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Edge Hill
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Understanding the Basics of Law. I teach how to understand the basics of law to get the core foundation for success.

My teaching method is simple, let's relax. After the ice is broken I use the pedagogical method of I say, You say, We say. I find repetition is the most effective method of teaching.

Wetherill Park
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[Law Tutor] (Sydney) PhD Student, Lawyer/Mergers and Acquisitions Analyst - (High School and Uni Students)

My teaching method is predominately online (however, you are more than welcome to message me privately and try to organise a face-to-face session(s)).

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UNE master of laws student gives law lessons to high school and uni students

My teaching method is more of a collaborative process with a fine mix of lecturing and case studies. In my experience, this type of teaching practice is particularly helpful for students to establish a strong connection with the topic of study and enables them to think in an unbiased way.

West Hobart
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MBA UTAS student gives law lessons to college and university students in Hobart

It is easier to study with the passion in heart! My teaching approach is fun & friendly as I believe Math can be interesting when solving problems feels like decoding lock combinations. A tutors role is not just limited to revealing concepts and formulae, the student can find them in the book, rather create the desire, motivation and confidence to lead the work.

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Griffith student studying 4th year in Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor of Government and International Relations

I use various teaching strategies such as demonstrations, collaborations, as well as explanations and have a strong belief in student's action learning by teaching (Teach- back). My lessons involve a student-centred approach which includes critical and descriptive discussions of case studies.

Caulfield North
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Passionate Deakin Law Student provides high quality law tutoring and guidance to uni students

When explaining concepts I always provide examples. I believe that it is a lot easier to understand a theoretical concept when it is applied to an everyday life example. An example, be it sensory or abstract, reinforces learning by identifying key attributes associated with the concept.

(1 review)
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Monash Postgraduate student giving Law lessons to high school and Uni international students in Melbourne

My teaching methodology is based upon the needs of my students. Before beginning the classes, I come up with an arrangement with my students so as to provide them with best results possible.

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Experienced professional tutor in Commerce/Business Law for first year Bachelor of Commerce/Business

My services are for students wanting to excel in their studies. A typical lesson could look like anything from background theory to practice on how to answer questions; tailored for specifically for each student. My teaching philosophy is 'Practice Makes Perfect'.

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Lessons on law subjects is the specialty, get connected to learn everything you're having trouble with.

My method will be to make student understand the topic and all the basics that the chapter contains. I used to be a student who would not move on to another topic without understanding one fully. So i welcome the students who want to learn all of it.

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American Lawyer qualifying in Perth, Western Australia - 1 on 1, decades of experience, references

I believe in pure lecture for an overview. I then like to ask questions about the general topics. I generally prefer a case method of analysis of law. I believe cases can be summed up by rule and exception. After that, law is a practice, and you need to develop the critical analysis required of lawyers.

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Arts/Law student Canberra - will tutor students commencing Bachelor courses in these areas

Please get in touch to discuss the suitability of providing tutoring. I am based in Canberra (Southside) and am happy to provide tutoring to students in high school, college or undertaking early university studies in social sciences or the law.

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Victoria University business student give education to university students with successful results.

It is easy and simpke to understand as I do exactly what is needed,that is, the strong basic concepts development

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Kulwinder kaur(MBA) is started giving a professional tuition to business law students .. Thnks

I will teach students by activities so that they can memorise the topics in their whole life .I have a unique idea to teach students by giving them some real world examples .

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I am a very motivated and punctual who just focused on the dreams to become true by hard working and staying on the topic.

My teaching method is practical learning which is a easy way to understand what is the actual meaning of this or that question so we easily teach others.

Clayton South
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I Am an experienced government school teacher and pursuing phd in commerce

My teaching methodology depends upon the students background and his aptitude.

South Brisbane
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A law graduate with masters degrees in Commercial law and tax law, graduating with honours. More than 20 years experience teaching Contract Law, Commercial Law, Business Law and Tax law at various uni

I have more than 20 years experience lecturing and tutoring law subjects. I have 3 degrees in law and for teaching is a vocation not a job. There will be 10 lectures (1 hour duration) and 10 tutorials (1 hour each). I teach at university level both undergraduate and post graduate. Teaching material will be on the website prior to classes. Tutorials are proactive.

