observe the relationship of spirit and decay, and harness the forces that bind us together. A new style of time management guaranteed to dazzle and mystify.

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A Soft Skill trainer to give a lecture on English and communication skill classes

My teaching method is a step by step method to give the best way to student can understand the problem in a very easy way.i always give the lessons in a very short and best method to student can capture the bullets point of the Book.

Umina Beach
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ACTING Teacher/Coach in Sydney. Bachelor Degree Fine Arts (Acting) with Distinction.

My classes vary depending on what I'm teaching. If it is Acting on Screen I will have my students do a lot of on screen work allowing time for evaluation and reflection. Stand Up Comedy would involve watching other comedians then allowing time to teach/create how to write and deliver an A grade performance.

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ACTING COACH! Passionate WAAPA graduate qualified to teach secondary Drama. Main area of expertise: acting.

Performing Arts is all about passion and creative self-expression: subsequently, the education process designed to deliver it must be - above all - an enjoyable and personal experience. I have this passion, and the ability to make it contagious.

Mount Lawley
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WAAPA student offers comprehensive and practical acting lessons to primary and secondary students

I pride myself on taking a kind, conscientious, and practical approach to guiding students through their studies. I wish to understand each student's individual strengths and goals, in order to create a personalized learning path.

Pacific Pines
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Current Acting student and model giving Acting and modelling lessons in the Gold Coast

I have participated in multiple Acting workshops and am very informed about the modelling industry Acting lessons vary depending on what the students want, I specialise in: Improvisation, Theory (practioners such as Augusto Boal and Jerzy Grotowski), Screen acting, Accents, character building, body and facial movements, script writing and many more For modelling i will teach: Basic and...

Glen Forrest
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Theatre Artist / Director/ Trainer. I have over 30 years experience with teaching students from ages 6 years through to teens and adults. Focus is on acting, performance, development of theatricality.

My teaching method is holistic in nature, I develop the session to assist the student in the best possible way for their desired outcome. I am flexible and able to adapt to their mind set and I work with encouragement and set goals for the student to achieve. I am creative and recognize that creative students need that little bit more fun in the way they learn.

James christian
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JCM acting class provides advance techniques in movie, tv and commercial acting.

My teaching method is very out there and interactive. They are actors in the making so personal contact is a must.

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There is an actor in everyone, we just need to find it.

my Emotion and imagination. Among the concepts and techniques of method acting are substitution, "as if", sense memory, affective memory, and animal work (all of which were first developed by Stanislavski). Contemporary method actors sometimes seek help from psychologists in the development of their roles.

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Professional nida (national institute of dramatic arts) tutoring university, hsc, high school & primary school students

I am familiar with the NSW drama curriculum as well as the tertiary education audition and selection process. I teach both stage and screen from a method foundation rooted in Stanislavski and Mesiner.

Crows Nest
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Professional Acting coach with 15 years experience gives private lessons in Sydney

As an experienced teacher and lecturer, Chad teaches a range of performance based courses and workshops: acting ( stage and screen), performance, improvisation, movement, , directing, devising, theatre and applied drama.

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Professionally trained/working Actor offering one-on-one lessons to High-School and Beginners on Monologues.

I approach Monologues through exploration and script analysis. Monologues can be challenging and I find that keeping the approach fresh and playful opens actors up to finding new and unique ways to perform the work, resulting in a purely original performance.

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Sally Spencer give Screen Acting for film, and Theatre Acting classes in Perth

I teach through emotional release, confidence building and techniques for camera and theatre Acting. I base my philosophy on my own on set experience as an Actress and as a director. I make the classes full of fun and contact with others.They are an uplifting experience.

(7 reviews)
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Theater Classes (Adults) (Individual or Group) for beginner, with the learning and mastering of theatrical techniques (Stress management - Breathing - Public speaking etc ...)

PARISIAN STAGE DIRECTOR. With a management experience of many actors with diverses backgrounds, I usually adapt courses, advice and work with the personality and the needs of the participants. It is extremely important to me that the sessions are based on trust, in a relaxing, healthy environment, away from stress, and away from fear of habitual judgment engaged in public or on a set.

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Actress, scriptwriter, director and writer. The theater was the root of my career, I dedicate myself to teaching and reinforcing the art of acting for theater, television and cinema through the dynami

My teaching method is quite dynamic. The theater must be a game of construction, imagination, challenges and interpretation. I try to generate an environment of trust and potentiality in each session. Normally I use my creative skills to create exercises that strengthen the improvisation and the ability to build characters, stories and environments.

Newton Mearns
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Professional working actress offering practical and academic tutoring for amature to professional actors.

My methodology is “if you expect a fish to climb a tree then it’ll spend its whole life failing” by this I mean that I cater to each individual student and explore new ways of learning with a class. I mix practical and academic to create a well rounded actor. The classes will be relaxed and create an environment for optimum learning.

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Drama and Theatre Studies Student offering help with Lamda Exams in Surrey/Durham

My teaching method is first understanding the student. As actors, we must mix ourselves with the characters to make them fully genuine. So, I would love to get to know you and help you incorporate that into your character. I also believe that mental health is incredibly important for a teacher of this generation to consider.

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An artist from abroad gives fun drama, art, and writing classes for all grades in Sogn og Fjordane

Drama workshops, improvisation exercises, writing exercises. I use all these methodological tools to encourage students to see the critical side of playing and being playful. Play is far more powerful for students, especially children than many of us realize. It's actually the key to learning.

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Film, TV & Theatre Actor (LAMDA trained) offering Acting/Drama School Audition Tuition.

Hello! If you are a student looking to gain a place at Drama School then there will be an initial chat with me about the chosen pieces and songs for your audition. Then I will ask you to give the one piece you are finding the most difficult a 'go'. From that showing, I will then guide you and lead you to a richer, deeper interpretation of your chosen work.

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Director gives theater lessons for all ages and all levels in Avignon and its surroundings

Director and professional actress trained in Paris and Belorussia. The course takes place in three stages: - The "training" (exercises of relaxation, breathing and stretching) to make his body available. - Improvisation (from objects, text or music). - The text (diction, speaking, breathing, vocal presence). It is a method strongly inspired by Meyerhold's Russian theater method.

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Accent Reduction/Softening, Public Speaking, Presentation. I am an accent reduction, acting, drama, voice, presentation skills and confidence coach.

I work in an organic and bespoke way depending on the student’s requirements. With accent work I use my phonetics training, a wide variety of practical exercises to improve pronunciation, improve vocabulary and confident delivery. My acting coaching is individual centred and I can help you work on your voice, scene study, self tapes or audition prep.

Navi Mumbai
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Chintan's Acting, Grooming and personality session for over - all Grooming and Developement

Me and My team trains artist starting from the basics of Acting, Grooming and Personality management which is even helpful in our day to day life.

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