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Singing, especially in front of an audience, can be an awkward or embarrassing experience, but when you let go it can be a freeing, joyful and fun experience. For people who are looking to go from singing in the shower to singing on the stage, Superprof has a great range of teachers who understand vocal technique and can really help develop a passion for singing for adults and kids. All of our professional singing tutors have an online profile, detailing their careers background, teaching styles, reviews from past students and info on how to book classes.

From music theory to performance practice

One of the best things about taking private lessons with Superprof teachers is that you can control your own learning. Your teacher will evaluate you, and create a course based on your current level and teach you the topics you're most interested in learning. Whether you love doing vocal exercises to develop your range, or you want tuition in performance skills, our teachers can help you reach your goals.


A singer's voice is as complex as a guitar, piano or any other instrument, and learning how to control it takes work, time and a little bit of help. Teaching new students to control their breathing is an important part of any singing teacher's curriculum, so your lessons may feature lots of exercises to help use your diaphragm and breathe properly as you sing. Diction is an area new singers don't often think about, and is especially important if you want to act or do musical theatre. It's important for an audience to be able to follow your words, so they can connect with the lyrics and true meaning of your songs.

You wouldn't go for a run without warming up your body and you shouldn't perform a power ballad without warming up your vocal cords first. Singing is tough exercise for your vocal cords, and as a student it's important to take care of them to avoid injuring yourself, especially if you've been singing for years. Learning new warm up exercises in lessons can help you to prepare for any performance, be it a classical opera or a simple love song.

As a singing student you'll get to love getting in the studio and learning new techniques and theory that help you control your voice or use it in fun and interesting ways. Learning about register, vocal fry, vibrato and more in your private lessons will take you from beginner to superstar in no time!

Your choice of genres!

There are so many musical genres, that at first it can seem impossible make a decision about which to focus on. The good news is, you don't have to! With your Superprof teacher, you're free to spend some time learning jazz, then move onto classical, rock, blues and so on. You can listen to the classic songs and artists of each genre and get to understand the stylistic differences and key features. For example, if you're want to sing jazz, you'll need to learn about swing rhythms and improvisation, whereas pop songs might demand higher pitched vocals and full belting. Every Superprof teacher has their own preferred style, based on their background, but many have years of experience teaching students in all kinds of genres. You'll find all of this info on the teacher's individual profile, or you can contact them to see if they are the right teacher for your interests.

The benefits of private singing lessons

There are so many excellent reasons to learn to sing well! Not only is singing a great way to express yourself emotionally and creatively, but it's also a really fun and empowering hobby. You don't need a grand piano or electric guitar to give a wonderful vocal performance, just a feeling of being truly connected to the music.


Your lessons can help you to learn whether you feel better singing in a group or choir, fronting a band and as a solo star. A passion for singing might create an interest for other instruments, like piano or guitar, or other performing arts altogether, like acting. The point is that in private lessons you're free to explore all of the above!


At first, private singing lessons can be uncomfortable, especially for young kids who might not be used to performing in front of others. While it might not feel great at first, practising, getting feedback and working to improve can get people out of their comfort zone and help build confidence. For small children and adults alike, it's a great way to challenge yourself and, and hour by hour, lesson by lesson, you will find yourself getting more and more comfortable, whether you're singing on stage or in a studio. For adult students and small children alike, working with a professional tutor will help you feel braver, free and more sure of yourself with every lesson. This will be a skill that you can take into every area of your life.


Scientists have even studied the physiological benefits of singing, and found there is a range of benefits. Group performance can help to relieve anxiety for children and adults. Studying and practising vocal theory can aid in concentration, mental alertness and even memory recall. And just like any other work out, scientists believe that singing releases endorphins, making you feel calm, relaxed and happy with your effort. So all in all, singing is good for creativity and emotional expression but also for keeping your brain healthy!

Get extra help with your NSW HSC Music Course

Working with a private teacher can be very helpful for students in Canberra who are taking Music as part of their years 11 and 12 HSC studies. Many Superprof teachers studied Music 1 and 2 in high school, and have experience working on the different assessments, from the Musicology and Aural Skills written paper to the Composition assessment. Tutors can even provide help online, via video calls or email.


Taking private lessons with a singing teacher in Canberra (or from anywhere in Australia through online platforms)ย  will help you to discover and explore your talent, build confidence and most importantly, have fun!


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Private courses with a singing teacher on Superprof is on average $45.


The price of your singing lessons will differ depending on:

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  • The frequency of your lessons and the duration of each lesson
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In Canberra and the neighbouring suburbs, 1 private singing tutors are available to offer private lessons


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