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Fulham Gardens
(2 reviews)
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- Dedicated graduate in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology - Student focused tutoring experience at high school as well as uni level

I am fully aware of understanding about current educational & professional issues in the domain.

Daisy Hill
(2 reviews)
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Chemical Engineer who saves the lives of students suffering from Math Cancer

My Teaching methodology is interactive, I encourage my students to participate and answer questions whenever needed. I am friendly and easy-going, so my biggest goal when tutoring is not to teach but to make sure that my students are having fun while learning by making competitions and giving incentives.

(2 reviews)
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Retired Charles Sturt University physics lecturer (33 years teaching experience) gives physics tutorials to HSC and university physics students in Wagga Wagga, NSW.

I have always enjoyed passing on my passion for physics to my students. I use a tutorial style during my teaching, asking questions as I proceed to see whether students are following my arguments. I discuss the concepts involved and then do tutorial examples to consolidate student understanding.

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ANU student providing chemistry lessons in Canberra and Queanbeyan Region for High school and first year chemistry students.

I prefer to teach people the methodology to self learn. I do this by first breaking down and explaining a concept. I then explore the concept from different angles backed up by examples to clarify them. I then go on to discuss how similar problems could further be solved by the student alone. Chemistry relies heavily on understanding the core concepts behind phenomenons observed.

(10 reviews)
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Uni Melb biomedicine student looking to give lessons on science related subjects. "Trust the process" is my study motto

My teaching methodology is more student centered, based on the content that's examinable and covered in the student's school. I believe in persistency and hard work, so will be able to provide you with tons of practice materials.

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Having PhD in Chemical Engineering from Usyd and working as a Process Engineer, willing to give tutorial in Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Mass &Energy Balances, Detailed Design, Desi

I use a variety of practical examples to convey the message to my students. Wherever applicable, I provide my students with real-life examples/problems. I walk with my students step by step along the course to ensure they understand the fundamental of each subject.

Mill Park
(3 reviews)
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RMIT student (Professional Chemist) gives Chemistry and Maths lessons to high school students in Bundoora, Victoria

My teaching approach will be mainly coach style so that students will learn the fundamentals of the subject at the initial stage and afterwards they will be directed towards in attempting various questions by applying the fundamentals learnt. The teaching will mainly focus on high school students who are weak in mathematics and chemistry.

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QUT Engineering student providing extensive insight into his methodology for all students.

I mainly focus on tutoring the mathematical and concept based engineering courses and also the mathematics and physics courses in high school for year 11 and 12. My methodology will focus on refining the complexity of these courses.

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I give online lessons in chemistry and science with 4$ per hr

I love to help students to understand chemistry concepts in deep. After, Application on problem sets will be fun. I have tutored many classes in general chemistry and organic chemistry. I can solve Assignments and lab reports with all formatting guidelines. Grade A is my minimum standard.

Clovelly Park
(6 reviews)
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Ph.D. in chemistry and post-doc from University of Adelaide, Australia and University of Southampton UK

I love teaching. I believe that the conceptual knowledge of your subject is really important. If your concepts are clear, you can nail any exam. I can help you to reach your aims by providing you the basics of chemistry. If you need preparations for tests, exams (either High school, Undergraduate or Graduate level), I am here to help.

(2 reviews)
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Physics student at UOW - Highly experienced and dedicated to tutoring Physics and Math

Each student needs a different teaching style. For all cases, I do what Elon Musk always talks about: It's best to break things down to their fundamental truths and reason up from first principles. Additionally, I firmly believe that "nearly everything is really interesting if you go into it deeply enough." I see teaching Maths and Sciences much like what we'd do if we were to (say) go fishing.

(2 reviews)
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Monash Engineering penultimate year student gives Maths and Science lessons to high school students.

I like to look at what is required and make a rough and easy course outline for the student to follow. As everyone loves ticking to-do lists, learning becomes fun as you go through the entire outline. I like to explain topics, summarize and go through plenty of exercises till the student is confident about the learning.

(1 review)
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Physics and Science Teacher with 28 years experience. Mittagong resident, teaches any science.

As a teacher, gifted students and ASD students are my sweet spot. My teaching method is to assess where a student's learning is at and then introduce the concepts that unlock the next level. I am a nurturer and particularly look after gender diverse students with understanding.

Daniel luiz
1st lesson free !

I'm a Civil Engineer offering Math and Physics classes. I live in Hurstville and I am offering free classes for who wants to develop these skills.

The classes are focused mainly on people who cannot afford to pay for private lessons, but everyone is welcome though. My teaching method is based on checking the student level and guiding him to achieve his specific goals, as getting a better grade or to pass in an exam. I am good at helping students with difficulties to learn determined subject to get there in an easier way.

Wheelers Hill
1st lesson free !

Experienced Industrial Research Scientist with STEM experience in Victorian Schools would like to give tuition lessons

As I am passionate about chemistry I will work on students developing a passion for the subject by exemplifying both theoretical and practical aspects of chemistry with live examples - like how much Chemistry we are using in our everyday life. In my view, this is the easiest and friendliest way of learning and loving the subject.

Brunswick East
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Experienced Tutor and Mechanical Design engineer teaches maths and physics with the passion

I have a passion for teaching mathematics and physics. I ensure that students not only understand the subjects theoretically but also practically. I divide the subject across the available weeks before the exam. I ensure that students understand all the concepts taught in a week. I firmly believe that making your concepts clear is the best way to score highly in the exam.

