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I'm a Professional Artist with 8+ years of experience in teaching Drawing and painting.

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One of our best tutors. Quality of their profile, experience in their field, verified qualifications and a great response time. Nimisha will be happy to arrange your first lesson.

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When it's about teaching Art. Firstly I like to start with basics and then slowly moving to advance with proper guidance and amount of practice needed. This way it is simpler for student to follow instructions and improve.
My classes are very engaging and interactive. I give freedom to express themselves, develop their confidence, abilities and perception in art along with knowledge, skill and attitudes toward art.


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About Nimisha

I am a Professional Artist and an Art Therapist, Have expertise in Drawing and Painting. Done my Master's in Fine Arts - working as a Freelance Artist and have 8+ years of teaching experience, taught more than 200 students.
As being an Art student I love to share my experience and expertise with one who like to learn from the Master.



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  • 01

    Tell us more about your subject. How did you develop an interest in this field?

    I was always passionate about drawing. As a kid when I got upset, I used to take colour pens and start colouring bedsheets or walls. That was a time my parents got to know my interest and love for drawing. And as a growing kid I always wanted to be around drawing, painting and colours. They give me peace and I feel complete with colors.

  • 02

    What or who is the motivation behind you choosing to teach & why?

    We look at a teacher or guide as a person who teach. But Teaching is also great learning in itself. I learn everyday as being a teacher. I love the way it improve my own self in process of helping to grow others. This things I realised after conducting few class and was sure that I want to continue as teacher because of the way teaching gives me happiness.

  • 03

    How does your work help society?

    IKIGAI ( A Japanese concept making you learn 'A REASON OF BEING') says your mission should be combination of what you love to do and what world or society needs, and I guess teaching 'drawing and painting' is perfect match that works for me here. Society needs some good teachers, so I make constant efforts to be the one as I love drawing and painting.

  • 04

    If you had to think of a role model for your work, who do you think of & why?

    As I mentioned earlier, society needs some good teachers and as luckiest it sounds I've got few of them but for role model I'll say its my first drawing teacher Suhas sir, he was the one who has polished me in such a way that grabbing more knowledge and skill became easy for me and because of that today I am able to share my knowledge with other people. He taught me that starting everything from basic is really necessary and that is my lesson for life.

  • 05

    Tell us about your hobbies outside teaching.

    The list may not be too long. It includes drawing, painting and then dancing, reading, writing sometimes and badminton in sport I enjoy playing.

  • 06

    Do you have an anecdote to tell us about your student or professional life?

    I've been teaching from long time but once I've got chance to teach one excited, energized and enthusiast 7 year old student Richa.
    I was teaching her drawing and in every class she used to come up with new craft ideas and in last ten minutes of class she used to teach me something new and I was really amazed by her way of teaching. In this point somewhere she's improving her ability and I also love to learn something different from her as learning can come from anywhere.

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