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Deakin Law PhD and Research Fellow give Law lessons for uni students in Melbourne. The focus will be on public law subjects and help will also be provided on career planning.

My teaching method will be based on rigorous case analysis and theoretical development. The focus will be given on legal writing skills and developing the analytical ability of students of law. I will also make sure to provide successful tips internships and jobs.

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Experienced business & corporate lawyer available to tutor Law subjects in Adelaide Hills, CBD or via Skype

I believe in "learning by doing" and that the most effective learning methods are to engage students to apply their learning to factual case studies. I encourage my students to think about the legal process and principals, rather than memorise laws and regulations by rote.

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Specialist Accredited Tutor and admitted Lawyer providing highschool (Legal Studies) and uni students with tutoring, career mentoring & coaching around South Brisbane area

I have a deep passion for making real differences in the lives of my students and their learning journey through laser-focused instruction, my watchful eye and customised expertise to benefit students directly and witness their sparks of comprehension; equipping them with critical study skills to become independent lovers of learning.

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Wairia, a scholar and tutor in law with six years experience in law tutoring. Contact me for lessons.

As a law tutor, I'm well versed in teaching business law, labor law, international law, and intellectual property law. My teaching methods involve utilizing engaging, hands-on educational methods to facilitate a fun, personalized approach to learning while stimulating students’ enjoyment and appreciation for the subjects.

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Curtin University PhD student giving law students tutoring to Perth and surrounds

I have tutored may law students in last 5 or so years. I currently tutor an ASTI law student from University of Southern Queensland. I have previously tutored students at Charles Darwin University, Queensland University of Technology and Deakin University. I use skype, facetime, face to face usually to tutor students.

Syeda aleezeh
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Monash Masters of Law Student and University of London LLB(Hon) student giving Law tuitions

My teaching method is that I would be making a schedule, where we would divide each topic for one week, and leave two weeks at the end of teaching period for revision. While covering a specific topic, the focus will be on learning the law in-depth as-well as learning how to solve the exam paper.

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I am professional private Tutor who teach school and University students Adelaide


Varsity Lakes
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Law student in his final year offering law subject tutoring and writing for assessments

I teach using visual aids and with real applicable examples on understanding concepts much better. I can assist with grammar editing for assessments and show you what little things professors look at while marking for grammar and how to improve these mistakes. Teaching can also be done in the form of speech exercises for assessments which are presentation based.

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Law & Criminology graduate working in top criminal firm with 6 years experience

I believe in learning by doing and creating real life practical scenarios to understand the theoretical underpinning of the law. I provide students with reference materials that will assist them in their learning and be easily applicable to their tasks at hand.

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Melbourne University Business student give Law lessons to high school and Uni student

I like to keep my teaching engaging and not just a lecture, I encourage student participation by asking simple questions. Sharing some real life instances which are early relatable by student. I keep things on presentation slides so that it become easy for students to read and understand better. I also like to show videos about the applications of legal framework by the industry personnel.

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University Lecturer with 16 years lecturing/tutoring experience providing business law assistance. Company Law and Legal Environment/Framework a speciality

My students' feedback is that I am tough but fair. It's not just about studying to an exam content requirement or to complete an assignment. They KNOW that I want them to PASS and PASS WELL but they must also UNDERSTAND the subject! I insist that students prepare thoroughly and must be prepared to ASK questions of me and each other. I am committed to assisting those who wish to help themselves.

Saint Lucia
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Successful law student provides unequivocal lessons to Brisbane-based students in understanding and applying various legal principles.

I believe that effective learning occurs through examples of what teachers and other such people like to see. My lessons are therefore geared towards providing exemplars of high-quality work, and teaching students how to produce work of a similar standard.

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Postgraduate student at UWA majoring in Public International law based in Perth. With an undergraduate degree in Commerce and Law.

My teaching method includes breaking down the topics into smaller components and focusing on those components one by one in order to make sure my students understand their work in detail. I tend to focus on the individual needs of the students and help them over come whatever struggles they may have.

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Perfect! Great tutor and helps me a lot with my Introduction to law. Holly is an amiable person. I am happy with my result. Thanks very much.

Alisha, Student
5 months ago
(4 reviews)

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