Pascoe Vale South
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Latrobe Engineering Student give maths lessons to high school,having degree in Aeronautical Engineering and excellent experience in Thermodynamics and Physics.

Teaching, according to me is the noblest profession and I am fortunate to be a part of that community. My method comes with understanding of a problem and its solution in four questions – WHY? HOW? WHEN?, and WHERE? With respect to the problem.

1st lesson free !

Hi, I am a Mechanical Engineer with previous turning experience mainly to university students.

First see what is the student status in term of how much he know, or what areas he has difficulties with. When I am teaching I am trying to explain and give extra knowledge, and not only concentrate on the relevant material. I believe when the student understand what is the logic behind something it is easier to remember.

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Deakin Student offering VCE Chemistry Unit 1&2, 3&4 VCAA Tutoring with Tailored Resources for Students

I generally will go over your school's curriculum and topic structure for the year to ensure you are being tutored on things you will be confronted with in school. We will discuss your weak areas and strong areas. Focus on bringing you ahead of your classes and prepare you for assessments and lab practicals.

West Footscray
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Cq university student teaches maths for school and uni students. already have an experience in india

firstly i will conform the syllabus whether it might be under my knowledge. then before going to start the topic i will go with the basic concept to approach the problem I will try to solve it.and I also try to explain in different methods.

1st lesson free !

Doctor of astronomy offers lessons in astrophysics, physics, thermodynamics and nuclear physics in Adelaide area

My teaching methodology is to explore all that you already know about a subject, and help you to systematically discover insights into addressing complex problems. When you understand fundamental insights in a field of knowledge, your life changes for ever.

1st lesson free !

Myself MANSI SUNEJA. I have done bachelor's in industrial chemistry and Masters Chemistry. My way of teaching is very easy and i am flexible in my subjects . I also have experience of teaching student

my teaching method is very convenient for the students as it includes the thorough understanding of the topic and includes several easy trips and tricks which will enable students to undestand the concept easily and which they will never forget and I usually take examples from the surroundings to understand the concept easily

Blackburn South
1st lesson free !

Deakin university MBA student gives Maths lessons to primary and high school students.

My teaching method is that i can explain the things very easily and can explain patiently till the student understand it properly and then the lesson structure will be according to the time table set by me for a week and everything will go according to the time table and even if the student need to change something in time table i will do it according to that and make sure that student is...

1st lesson free !

Monash Science and Engineering student providing math, science and engineering tutoring to VCE students

I base my teaching method on first identifying where a student is at in their course, and what they struggle with. With that in mind, I would structure my lessons so that I can work with the student through initial practice questions in that area.

Lakshmi narashiman
1st lesson free !

Narashiman, a third year Mechanical engineering undergrad gives Maths and Science lessons to High School and University students in Canberra.

I base my classes mostly on helping you to understand the essence of the concepts and then will want you to apply them wherever needed to solve problems. I've always been a person who gives little or almost zero importance to practicing problems and I believe that every student is capable of solving any problem on a given concept with a good understanding of the basics.

1st lesson free !

Expert Lecturer/teacher/tutor in Maths, Physics, Mechanical Engineering and Management based in Bundaberg

I emphasize fundamentals and theoretical principles using relevant examples and industry cases. I augment this with problem-based and project-based teaching. I also use case studies to highlight how problems are formulated and optimal solutions are evolved based on individual case needs.

1st lesson free !

Tales and teachings from a third year PhD student in all aspects of chemistry! Including organic/physical/polymer and advanced materials chemistry and nanotechnology

I am Brisbane based and close to the CBD. I can run face to face lessons at the University of Queensland with chemistry lab tours! I have taught mostly laboratory based chemistry as well as workshops and tutorials. I am passionate about chemistry and helping students understand the wonders of how our universe functions.

North Haven
1st lesson free !

Biochemistry and Pharmacology majors, experienced in teaching Chemistry for High School Students

My teaching method is based primarily on the requirements of the key assessments and set classwork. I begin by covering all of the examinable material thoroughly and in detail, and then working on practice questions section as each section is competed. This ensures that the learning is driven towards covering all of the knowledge required to complete tests, exams, and assignments.

1st lesson free !

Physics lesson for high school students in Brisbane. An approach with and without math.

I try to adapt different topics to students' needs. I usually try to perform some experiments whenever possible. Otherwise, I create an imaginary experiment and I try to make the student understand it, focusing on the most important consequences of the concepts being studied. Also, I generally attempt to translate mathematical concepts, making it easier to apply them in physics' exercises.

Augustine Heights
1st lesson free !

Experienced energy consultant offers mentorship and guidance to businesses and students in Brisbane.

As an experienced supervisor and examiner at the postgraduate level, I am familiar with the requirements of university courses in chemistry and chemical engineering. My career in Industry has also given me an insight into what employers look for when selecting science graduates.

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Perfect! Dr. Aman is an outstanding tutor, very enthusiastic with excellent communication skills. Highly recommended for any Year 12 student or onwards”

Peggy, Student
1 month ago
(6 reviews)

Perfect! Sjoerd has really helped with my chemistry, he is very patient and understanding. He will explain the problem until I understand. Each session becomes a little more understood and I even have a lot more motivation to study for organic chemistry.

Britt, Student
10 months ago
(2 reviews)

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